Reviews for Shinjiru
GrimGregg chapter 1 . 8/2/2010
Dang it, I was SURE I had reviewed to this. Probably my crappy laptop refusing to do what its told again...but anyway.

Again, loved it! I mean the actual finale was pretty good (you know, the whole her sneaking out the airport to be with him, cute and awesome on her part) but I liked this even better. Mainly cause it actually explained WHY he suddenly started dating Nicole (who I still think is kind of a bit*h for keeping Keiko's file to herself) even though he'd been obsessing over this awesome Japanese girl for the first half of the season.

If you can't tell, I'm still pretty po'd with what the writers did with the whole Nic/Bryce/Keiko storyline. Thank god that someone could come up with a reasonable explanation for it!

And of course the ending was so sweet it nearly gave me a cavity. Her nervous smile and the believe tattoo...*very unnatural squeal* They're probably the only couple who can make me do that.

Another awesome one-shot. Thanks for sharing!