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XZxYxZX chapter 4 . 6/18/2011

I keep getting confused telling which one is which with your stories. I just call them both sibling wars to save me the hassle.

You saved me from a pretty boring day. I subscribe to lots of stories, but many haven't been updated lately, so I haven't had anything good to read. This story was the only one that showed up in my inbox today. It also gives me hope that Sibling Wars hasn't been put on hiatus or something. Do you know if the other story is going to be updated too?

I wonder what that episode with the prince was. Is there something living inside of him? another him? is that why the story's called reflection of peace? That would make sense then, but be a lil ironic since the other him looks evil!

Hiroko is as cute as ever! I can't wait to see her reaction once she sees Hiro again. OMEFFNG! Reiri showed up! Is this followinf the same timeline of the other story? I don't remember a bat incident. Then again, my memory's pretty bad, and the story hasn't been updated in forever so I might have already forgotten the events ):

PLEASE WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER FAST! It's crazy hard to find good princess resurrection stories.
0mniessence chapter 4 . 6/17/2011

I'm never going to let anybody steal my spot OAO! *Foam spills out of mouth*

I never really gave out my opinion on the chapter, did I? I mostly talked about grammar and punctuation and your improvement, didn't I xD?

So, anyway, I read this about 2 weeks ago so my memory is a bit hazy ~ , so if I say something that doesn't make sense, just dismiss it :P.

I liked the chapter because it presented Kasai's daily life, as of then (since Hiroko just joined the gang). I think it's a pretty slice-of-life chapter, as the Kaibutsu Oujo manga has. That's why I like it in the first place. All the characters have some sort of power and are fantastic to see in action, but at the end of the day, they're regular people (well, by that I mean have human characteristics). I don't like stories, animes, or ANYTHING that's just action-packed and that's it. It seems pretty brainless and plotless to me, since there's never really a climax, considering every second of said show has something going on. It's nice to flatline every now and then. That allows for the exposition and other characters to develop in order to bring forth a much more exciting climax.

I also see how you've displayed your characters:

Ghost - comic relief

Hiroko - moe

Kasai - So cool xD!

Franzetta - mecha

At the least, those are their most outstanding aspects. I'm sure they have a little bit of everything.

I hope you don't take too long on your next chapter. Man, maybe I shouldn't talk... I don't know when I'll have time to write my chapter. When I graduate ;_;?

JRB95 chapter 3 . 1/8/2011
An interesting chapter indeed! I wonder how the plot will go from here. It's been quite a while since you updated... hope you still intend on finishing this! Update soon!
Koi-no-Iro chapter 3 . 11/18/2010
A decent chapter. I believe it fits the feel of what we would expect from Princess Resurrection.

The title of the chapter was very interesting, and it succinctly summed up what the chapter was about. Nicely done.

I remember that time when I reviewed and asked how Kasai would be integrated into the anime (behind-the-scenes) facts. It was intriguing to see his flashback. Although it seems Hiro is the only one that noticed him, or at the least whom he made some eye contact with. Hiro, of course, would not think much of what had transpired, since he wouldn't have known that was Hime's brother, so he could have easily forgot the encounter at all, which might explain why he didn't mention this to Hime after the trial.

Yes, the insert fits nicely into the anime plot. Great job on that.

It seems that Kasai is not very fond of vampires, either... I'm not able to recall at the moment if Hime, too, had an aversion for them... However, I doubt it, judging by how Reiri lives at her mansion.

Now, there's one thing I'm really happy about that you included in this story. Well, "someone"... Hiroko! She was only an anime-based character, and when she ran off no viewer of the show knew where she went, but for you to be brilliant enough to bring her into your story was a plus! It is very comforting to have some familiar characters in a story in which OC's are the leads. Hirko hopes to meet Hiro again... and if her wishes comes true, then the siblings will meet each other again. I wonder how Hime will react... It would actually be odd if she did react.

The ghost will bring some humour into the story, so it was a nice addition to the team. However, I'm not very fond of him yet... He appears to be someone that was extremely loyal to his master (considering how he intended to drive Kasai out of the mansion to honor his previous master). Will he become as loyal to Kasai as he was to him? That would be an interesting character development device...

Kasai is surrounded by enigmas, but you have yet to make me sympathize with him. His graveness sometimes, more often than not, make him a non-relatable character, but believable nonetheless. What makes people love Hime is her contrasting values and characteristics: deadly yet compassionate, which attracted her faction (although I'm not certain if Reiri and Riza may be included, seeing how they are not blood warriors, but yet remain by Hime's side).

Again, don't take too long to update!

P.S: A note on chapter 2 - Hiroko being run-over made me laugh!
Mask Rider Roy chapter 3 . 11/17/2010
Nice chapter and Hiroko now has a Blood Warrior of her own.

When will Hime and Hiro show up?
XZxYxZX chapter 3 . 11/17/2010
it's so nice to have Hiroko here... ya know... a familiar face.

i love the story and still waiting for tat Xover! the author hasn't updated his story though... so... you're catching up?

can u make it have funny moments too? cuz i saw a few lines here that made me laugh xD xD xD! i'd totz want some comedy every now and then!

i can't say much about kasai yet... i wonder what hime's gonna say once she meets him! update!
0mniessence chapter 3 . 11/17/2010
My copy-and-paste review!:

"I've read your chapter ;D! I just finished it right now.

