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sherryola chapter 1 . 7/28
I really disliked Remus in this chapter. why not let her go back and try to save James, Lily and Sirius,a nd ultimately Harry? Ah well, I didn't like Remus in DH anyway, so I can dislike him here. lol. and I'd make the same choice as Ginny with the veil, because it's worth the sacrifice to have him be alive again.
Rosalyn chapter 5 . 7/16
As a Death Eater, I feel so upset that my Lord got killed. It seems that no one would like to reverse the result for him. However, Ginny and Sirius are the main characters in this story, so it is very intriguing. Personally speaking, a normal ending can not linger in my brain for long enough.:D I am wishing for something dramatic!
lizzzsunshine chapter 10 . 4/8
I never fancied myself a Ginny/Sirius fan, but this story and it predecessor were absolutely amazing. Sirius and Ginny are my favorite characters, so it was only natural that I eventually find a fic with them together that I love!
Awkward Dork chapter 9 . 10/2/2015
I feel so mean saying this because half of this is probably my ADHD/anxiety kicking in so I feel really antsy and impatient with this story, even though I appreciate a lot of it so very much.

But the small mistakes do get to me. Saying someone "use to" do something. The past tense should be "used." You do this with "suppose" to and every time I read it, it makes the whole surrounding context sound a lot less mature and intelligent. It is unfair, given that the association is not necessarily true, but to me every time I see poor grammar, sentence structure, etc., it doesn't register as a writing flaw, but a character flaw.

My mind has created an association with these sort of mistakes and young teenage girls who have a very shallow grasp of characterization, depth, development, and what they seem to be obsessed with most: romance. That's unfair of me too, because I'm the last person who wants to generalize a whole group like that, but there are a lot of these types of people and I know there are plenty of kids who can write well (lol I'm still a kid myself, but yeah).

That said, though I definitely do not think you have a weak grasp of the list of elements above, it is extremely curious to me, some of the characters' actions. I actually really really admire how Ginny loved both Harry and Sirius, because I think it is entirely possible to love both people. You really did Harry justice and your writing of him was great, which I appreciate especially since I feel like most writers here totally butcher his character. (On that note, I think you do Snape extremely well too.)

But it is still curious to me how Ginny... well, she's confused, but she still lets things happen to her instead of taking control. The real, canon Ginny has a bit more sense than that, I'd think, though obviously this is a very emotional thing.

Honestly, it doesn't all make sense, what happens with them. I get the motivations but it doesn't really come together.

Been skimming hard because the pacing feels off in this story too :/. Hard to believe that there's only one more chapter left.

That said, I do think this was a great concept overall and you had some amazing moments throughout both stories. I'm an extremely sensitive person, though I actually don't find myself crying too often when reading here, but I did have a moment when Ginny was still in the past.

I think Lily was sort of awkward as a character, but you really did well with Harry and Snape. James was pretty good, especially because you didn't make him a caricature at all. His "go out with me Evans?" trope makes him a bit less human, though admittedly still lovable. But you make him more mature here, so good job with that. Remus was enjoyable as well, and I think the relationships between Ginny and her family while she was in the past was certainly interesting.
The Woman Who Wrote chapter 10 . 5/14/2015
I loved everything about this story, from the first chapter of Complex Touch to the last chapter of Look After You. I was actually so into it that I read both all in one sitting. But the structure of this chapter was just mean. Leading up to the hospital visit I kept thinking the worst about Sirius and his second trip through the veil and then when I realized that it was just a checkup to see about Wesley's magic I was so relived. It was more than a little mean, but the setup was very smooth and kept me very interested. In any case, job well done with both works.
Annalyn chapter 4 . 1/20/2015
You definitely feel for Sirius. It seems like he had it the hardest out of all the Marauders. I'm glad that he and Ginny are back together though.
Annalyn chapter 3 . 1/20/2015
Absolutely loved this chapter despite the heartbreak on the end. Thanks!
Anna chapter 10 . 1/20/2015
Well, I have to say Bravo. Not only did you bring a new fan of Sirius and Ginny stories by your words alone, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I thank you profusely for writing two wonderful stories. You definitely know how to make such fantastic work. Thanks again.
Anna chapter 9 . 1/20/2015
Woot! Even though Blaise is a little bit of a prat, I've always liked his character. Well, anyways, I'm glad that Ginny and Sirius will finally be together (hopefully), because there is only one more chapter.
Anna chapter 8 . 1/20/2015
Well, that reunion was absolutely beautiful. Of course, nothing could be perfect that quickly, but I'm glad that at least they are together. I appreciate the amazing chapter.
Anna chapter 7 . 1/20/2015
I'm glad that Harry has found someone like Pansy. I always kind of felt that he was getting the short end of the stick when Ginny loved someone as much as she did Harry. I'm also glad that I'm seeing a future reunion between the lovebirds. Thanks again.
Anna chapter 6 . 1/20/2015
This chapter was absolutely beautiful. The way you reenacted the passage of time was absolutely breathtaking. The last part was especially wonderful as the main characters finally revealed what they wanted to say all of these years.
Anna chapter 5 . 1/20/2015
You just had to break them apart again, did you. Well, I will forgive you if you reunite them again, which I think you will do. I appreciate all of these wonderful chapters. Thanks!
Anna chapter 4 . 1/20/2015
I like how you incorporated the fact that after all of these years, Voldemort is still looking for Ginny's alter ego. Also, I enjoyed the fact that Percy returned to his family to warn them. It kind of reminds you of the little boy you wrote in Complex Touch. Well done again.
Anna chapter 3 . 1/20/2015
I'm so glad to see the gang back together, especially Fred and George. It makes the loss of Fabian and Gideon easier. You definitely surprised the hell out of me in that last part. Sirius knew all along?! Wow! Nice twist. At least I'm more hopeful for their reunion.
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