Reviews for The Saotome Sisters
silverhawk88 chapter 83 . 6/26
Wow, I just got to the last chapter so far and man, it was a fun read. I loved it.
James Birdsong chapter 83 . 6/26
Of course a great story
silverhawk88 chapter 69 . 6/25
Man, I am really liking your version of Ranma. I mean Ranma 1/2 was really a whirlwind story. (Heh, yeah whirlwind is a good description of Ranma.) You were always wondering if Ranma and Akane would get together or if it would be Ukyo or Shampoo.

But I like your take, if Ukyo was with him from the beginning how it would change things. Glad I found this one and how everything is more solid.
BobV chapter 83 . 6/25
As always, this was a fun chapter to read. I wasn't expecting to see Tofu "fighting" against Happosai, but it was interesting to see this berserk mode of him.
Kasumi also surprised me. Now let's see how Ranma, Akane and Ukyo will going to fix this.
silverhawk88 chapter 59 . 6/25
Boy! Found this story 2 days ago and really like it!
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 83 . 6/25
I feel so bad for Ono and Kasumi! That's just painful to happen!
RankoFan chapter 83 . 6/24
I loved how Tofu defeated Happosai under his Kasumitis. Very inspired and a lot of fun. :)
Jhotenko chapter 83 . 6/24
It's a good thing Ranmaverse characters are so oblivious. Akane and Ranma are finding it harder and harder to keep their relationship a secret. I wonder what the fallout will be when the cat is let out of the bag.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 83 . 6/24
This chapter was every bit as insane as some of the crazier chapters/episodes of Ranma 1/2.
smashman42 chapter 83 . 6/24
Glad to see an update for this!

Oh poor Tofu! Though I'm afraid a plan like this was always destined to fail. I have to admit, I almost completely lost it at 'change partners'. It reminded me strongly of the Futurama Robot Asylum 'change places' gag (I can't for the life of me remember if that actually happened in Disney's Alice in Wonderland or not).

Lovely of the adults to all argue over who Ranma is marrying like that. The way Akane stood up to them and made it clear it should be his choice rather than just flat out denying it showed some real emotional growth on her part.

I'm waiting for Nodoka to find out about the curses, which I assume is in the not too distant future. They didn't do the best job of hiding it whist fighting Happosai. If they do have a girl's day with both 'Ukyo' and 'Ranko' in attendance... Comedy becomes (almost) tragedy perhaps?

And where is that grill? On the roof of the school me thinks. Has Nabiki set up a betting pool?
Luna12 chapter 83 . 6/24
Huzzah! This chapter was well worth the wait. You balanced the action, drama, and humor really well.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 82 . 5/2
I was wondering if Ukyo would ever get her giant spatula. Now I know.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 77 . 5/1
I would not be surprised if this war starts off with Ukyo using a paranoia gambit. Whelp, only one way to find out! TO THE NEXT CHAPTER!
*clicks the "Next" button*
Riku Uzumaki chapter 74 . 4/30
Looks like Ukyo and Happosai have parted on good terms, something I didn't believe could happen!
Riku Uzumaki chapter 67 . 4/27
It's nice to see that Ryoga is growing as a person. He's finally gotten over his hatred of Ranma (barring any possible relapses). Now if only he could find a way to not get lost. A GPS would probably help with that, but he'd probably just get frustrated with it by constantly improperly interpreting it's directions and destroy the thing in anger.
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