Reviews for SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 1
Earthly Entity chapter 49 . 10/9
Oh snap I forgot how old Logan is... Having a long long life is a lonely road to travel on
Artimuos Sen chapter 1 . 9/13
In season 3 Kents are losing their farm because they didn't have money to pay the loan, but in season five Jonathan has an extra land which he sold to get money for election, and we know how much money needs to run a election campaign for senator.
Artimuos Sen chapter 7 . 8/27
I thought Clark was faster than 250mph, didn't Pete said he can bring hot dogs from Metropolis in 10 minutes and that is 6 hours in car.
truk 201 chapter 64 . 8/26
probably my favorite chapter honestly.
Artimuos Sen chapter 62 . 8/15
The talk between Clark and Martha about Lara was heart touching.
yasho360 chapter 86 . 7/27
so I know I'm years behind but I stumbled upon your Superman a new beginnings story and read through it. after that, I looked and saw you had an entire series devoted to Smallville Clark, with a surprising crossover into X-Men. have to say, if I hadn't just read your last story, this one might have thrown me. but I'm really excited how it all came together. this isn't two world's colliding,but rather one gigantic open world that has just enough of each side to create something great. I doubt I will be catching up to your current story any time soon considering how far back I am but just know that I'm reading and enjoying it and I will review again at the end of book 2.
Artimuos Sen chapter 36 . 7/4
Writers always make character powerful and how much, just look at Superman comics in one he can go on without sunlight for and in another he loses it in hours, why because writers already have the narrative of the story and they forcibly make heroes to mould. At least mangas are much better than that.
Artimuos Sen chapter 23 . 7/4
Didn't Superman believe in God in comics and movies he always visited a particular church, but that maybe comes out later.
Artimuos Sen chapter 3 . 7/3
I always liked Clark doing adventures with legion during his Superboy days. Why did DC erase it I will never understand.
gammaxmen80 chapter 49 . 6/7
Was a story ever done to explain Cap’s reawakening? Because he showed up with the Avengers a little while later, I think.
Khatix chapter 82 . 3/12
There was only 1 other fic that compared what they were debating was the same racial stuff debated before, in the other fic he brought up Nazi's and how they wanted to do the same thing to identify, track, and contain Jew's.
Khatix chapter 80 . 3/12
They were over the top with their intervention because the two couples had sex, it was legal and all the Professor should of asked if they were safe and tell them to keep such activities to their private rooms when back at the institute. They were treated like they were 13 and never had the talk.
Khatix chapter 68 . 3/11
In this way Clark isn't a hero for saving Luthor, from that point on every death and misery caused by Luthor cam be partially blamed on Clark. That's something I've never seen where families of victims go to the media saying how its Superman or Batman fault their loved ones are dead because they won't kill Luthor or Joker and the police can't keep them locked up and the public is starting to protest how the Hero's would rather innocent die then permanently stop true evil like Luthor and Joker and even blame the government for not using death penatality on them.

I think an interesting anti-hero would be one who forces Superman and Batman and other heroes to fully experience all the pain, suffering, and death of the victim's of Lex and Joker because they won't take them out permanently not matter how many times they escape prison.

Thats what i liked most about rhe early seasons of Arrow, Oliver has no problem killing the more evil villains.
Khatix chapter 61 . 3/11
That is one of the BIGGEST forced character stupidity i have ever seen and its always how in how the first 4 seasons Clark had this compulsion to run and walk near glowing green stuff all the time, hell in the memory episode he runs straight to a tank full of glowing green liquid any moron can tell it's Kryptonite and you would think by the time he figured it in S1 from Lana's necklace to be more careful around glowing green things amd to quote Oliver Queen from Arrow, he has the speed he has the time to look around before running in head long into the unknown.
Khatix chapter 55 . 3/11
Looks like Logan still hasn't taught Clark an important lesson...How to Dodge. Also with superspeed especially at Clark's there is no way she could of reacted fast enough they were in close proximity and he is fast enough to knock her out before she realizes he moved. In this case it came off as him moving slower than her brother, then again that is a major problem with story's involving speedster's. They always end up "too slow" when its convenient for plot purposes, Clark has been shown fast enough that he could of knocked her out before she could even aim or command her hex bolt to fire and even then he could of knocked her out before it fully left her hand.
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