Reviews for Justice League of America Gamera: Unusual Allies
godzillafan1 chapter 1 . 8/7
good story wouldn't mind a sequel or at least another story featuring Gamera there's been two already I'd also wouldn't mind a story featuring the movie rampage.
ChimaTigon chapter 1 . 10/17/2018
I hope you do a sequel. One that involves Godzilla & his allies?
laze jovanov chapter 1 . 3/1/2017
This was one very awesome Gamera crossover ! Not quite as good as you're Godzilla/Justice League crossover but STILL extremely awesome ! I'm guessing this might have been inspired by The Justice League Unlimited episode "Chaos at the Earth's Core".
Also a quick question: Do you think that Legendary's Godzilla is more passive towards humans than other versions ? He never caused destruction intentionally and never attacked humans,even when he was attacked by the military he did not retaliate (even when he was harmed by a missile striking his gills,which caused him to accidently destroy the Golden Gate Bridge) but simply ignored them and continued to hunt the MUTOs.
Thunder dragon chapter 1 . 8/1/2015
send this to Daiei and DC comics and make this a comic!
Assault Godzilla chapter 1 . 6/27/2011
I gotta say, I love the stories of yours I've read so far. Many of them are good crossovers with things I haven't watched in a while/read, like Teen Titans, Gamera, etc.

Speaking of the Guardian of the Universe, it's nice to see him have a spotlight somewhere on the site. He may not be as popular as Godzilla, but Gamera has a place somewhere in the hearts of people, be it daikaiju fans, turtle fans, or otherwise. It's neat how you implemented elements of his 'Golden Age' & the 90s with a crossover with the Justice League. The power to believe, fight for what's right, and to never surrender or sacrifice freedom, it what makes the good guys always win, even if there are sacrifices along the way. The thought of our country, the US, to have its fears made worse because of an alien warlord who likes to f- with our heads definitely has another load of things coming. I can somehow imagine Godzilla (or some other giant icon from Japan) just wreak havoc on an enemy that deserves all the bad karma just dropped onto them, i.e. Darkseid. Gamera too would probably do something similar, as to try to protect our planet * its planet. Even if he loses his connection to humanity, the turtle giant does what he can to maintain the good balance of life, like other Guardians of similar duties. Basically, great job as well on this story. :) I kinda hope Gamera has some future, like Godzilla does with Legendary Pictures, but that's all up to Daei and whatever plans they may have next. The realm & fandom of giant monsters is seen as something underrated, but I see it as something to really appreciate and enjoy, as it brings real imagination and symbolism of sci-fi into many levels.

I've been meaning to ask, how come you used the 2000 incarnation of Godzilla in your Little Mermaid crossover? I'll admit that it's 1 of my favorite designs of the Big G.

Less than 2 days or so until TF: Dark of the Moon arises (& it so happens to be the day after my birthday in the US :D). Already, the amount of positive reviews pouring in, especially about its 3D aspect (but that's beside the point), shows that Michael Bay's final entry into Hasbro's wonderful franchise will be something worth watching. He did make a good touch into the TF series, & I for 1 loved it. I hope he continues to do well on other projects, and that current TF actors will do well in what the future hols for them. I'm enjoying the new TF tv series Prime. What are your thoughts on it?

Till next time (and all are one!), sayanora, and keep it up! I most certainly believe you will. :)