Reviews for The Saotome Sisters
The Fox Sage chapter 70 . 14m
it seems like ukyo doesn't fully acknowledge the core of anything goes,aside from the ambushes and weapons kodachis style of fighting is very much what both happosai and genma would consider true anything goes
The Fox Sage chapter 70 . 36m
i can just imagine ranma pausing after not befoe saying gonna tell,that really did feel so genuinely ranma
The Fox Sage chapter 68 . 1h
now the romeo and juliet arc is a terrific story arc to adapt considering the circumstances of them keeping it on the dl
The Fox Sage chapter 67 . 1h
solid arc if a bit inconsequential compared to what couldve been achieved using more serious canon arcs,Id still say you couldve done alot with some of the ova or movie plots or the saffron arc later on that im gonna guess wont be in this story if you didnt even intend to get far enough for ranma or ryoga to develop their respective signature energy blasts. Obviously the focus of the serious arcs was always about ranma accepting his feelings gradually but they still feature opponents for ranma and the group to come to blows with under different reworked conditions, too few stories ive read ever even have pantyhose taro show up
The Fox Sage chapter 65 . 12h
i dunno female ranma probably should still be a faster form then even this form of lithe ukyo,more strength in a smaller lighter frame means a higher power to weight ratio,if anything ukyos natural frame should work against a focus on speed
The Fox Sage chapter 63 . 12h
the Japanese nannichuan seems like an oddly inconsequential arc to adapt but I guess you did it because it involved virtually every suitor,still I think the trip to vhina gameshow race mightve worked nicely aswell or one of the movie plots
The Fox Sage chapter 61 . 22h
i wonder if male amazons can give the kiss of death/marriage and if so is it flipped for them
The Fox Sage chapter 60 . 22h
of course the Japanese and english va for shampoo uses the mandarin phrases and pronunciations but id guess thats due to Japanese and english speakers unfamiliarity with chinese dialects
The Fox Sage chapter 60 . 22h
id actually hazard to say that the amazons would speak Cantonese or a more exotic dialect of chinese rather then mandarin as the amazon village is pretty remote and mandarin is more common in bigger cities then it is in rural china
The Fox Sage chapter 59 . 22h
aw just 6 arcs id have loved to see a followup with some of the others as extra arcs like the ova arcs or the movie arcs just for fun at some point
The Fox Sage chapter 56 . 6/27
I do like the blending of different storyarcs happening here,
.it makes things flow funny in canon Id missed the one on one akane and ranma moments from the pre ryoga debut chapters/eps because they felt so personal but youve taken those early moments of understanding and concern and sprinkled the more generously throughout so that Im actually more engaged. in canon I often was looking for the little beautiful ship moments like ranma getting akane Christmas presents but here i can trust the ship will in some way always be a noticable part of any arc
The Fox Sage chapter 50 . 6/27
oh nice detail about the trees to include,im surprised you thought to mention that ranma left some bark so as to avoid girdling the trees and avoiding sentencing them to a slow death
The Fox Sage chapter 45 . 6/27
i dont really believe ryoga is gast enough for the vhestnut fist,ranmas start of the series pre chestnut fist speeds were already outlandish like how much he kicked mikado in their first fight whereas ryoga never showed close to that speed
The Fox Sage chapter 45 . 6/27
why fall into the canon groups of the breaking point arc
The Fox Sage chapter 43 . 6/27
nice ranmas version still reigns supreme
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