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luger 7 chapter 89 . 5/17
A most excellent chapter. Party on, dude.
Pendagar chapter 89 . 4/2
Ah, a training montage chapter! This is much easier to review then your last one, haha.
Firstly this was a good break from them whole theme of hiding Ranma's curse from his mother, as that was beginning to get a little bit tedious. This chapter was a fun and refreshing read, and I couldn't help but hear the Rocky training montage music when Ranma and Ukyo were fighting throughout the night :P
I do have a little bit of nitpicking that I have to do though, and it's mosty about Genma. While I'll be the first to admit that your depiction of Genma has been fairly accurate throughout your stories, it seems like he's the only character that hasn't been getting any character development. Akane is less angry, Ranma is less tactless, but Genma is still.. Genma. It's not just that, but every scene he's in he becomes more and more predictable; he's the butt of every joke. I guess I'm just saying that I'd like to see him be a teensie bit less pathetic, and maybe have more of a personality (Or maybe you did develop him and it's just been so long I've forgotten).

Great chapter none the less, and sorry for not reviewing sooner. I await your next chapter!

Radio Driver chapter 89 . 4/1
Good goin, Richard. Keep on keepin on.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 89 . 3/30
Looks like everyone is making advancements in their training. However, it looks like Ranma and Ukyo still need one last push to learn the Hiryu Shoten Ha.
Lilyubug chapter 88 . 3/28
Ok, I know I am posting another review but I just read your response to George in the review section and it was so sweet! I am even more excited for future chapters, because the Ryoga/Ukyo interaction in your fic is quite possibly better than the canon. Scratch that, absolutely is. Their interactions are some of my favourite in this fic, and I can't wait to see where this goes!
BobV chapter 89 . 3/28
And now they finally started the real training. I wasn't much surprised to see Ukyo jumping in to train the technique too, considering everything she had done in the past. Akane on the other hand, I thought she would want to train with them too. But it was a good thing since she decided to train on her own and with a revised version of the Breaking Point.

I also agree with your observations on the Hiryu Shoten Ha and the Soul of Ice. You remembered Cologne but Ranma also used the Hiryu without needing the spiral in the fight against Happosai and the his "clone." The guy that want a print is Ranma's breasts. I forgot his name. :D
Dr4cul chapter 89 . 3/28
Nice work on the chapter, as I've come to expect. I am really impressed by all the detail you put into the Hiryu Shoten Ha, it's simply fascinating. Well done.
Dr4cul chapter 88 . 3/28
I just realized I didn't review this chapter when I re-read it to catch up on the new chapter, so here I am. The shopping scenes were definitely my favorite part of the chapter, the humor making me laugh out loud. The ending is also quite sweet.
Luna12 chapter 89 . 3/28
Huzzah for a new chapter! You continue to do well delving into the realistic insecurities and psychology of the characters, making them very human. It can be hard writing a training montage to be entertaining as it's such a visual medium, but you succeed! I especially loved Akane training on her own, and at a point where she's still hurt and frustrated, but mature enough to realize why and take appropriate actions. She didn't set herself on fire this time, but perhaps she'll show Ranma a way to train with hit gysers all around him? All in all, well done!
Lilyubug chapter 89 . 3/28
The new chapter went above and beyond my expectations. Akane's personal training was perfectly in character and it was such a good concept to use the chi to direct the blast away from herself. This means eventually Akane will be able to crack boulders with the Breaking Point like Ryoga can, the difference being she directs the blast away from her while he withstands it due to his abnormal endurance. Genius! As expected neither Akane nor Ukyo can fight Ranma with their all at this point, and I can't wait to see how this will play out :) I also loved how Cologne is making Ranma think for himself and figure out the final move for himself. The wait was a bit long for this chapter but it was DEFINITELY worth it.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 89 . 3/27
Very nicely done here:-)
Laira Evans chapter 65 . 1/25
I withdraw my previous comment. This chapter addresses my concerns with the instant nanniichuan chapter quite well. My previous concerns would only actually apply if the water used had been hot rather than cold. Your interpretation is valid.
Laira Evans chapter 43 . 1/24
Hmm... doesn't really make sense that the instant spring water would transform her back into Ranma. Since it's technically a new (albeit temporary) curse it would make more sense for her to turn into a male Ukyo.
asayogure chapter 2 . 11/20/2016
Two things so far:

Minor grammar error at the end of chapter 2, "So what's wrong with a boy that turns a girl?" should be "So what's wrong with a boy that turns INTO a girl?"

Also, if Ukyou was raised alongside Ranma, why is she the voice of reason? Wouldn't she be just as aggressive and impolite?

Also, your POV jumps around a bit, is that on purpose? If so, I won't call it out again. Overall, the writing is solid so far though ;)

[yes, I am reading through this slowly] :)
Radio Driver chapter 88 . 11/16/2016
Good goin, Ryley. Keep on keepin on.
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