Reviews for Telos
Bwilla chapter 2 . 6/8/2010
nooooooo! only 2 chapters *breacks down in sobs*
MissOrange8587 chapter 2 . 6/6/2010
ahh...keep it up. it is interesting to read a story where naruto doesnt remember anything! it was fun...and to put him with harry children. hahahahaaa...
CarnivorousOak chapter 2 . 6/3/2010
I really would like to see where this is going. It looks like a lot of fun. I want to see some of the culture shock on both sides when Wizards visit the Hidden Continents.
Shaphira chapter 2 . 6/3/2010
This seems great i cant wait for the next chapter
DarkRavie chapter 2 . 5/31/2010
I like your fic adn look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
Randoh chapter 2 . 5/29/2010
Ok, first of all. NAT? Awful name. Makes me cringe every time I read it.

Secondly, Hagrid is OOC. He doesnt throw words like idiot around like that. The way he banters is not like that at all.

Thirdly, I thought you said he changes his name all the time. Why is it then that everybody in the castle is calling him Nat like it was his name all along?

Fourth, while the headmaster isnt irritating for an OC, it does raise some questions on what he is the current headmaster. Headmaster positions are usually filled by in-house people. Current and former faculty in other words.

Its an interesting concept. Nothing new, but something relatively unexplored when it comes to crossover stories. There are other ways to have Harry interact with Naruto without having him temporarily teach, ill see where that is going tho.

Seriously tho, change the name. Its awful.
Little Kunai chapter 2 . 5/29/2010
good stuff, i'm very interested to see where this story will lead.
Belle Mort 13 chapter 2 . 5/29/2010

seriously exelent amounts of awesome are included

please write more soon

Paintedbutterfly chapter 2 . 5/28/2010
Keep up the good work. ;-) I liked the part with Naruto and the Chocolate Frogs... almost remembering something but not yet grasping anything. I can't wait to see when and what he does first remember. And the Japanese Hidden Countries must want someone back really bad... I wonder how that could be. ;-) Oh I do want an anxious worrying angry Tsunade in Hokage mode meeting up with Harry. bwhahahahaha.
Candle Wisp chapter 2 . 5/28/2010
OMGOMGOMG! This chapter was so amazing I can't wait for more. I find myself sitting on the edge of seat to find out how Naruto gets his memories back and how he reacts to the shinobi(yayness)! You have to update as soon as possible, I'll be eagerly awiting the next chapter!

monkey kix ass chapter 2 . 5/28/2010
i really liked how you decided to use the kids as part of your story so that hogwarts could be used rather than rewrite one of the books. it makes for a much more interesting and original story. anyways, i really enjoyed reading what you have up so far. i hope you update the next chapter really soon.
Dark Neko 4000 chapter 2 . 5/28/2010
what going to happen next and is nat going with harry to japan
Lady InuIzayoi chapter 2 . 5/28/2010
I loved update soon again.
monkey kix ass chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
interesting story line. hope you update the next chapter soon.
Lady Wild chapter 1 . 5/26/2010
Yay, I like! Please do continue!

I'd like to see James and Al with Naruto!
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