Reviews for Savior's Calling
nobaru rei chapter 20 . 4/6
Well fuck me O.O
Nightmare320 chapter 8 . 3/28
I hope I'm wrong since I don't really support Draco/Voldemort, but I think their sorta lovers...
Theblackbook chapter 24 . 3/13
Love the twist!
Shadowed Sorceress chapter 1 . 3/4
I enjoyed reading this.
Casbriel chapter 25 . 1/9
Please update soon :-)
Don't give it up
ImpsDream chapter 25 . 11/10/2014
Look forward to more, this was interesting
Mandi chapter 25 . 9/29/2014
OHMYGOSH BAE! This story is amazing! I really hope you start writing again.
Leski chapter 25 . 8/25/2014
I love love LOVE this story. Please yell me you haven't just left the story. It has been so long since you updated but I still hope so you will. I have read this 5 times now and still get eexcited reading it. Hope u r well.
DemeRain chapter 25 . 8/23/2014
Thanks for sharing.
whiteraven chapter 25 . 7/14/2014
WHY oh why have you abandoned your master piece?! *Breaks down in tears*
UntiedHeartbeat chapter 7 . 7/7/2014
What about Snape?
keikey chapter 25 . 6/23/2014
Hi ! just discovered this fic thanks to AO3.

It's well written appart from some illogical choices made by Harry. What I don't understand is that They know they have to kill the Taipan but at the mourning ceremony, why do'nt they ? ?Neville had him at wand point and only try to stupefy him and take his wand? Even before, they had two chances of making him prisoner before they discoverd he was an Hocrux. It would have been a crucial move in the war. It's like they don't know how to multitask
RaawrTastic chapter 1 . 6/20/2014
I seen on AO3 that you were posting this story on that does that mean you are continuing it?
Hydrocyde chapter 1 . 6/20/2014
I know you won't be updating, but I just wanted to tell you that you're a brilliant writer, and that I hope you won't stop writing even if you haven't been active on FF for several years now. Cheers!
Inu Tashiro p chapter 25 . 6/12/2014
are you dead O.o
cause I mean like why else would you not update this story?
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