I will be entirely honest. The grammar was... ;_;... the chapter itself was... xD

I think you need to look up how to properly use commas. Oh, and be sure to stay in the same tense throughout the whole story. You were switching from present to past tense a lot, and that made the flow of the text a bit awkward. I don't want to make the message too long, so I won't give another lesson on grammar lolz. You'd probably get bored anyways.

Okay, I loved Hiroko on this one. Nice character development for such a short chapter. At first, she was hesitant about staying with Kasai, but after he showed her his kindness (somewhat), she felt more reassured. I think the chapter was a nice introduction to what's to come. I have one piece of advice, though: don't make Kasai too powerful. Nobody likes an all-mighty main character. After all, the point of a story is to see character development, right? Like Hiro... he goes from being a tota to... not-so-much o :D! What do you think should be Kasai's progress? If not his strength... then maybe his mental stability? "

Don't worry, I won't take 18 days to reply this time. ... O_O i don't know you were counting... *backs away slowly*
Hakuai-animelover135 chapter 1 . 10/19/2010
Mask Rider Roy chapter 2 . 9/6/2010
Quite good on the focus of Kasai and his past.

Though Hime is mentioned, I wonder what happened to the others (Hiro, Riza, Reiri)...

It seems that Franzetta is his only companion as I don't see that he has a "Blood Servant".

Thanks for the PM.

Also, in your review on "Blood Wars", that fic is ACTUALLY stand alone, with no X-over, but the reason why I brought Rugal and Goenitz (KOF 94-96) in is because of the fact that Gilliam has no blood warrior, and for him to compete I had to think of a way to give him one.

I'll be uploading Blood Wars within or next week as a surprise awaits everyone.

XZxYxZX chapter 2 . 9/5/2010
U UPDATED! i think i'm starting to see more the connection now! i really didn't know who this kasai dude was in the first chap. so he's hime's brother? is he older or younger? is he a real character in the series or manga? or OC? well, whatever,his journey looks interesting too, and im rly looking forward to how this matches battle of the throne! will there be a crossover? is he ever gonna meet up with hime? are they on good terms? i got lots of questions, so go on as soon as u can!

YES, HIROKO'S BACK! And she's part of a sibling groupie now! omg, will she fight with hime's gang too?

hurry and post the next chapter!
0mniessence chapter 2 . 9/5/2010
Yeaaaaa! I'm yo' first review again~! Nice introduction for Hiroko, she's cute .!

And... the flashbacks were just ADORABLE. I didn't get to say that in our pm's, how could I forget? Ka-kun and Lily-chan... yayz x3

Can't wait to see what happens next chap. I'm glad my moving trip is over! Now i have time to... wait, no... I don't have time for anything.. DAMN YOU, SCHOOOOOOL Dx Dx!

Anyhow, update fast, man! I'll help you out whenever you need to ;)

Now... off to work on my personal project :(... sigh.. i'll pm you my reply later!
WildNaru Second Comment chapter 1 . 6/9/2010
Hey everyone, there's been a little mess up I made. My story is actually based on the anime, not the manga. Forget that I said this is before chapter 23, DON'T MAKE ME HYPNOTIZE YOU!

I have to thank Clever-individual for pointing my mistake, you rock. I owe you.

But just like Ascoeur's story, mine is based on the anime but pulling things out of the manga. And I'd like to inform you all that chapter two is already under go and should be done... sometime soon... I'll try to work my butt off on it. I'll also try to make it more chatty this time. 3

Ja ne~
Mask Rider Roy chapter 1 . 6/5/2010
Hi. Ascoeur recommended me to check out your fic, and sofar the first chapter's good, though I did have little problems following the flow since I haven't read chapter 23 of the manga yet, and so far I'm quite familiar with characters like Gilliam and Sylvia.

Will wait and see for the next chapter and I'll be expecting some actions.

Also, I'm inviting you to check out my two Princess Resurrection fics:

- The Seducer

- Ransom

If you have time, check them out. I promishe you'll like the stories.

WildNeko chapter 1 . 5/25/2010
My story is mainly based off the manga, not the anime. I love the manga version WAYZ! better. But I will be pulling some ideas from the anime and bringing it in here.

No need to worry about mistakes in the storyline, I'm keeping a close eye on what I can think up and type down, then I discuss it with Ascoeur. All planned out, so no worries~! Unless we both start spazzing... again. xD

Thanks for the luck, but I don't needz it. I got skillz! lol

Ja ne~
Koi-no-Iro chapter 1 . 5/24/2010
So this first chapter is taking place before Hime's trial, is that right? I'm wondering how you will insert this Kasai character into the already grounded and factual anime plot and keep it intact. You did mention that this was a type of "behind the scenes," which should mean that your royal sibling of an OC was theoretically present during that time in the anime.

"This took place a little before Chapter 23 began."

Could you have possibly meant "episode" 23? Are you following the manga or the anime? The author of the other story explained that he would be following the anime plot but while borrowing some facts established in the manga, as well (such as the 'resurrecting royal blood' instead of 'the fire of life').

By what you've presented in this first installation to the story, and taking into account this is the 'brother' tale to Sibling Wars: Battle for the Throne, I take it it's safe to assume that this follows the anime, yes?

At any rate, I'll keep an eye out for this one. I'm really enjoying the other fiction piece, so I'm willing to give this one a chance. I hope it flows in sync with your co-author's story, though. Remember, careless mistakes will cost you.

Well, what are you waiting for? Update! Best of luck!
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