Reviews for I Still Say it Looks like a Nail
Tribernator chapter 9 . 8/23
This was an excellent update. Good times, good fun, hope for the future and zany adventures still to be had.
suziq968 chapter 9 . 8/23
That last paragraph is priceless! Poor Giles. Too funny.
macdjord chapter 6 . 8/21
So... why does a *unofficial* guard detail have to make up a 'sex in the bathroom' story to explain why they weren't at their self-imposed station?
Guest chapter 8 . 8/13
More please!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/13
I have read this about 3 or 4 times now. I have, each time I read this, laughed out loud. This chapter, is never not funny.
Manatheron chapter 8 . 7/26
So... Tara or / River Tam?

I'm guessing not a straight up copy, but either a brain download or screwup along similar lines? Nice twist if I'm right, and wonderful misdirection if I'm wrong.

Still have me puzzled on the Xanders however. The scene with Anise/Freya in the sarcophagus room seems to have vague Captain America overtones to m... Did Xander go as an Unenhanced Steve Rodgers in this Fic?!

Sorry, that just occurred to me as I was typing this!

Also, I thought Demons used the Ferula Gemini to split off and Remove/Kill traits they didn't want. I suppose it could be something as simple as unintentionally splitting off his mortality or them both dying could have be. The result of a too-close split or simply a side effect of Janus or being human ... Or some combination of all of the above...

My brain hurts now...

I blame you...

(I kinda like it... )

Looking forward to the next one! Hang Loose DBC!
Fast Frank chapter 7 . 7/22
The malleability of gold doesn't have that much to do with it's melting point (1947 F)
Nerfhearder69 chapter 8 . 7/17
Definitely got her priorities strait! Care for their health, but make sure you never let an opportunity, or laugh, escape unexplored.
duskrider chapter 8 . 7/17
Nice very nice.
Cemalidor chapter 8 . 7/16
Still kinda clueless how things will play out with Spike, but nevertheless entertaining. :D
PeanutGallery59 chapter 7 . 7/16
Thank you for getting Xander out of Spike's cold embrace, your storyline is excellent, humour excellent, your leaving us hanging was truly cruel and evil. Write more but no more Spike doing care bear impersonation.

Thanks for a great read,
snowpysuko chapter 8 . 7/15
So is Tara like River Tam from Firefly now because of Glory's sanity eating thing? Also nice update.
Mega X chapter 8 . 7/15
So he went from Xander Harris, to The Matrix, to being Aquaman, to Captain America? :) So what's next, Saiyan? That will be fun! Hope you update soon again.
Zero chapter 8 . 7/15
So basically Anise/Freya took one dead Xander Harris, cook it in a sarcophagus, and got herself a Steve Rodgers that'll help her and possibly Doctor Janet Fraiser with the elevated hormonal levels. ;)
This outta be interesting. Funny as hell, but interesting.
Cereburn chapter 8 . 7/15
I got no idea where this story is going, but it's awesome anyway
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