Reviews for Paper CutOuts
winterhorses chapter 11 . 10/21
Good thing this is fiction because in real life, it would be a sad, creepy, maybe even dangerous example of an insecure, lost girl getting caught up with a domineering hedonistic man who thinks primarily of himself. He’s very aware of her nervousness and low self esteem, yet he’s still overly insistent and non-empathetic to her personality. And I *reeeeally* hate that sh!t about men “not being able to stop” if they cross some imaginary level of arousal. That is a way of putting the blame on the female if she becomes uncomfortable/wants to stop after that.
i heart clash chapter 34 . 9/9
I remember starting this a long time ago and falling off the fanfic wagon only to get back on again during the pandemic. I’m happy I was finally able to finish it and so stoked for our girl B’s HEA! Loved seeing her growth in this fic and see her story progress from her screen to real life. Adored your Edward in this too! Thanks for the lovely read!
Halo221 chapter 2 . 7/19
Oh man, Finn is beyond adorable!
Halo221 chapter 1 . 7/19
Only a decade late to read this one, but it's an interesting start so far :)
The Alpha 100 chapter 19 . 3/21
that was just creepy
Sapphire Petrova Cullen chapter 13 . 3/10
uhm... edward... Edward... EDWARDD! There's a kid right in that room!
*smh* he's such a kid in the body of a man... damn I love them both lol
readicted chapter 31 . 2/16
Glad Emmett is there. I wondered how he was fairing. So, I'm a bit confused-are Edward and Emmett not brothers, via adoption? Are they just good friends and that's why he's 'Uncle' Emmett?
readicted chapter 29 . 2/15
Ok, it m makes sense that Bella would have periods of misgivings and feeling some emotional hesitancy despite her initial quick forgiveness. I'm glad they've acknowledged it and talked it over.
readicted chapter 28 . 2/15
Surprised that Emmett is still sleeping there. It seems overkill at this point, but I respect his care and compassion. He's a true friend. And a good and caring person. I like that Edward got his butt on the first plane back to Bella to try and fix things. BUT (please forgive me because this is just my opinion, not a criticism of the story) the unmitigated gall of Edward to plan on flying in, fully anticipating forgiveness, and then Bella's acquiescence to just pack up and leave with him to CA the next day. Such self centered arrogance. He's just going to swoop in, say forgive me, and flight leaves tomorrow, be ready. And Bella, I'm not loving how she chose to tell Edward about the pregnancy. My issue with it is that it seems like she wasn't going to tell him if he didn't come for her, or if he didn't say he wanted her permanently. I'm sure that wasn't her plan, but the way she handled it, leaves room for doubt. Saying all of that, I'm happy they worked things out and I'm glad Edward is so happy. Hope Finn will be happy too and not feel insecure. Curious, how long were Edward and Bella separated?
readicted chapter 27 . 2/15
Hmm, I don't know what to say here. Bella didn't say what needed saying. And she damn well needed to say them! Edward had his turn at talking before he turned his back on her. Justified in his own mind, or not. She should have demanded he sit and listen, let her have her turn to speak. Give her at least that courtesy. That whole co-sleeping/cuddling when they hadn't gotten anything resolved? Nope. Even if they'd talked and decided to go their separate ways, or to just be friends, I could understand them deciding to have that special intimate time holding each other one last to basically not talk or clear up anything or come to some kind of resolution or closure or some thing, and you want to snuggle? Hell to the nah! You don't get to call me a horrible person, accuse me of using your kid and then suggest we all co-sleep. Thank goodness Bella had the foresight to write a letter just in case. Sometimes that's more effective anyway.
readicted chapter 26 . 2/14
Really good chapter. I appreciate this glimpse into this time with Edward. I'm equally disappointed with Edward essentially turning into a reclusive alcoholic. Still really digging Savannah, and their relationship.
