Reviews for Tales of Two Cousins Jess' Tale by Rielle
marymouse chapter 2 . 2/7/2016
PJoy'n PA aka Sun Rising chapter 4 . 4/7/2011
Reille sorry but I put that I was responding to chapter 3 and it was actually chapter 4 that I left feedback for, sorry.

PJoy'n PA aka Sun Rising chapter 4 . 4/7/2011
Hello Reille, PJ here. Just finished reading the 3rd chapter and wanted to tell you how wonderful it was. There were a couple of places that had tears running down my face. It is really beautiful and also confirms to me that I haven't missed the mark about the place that Daisy has (in my mind and trying to in some of the small pieces) should or should have played in the series. I really appreciate it that Dasiy has a strong yet gentle way of handling Jess. I totally agree that the loss she suffered gives her the insight to see Jess and his suffering through the difficult times having no real life experience to draw from. After all if Daisy had her family of origin intact and her needs nurtured along with the life expereince she acquired during her years of marriage, bearing and raising children, then the experiences she lived as a nurse in hospitals caring for soldiers.

Yesterday a discussion began on RFF and JSRFL groups regarding Daisy being a detriment to the makeup of the dynamics of Jess and Slim. I had already decided that the blithering idiot that Daisy was portrayed to be in much of the time the character appeared was an injustice to women, especially during the 50's through the 70's. There were a few episodes that her strength showed through. But most of all the producers, directors, and writers under pressure from what Bob has shared being the PTA and certain Legislators put on them. Along with Hogie Carmichaels leaving for whatever reason caused them to try to solve the problem the whole in the cast with the Daisy character.

The Laramie writers did try to take on some very significant cultural issues during the run of the show. Women's rights (women suffridgetts sp?), racial issues in "Among the Missing" (Jamie was given some brains and treated with respect by Jess and quoting the Emancipation Procolmation), Indian rights in "Killer Withoug a Cause". I don't want to quit but I'm struggling with tseeing twhat I'm typing. Thanks for the ckpter and I will continue reading the piece to the end. Bye PJ