Reviews for Prey Complex
Slytherin Studios chapter 4 . 12/2/2017
I like it, please update soon.
bleedingangel95 chapter 4 . 1/28/2016
cant wait for more and to read what happens next!
yindragonkiba chapter 4 . 9/24/2015
Liked it cliffs tho
MysticTaloness chapter 4 . 8/20/2015
I love your stories!
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 2 . 11/12/2012
Rather good fic so far. I would like it a whole lot more if the focus wasn't on Sakura.

But still keep up the good work.
Red Samural chapter 3 . 4/14/2012
Great story I love it and I really hope you continue it.
Deadman19 chapter 4 . 2/28/2012
No problem it'll be worth the wait and some things are far more important. Do what you gotta do.
concerned reader chapter 4 . 11/17/2011
regarding the explenation chapter that was posted, i hope things have smoothed out with your life, and regarding the story, i would like to know if you ever plan on finishing this story and if not post another chapter/explenation saying such

hoping you well
kayla12000 chapter 4 . 6/20/2011
i just started this story and it would make me extremley pleased if you could quickly update it.
kayla12000 chapter 3 . 6/20/2011
sasucakes bett be okay!
kayla12000 chapter 2 . 6/20/2011
oooooo wz goin on?
kayla12000 chapter 1 . 6/20/2011
Neliel Tu Oderschvank Espada 3 chapter 4 . 5/3/2011
more please this is really good and i want to know what will happen next
WordRadiation chapter 4 . 4/4/2011
Ah, I see the reviews you're talking about, and I'm really appalled. I don't think it needs to be said how rude and disrespectful they are :/

On another note, first of all, I'm so sorry. I can't say that I can relate on a personal level with you (since our conversations have all been about fanfiction) but I do understand somewhat because I am also going through 2 out of the many things that you are facing. But I just wanted to let you know that I really admire you.

You could have easily just gone on with your own schedule and ignored fanfiction and your stories until you were ready to take them up again. Instead, you took the time to think of us reviewers and I (and probably others) appreciate that very much.

So...basically, good luck. I wish you the best. Stay strong and try not to let everything overwhelm you even when it seems hopeless. Shit happens but it only serves to make you stronger. You're an amazing writer and an Awesome crossover writer. Know that your stories are appreciated and loved very much (especially by me :D).

Again, I wish you the best of luck in EVERYTHING.


SimplyCliu (Formerly .0)

3 3 3
WINGS-OF-YORU chapter 4 . 4/4/2011
im sorry that you are so overworked, i will always be a loyal reader to this story
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