Reviews for SmallvilleX: Evolution
Aroe001 chapter 42 . 9/18
And this is where I stop. I was really hoping for this story to be more than what it is. Sadly it is your imbalance in the relationships that have driven me off. You're lead female characters are the sexist ones in my opinion, how on earth could they blame a team member for protecting them? Would Jean have been upset if it was a girl that saved her? ... Thought so. You constantly try and show how chauvinistic the men are in this story and have them constantly apologizing for their "terrible" behavior. When in reality, more often than not, in relationships both sides share fault.

With the issue between Clark and Alicia a few chapters back Clark was in the wrong by ignoring Rougue, but Rougue was also in the wrong for how she reacted. She could have spoken to Clark and explained herself instead off stomping off like a child and throwing a tantrum. furthermore The overwhelming opinion by your characters that Clark must grovel and beg for forgiveness is frankly disturbing as it is disgusting.

A relationship should be between partners, people who value each other individually as well as together. They should support, respect and challenge you. This is not what I'm seeing in your story. So far, all I'm reading is a tale of glorified Stockholm syndrome. Your relationships are woefully unbalanced with some of your characters insulting and demeaning key traits of the one they supposedly love, traits that initially drew them together. I would like to see a strong relationship form between these individuals, where they gain strength from being around each other, sadly that does not seem to be the direction this is heading. Hopefully in your future stories you move past the idea that any action a man takes with regards to a woman (besides groveling and being submissive) is an act of chauvinism.

Thank you for writing this story, it was an interesting plot and had many strengths, unfortunately for me personally the strengths could not overcome the weaknesses.

Bella Pierce chapter 1 . 8/28
I'll be waiting for your response! Thank u)
Bella Pierce chapter 1 . 8/28
Hello, dear! I wanna translate this work into Russian. Do u allow me to do it? Of course, I credit u as the author
CleanWriter1987 chapter 86 . 7/26
Amazing story! Could have done without some of the steamy moments, and language but all in all a good story.
JumpingToaster chapter 20 . 5/22
Not that into the pairing but not against it either. Fun reading and worth reading.
JumpingToaster chapter 1 . 5/22
A world where the DC and Marvel earths combined is interesting. Especially when it increases the odds of the normal citizens acting if they actually have brains. What I mean is the common theme in the Marvel universe is how STUPID the people often are towards those with powers. Being an ungrateful bastard is one thing, being angry at collateral damage is one thing, but insulting and attacking someone who just caused an earthquake is just stupid in its purist form. I swear there is no such thing as 'natural selection' in the Marvel universe considering how often the people survive repeatedly jabbing the dragon with a stick.
holliswalley chapter 47 . 4/25
Bamf, bamf, bamf, bamf, bamf, bamf, bamf, bamf, bamf! Damn that is a funny word!
holliswalley chapter 32 . 4/25
Doesn't that make all their worry before this kinda pointless?
holliswalley chapter 10 . 4/24
Jonathan- Why is there a boy-shaped hole in the wall?
Clark- Ummm... The dog did it.
Tarix chapter 86 . 4/24
A really great story.
Tarix chapter 7 . 4/20
Incredibly smooth fusion of Smallville and X-men story so far.
Galeiam chapter 36 . 3/1
Thor is mostly a Muscle Head.

Loki has mystical shielding because he Has been absorbed by Rogue before.
Galeiam chapter 33 . 3/1
Keep your British colloquialisms to yourself!
Galeiam chapter 14 . 2/28
It's really odd how the Dialogue in this story is pretty much perfect...yet the outside descriptions are pretty dull and spotty.

Did you start out writing scriptfics? Only reason I can think of that would cause something like this.
celtcath74 chapter 1 . 2/22
Really good start to the tale. I do feel like the way you have Clark dealing with the issues coming up in his life without immediately thrusting into the world of Evo. Deftly like the hunt for the Bigfoot part. That was definitely entertaining. This also like the way you have Clark trying to save his goodbyes to everyone before he has to go. Also like the way you introduced Xavier and the rest of the school. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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