Reviews for For the Impossible
Uovoc chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
Based on Gaiman's other writings, and how Frost was portrayed in the book, I think that he would not want a peaceful life. He likes power (you got that), he likes hunting, but he didn't strike me as wanting a carefree life.
FullMoonOcean chapter 1 . 11/24/2012
I noticed you used the word 'skirt'. I'm assuming you meant 'shirt'?
Hi chapter 1 . 2/24/2011
Lovely can you do a bod and Scarlett ficu
teacupz chapter 1 . 5/19/2010
a-ma-zing! XD reading this, to be honest, was one great experience I had. from the first time when you sent this to me, I already liked it. a lot. it was... heart-warming and relaxing at the same time. well, of course, family is my favorite genre but that was not the thing that made me love this fic so much. it was the story. XD

I loved that you put another character of here without making him too ooc. he was still thinking about killing people and all and that's a smart thing to make him less-ooc; and in fact, I didn't feel he's ooc at all (but since I only read the book once, you can't really trust my opinion for a hundred percent, can you? -'). adding Scarlet was one of the plus points! I loved Scarlett's innocence that appeared several times and gave amazing effects to the story. the part when they both were talking while eating ice cream would be my favorite!

oh, yeah, I spotted several things that I wanted to correct although I'm not really sure (and you know that my english was bad :O). so please correct me back if I'm wrong. these lines:

- Not odd, considering the graveyard here was pretty much filled with marsh with the help of the earth's high moisture here. / I think you didn't have to write the second 'here' word so you could reduce the word's repetition.

- Mr. Frost didn't ask too much of her being when she was practically lost to the world that time. / I guess the words 'her being' were a bit... odd? -smashed by shovel- maybe it would be better if the words were 'where she had been'. or... something else. sorry if I am wrong. TT

- He turned his head to found a stall covered with urchin / 'found' should be 'find'. words after 'to' should always be verb1, shouldn't they? :O or not?

- A cold yet sweet snack that could send you a tingling sensation at your teeth and a shiver to your mouth. / I think you didn't need to put the word 'you' in this sentence.

- and couldn't risk having both job ruined by the existence of one like a family. / erm... well, since the word 'both' means 'two in number', I guess the word 'job' should be 'jobs' instead.

- "Mum's happier now that you're here you know?" / the sentence, I think, was a bit mixed up. maybe, you could put a comma after the word 'here'. :)

- Frost gave the sincerest smile you would not expect coming from said man to the young girl. / um... actually, I didn't really understand about the words 'said man'. was it a typo? O.O

- where the thought of throwing his life as Jack and trade it for as Frost passed by. / I think it would be righter if the words were 'trade if for a Frost' or 'trade it to be Frost' or others instead. -kicked-

okay. I had to say that I'm unsure about all of my correction. do correct me if I'm wrong. and the 'widow and his daughter' part still got me a bit confused though. ; so, you mean, was imagining if he would be a groom for Noona and Scarlett's father? I think I get it now. that's why you wrote it by 'his daughter'. phew... I finally fully understand. -slapped-

the vocabulary, I think, was amazing. I don't know if it was just my feeling or not, but I guess your vocabulary was the best in this fic. -kicked- and the grammar was good too. *_* I wish I could write english fics as good as this. the description and dialogue were good; there weren't anything like weird timeline or others. everything is perfect. :D

the part when said the things that would make him stay while thinking about his 'true' mission to Scarlett was cool. two personality! woo~hoo! XD and, seriously, I can't stand Scarlett's innocence!

overall, a really great fanfic. it felt really canon but less suspense than the novel (I loved heart-warming family fics like this more. heh heh) but there were also things that felt like reading the novel. and this fic was so believeable (for me). I hope you will keep on writing. you're so talented! yeah!