Reviews for SmallvilleX: Evolution
Stalyon chapter 35 . 9/24
Great story!
what the hell chapter 74 . 7/24
you have seriously undervalued the black widow. so far one of the most badass characters in marvel history has gone up against mystique and TOYMAN and has lost IMMEDIATELY, TWICE. WEAK.
waah waah chapter 60 . 7/24
waah! waaaaaaah! im being an angry douchebag because my parents are getting divorced! WEAK
weak chapter 23 . 7/23
he cant break through a field of electricity. WEAK.
Parks98 chapter 86 . 4/18
Ok calling it now. Someone woke up in the middle of the night, heard the thing about self destruction and they did what scott did and went into cerebro.
Clark well either has had his memories surpressed (most likely) since he remembers Rogue or they were taken and are held somewhere. GREAT STORY!
Parks98 chapter 84 . 4/18
Parks98 chapter 83 . 4/18
...oh well not what I was hopping for but this was good to
Parks98 chapter 81 . 4/18
Oh son of a bitch! So Luthor gets the supersuit and now we are gonna get Juggernaut. AND we can't even have him fight a full powered clark...wait could it be? YES YES YES PLEASE! Juggernaut VS Doomsday!
Parks98 chapter 80 . 4/18
You know I wonder how he's going to react to X23...ohhhhh shhhhiiiiiiiit this is not going to be pretty.
Parks98 chapter 79 . 4/18
Daaaammmnn everyone is having sex...ok btw who wants to bet that Mystique is gonna try and cut Gambit's dick off?
Parks98 chapter 78 . 4/18
Why do I feel like your gonna have doomsday beat every single hero and villain at once and then Jill's Clark but we do what happen in the comics and he comes back to life?
Also yeah algae to agree with deadpool domino is hot as hell
Parks98 chapter 77 . 4/18
You know I just realized that since deadpool is pretty much insane does that mean he could fist fight a Cthulhu? I mean those things make people insane just by looking at them so what would happen to an already crazy (or is he? No wait he is)
Parks98 chapter 75 . 4/18
Best chapter!
Parks98 chapter 74 . 4/18
HehehehahahhaHAHAHA cough cough dang it not again *drinks a glass of water* ah much better now where was I? Oh right Hahahahahahhaha Deadpool is in the house!
Parks98 chapter 73 . 4/18
Damn it venom!
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