Reviews for Tribulations of the Dead
greiverwings chapter 1 . 12/3/2010
Just beautiful, and a really wonderful rendition of these two characters. I especially loved the repetition, because it felt like a huge chunk of Rikku's personality shining through, and it gave the story a lot of character. Fantastic job.
undyingmemories chapter 1 . 7/20/2010
This is so bittersweet, I think I just died a little inside for them. I can feel the pangs, knowing that they'll have to part in the end. I just wanted to let you know how much I adored this sad but wonderful piece.
An Elemental Realist chapter 1 . 5/28/2010
You nailed Rikku's character completely, which was awesome! Your writing style was unique in its own clever punch. Though the writing was in the present tense, it still had a large impact on the soul and mind. I couldn't help but imagine as you described everything. This was great, and Rikku was still as curious as ever.

Your talent is showing,

chaotic-addict chapter 1 . 5/19/2010
This was quite good for a first-time fic. (I haven't written any FFX, but I read a lot of it and I know the struggle it can be, writing for a fandom you love for the first time).

You captured Rikku's determination well; she came off as childish and adult simultaneously to me, and I like that. She had to grow up fast, but she still gives in to impulses. Somehow, I feel like Rikku's the strongest of all of them.

I REALLY liked that Auron antagonized her through the Thunder Plains; typic fics have him comforting Rikku in a bout of slight out of character-ness, but I like that he instead appealed to her anger so she had no choice but to get up and stomp after him. I really, really like that. Very cleverly done.

I would've liked to see maybe more detail on things like the Bevelle rescue or Home's destruction, or Wakka's reaction when he finds out she's an Al Bhed. I feel like you definitely dug under the tip of the iceburg, but this feels like it has more potential to be fleshed out. I like your writing style a lot; it's emotional and grips the reader. I _love_ Aurikku, but actually not in the sense where they get together, but that's my opinion. I think it was well done, however, in the way that he was focused on the pilgrimage daily and only let his guard down at night. It was a good reflection of Auron's character; that he wouldn't let anything really stand in the way of Yuna's journey and that he had to push her to the truth.

Not quite sure why, but my favorite line was "And she laughs and twirls and burns with joy." That was a really good reflection on Rikku, and it really spun me up in the moment, I can see her laughing with tears in her eyes, so relieved and so full of a new hope. That whole part with Zanarkand was great.

All in all, well done! I enjoyed this, especially for a first-time fic. Thank you for posting this and sharing it!
Amorissy chapter 1 . 5/19/2010
I liked this a lot. The repetitiveness of your writing works well for Rikku, because she's all over the place and yet stays in one place.

I think my favourite part was your description of Seymour: "...with his silk-covered claws and bittersweet promises."

Really good. FFX rocks, no?
snappleducated chapter 1 . 5/19/2010
I am so totally taking credit for this. And oh, you're speedy! I was honestly anticipating having to wait for like...a year. I'm glad that wasn't necesary. :) How're you liking the game, BTW? How far are you?

MOVING ON, EEE! I haven't read your writing in AGES. And this is super good. I mean, you were already good before, but this is definately more mature and developed're like an evolved pokemon! Anyways, fantastic. I love you. And other stuff.