Nintendolover222 chapter 1 . 5/21/2010
Actually, I'm not going to be a complete knob. The spelling mistakes in this story are almost nonexistent, which is extremely good for an intentionally bad fic such as this. I have to congratulate you on that, because most people don't seem to understand that having a bazillion typos makes the story unbearable to read. I'm glad that you have the sense not to fill every line with stuff like: 'aa nd then therte was the gtttree and he liked tov eat poei lolol'.

Just because this isn't funny, however, doesn't mean it isn't worth reading. I really want people to, if they like to write this sort of thing, take you as an example. Because if people are going to write crap, they might as well make it readable like you have, which is good.

Then again, this is meant to be a troll (I'm guessing from your name) which is a shame because this is actually better than most 'epicfiction' I have read, and people who write that shamelessly claim that their stuff is NOT trolling.

So, in the long run, well done.