readicted chapter 25 . 2/14
I hate that she completely crumbled and didn't at least do the minimum to take care of herself. She's devastated, I get it, but girl, wallow , cry, shout, rant, whole yourself up for a few day and then get the f on with life. I'm not saying she should just 'get over it/them.' She of course is feeling a great sense of loss, heartache, loneliness, anger and betrayal. That's a lot to make sense of, but falling completely apart the way she did, after coming to life with Edward and Finn's love says she's weak without them. She's sad and lonely and feeling miserable, but she is not dead and she's not in capable. I do wish after she swallowed, she'd have done something positive for herself. Something to improve her situation, or to at least try to find some measure of happiness in herself. Alas, she did not. So glad Emmett came along, and so glad he is a compassionate person. He is the hero of this story at this point because he freaking cared and refused to turn away. I hope at some point he would've put his foot down and told Bella that she must tell Edward. Assward or not, he has a right and she has the responsibility to tell him. She could keep him at arm's length if she so chooses, but she can't keep that secret. I believe Emmett knew she needed time and was trying to be respectful of that. He probably tried asking Edward again about what happened. Honestly if Edward had so little faith in Bella's character that he couldn't even give her a chance to TRY and explain, then how the heck did he let her have so much close contact with Finn. I mean really, they all slept together like a little family. That's extremely domestic and intimate and I would think you darn well better be all in on the relationship if you allow that. If I was Savannah, I'd be so pissed at Edward for allowing that only to then so easily cut and run without even giving the woman a chance. That means you didn't really have full faith in her or your relationship. As if you had secret doubts and that FB post confirmed your secret fear. I was fighting back tears when Bella read the card and note from Finn and Savi. Glad she didn't hesitate. Hopefully Emmett will join her, but even if he doesn't, I hope she is strong. Not a b!tch, because what would that fix, but strong, firm, clear. I'm so angry and hurt for her. And I'm also in awe of Savannah. She didn't have to send that card.
readicted chapter 24 . 2/14
Oh crud, that went completely left. I get why Edward would be completely irate. That ish Alice said was vile. Even if Edward turned out to be a jerk, you don't talk about his child that way. But what the hell is it with Edward constantly snooping. He's always crossing her privacy boundaries. Like, damn, ask if you want to see, or mind your business. And then I also think it's very unfair not to at least give Bella a chance to reply. Even if he doesn't trust her At the moment, she deserved the opportunity to explain. I get it, for Edward there is no good explanation, but thankfully Bella has receipts. She can show him her rebuke to Alice. She probably shouldn't have to though. Honestly. And maybe once Edward has a chance to calm all the way down, he'll come to that realization on his own. I'm sure Savannah knows enough to know Bella's not faking. Edward should too. Guess it's his own insecurity at play here. Also, non sequitur here, but-is Bella in bc, because this is at least the second time they've not used protection. And she's been tired.
readicted chapter 22 . 2/14
It's really great that they can explore their desires this way. Edward is really good at helping Bella feel safe enough to share this side of herself with him. I hate emotional withdrawal, like what Edward was doing. It's crueler than just telling Bella what's going on, even if it hurts. I felt super proud of Bella refusing to play along, pretending to not feel the distance. She demanded he talk to her and refused to be brushed off. That's growth and I was cheering her on. I was wondering why the angst? I mean he felt sure enough about want I g Bella in his life, in some way, forever, hence the tattoo. So like, I get extreme nervousness, but not the emotional distancing over a freaking month. Bella isn't as tied down to her home as he was. She has a job she absolutely hates, not a career. She has no close friendships she'd miss. No hobbies that can't follow her. Doesn't seem like her family is a big draw on this particular decision, so I was confused why Edward wouldn't At least ask. I was relieved when he did. It is quite quick to pick up and move for someone else, but she literally had been in a rutt before Edward. She was looking for excitement and change. It came in ways she could not possible have expected, but embraced. Why wouldn't she at least consider moving. Silly Edward.
readicted chapter 21 . 2/12
My reviews have established that I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so you know this chapter was a doozy for me-mostly the dirty sick bed thing. She was a great taking care of her boys. Savannah was really good with Bella, which is super cool. It's so freaking refreshing to have exes who are cool and co parent without drama and there's no mean girl energy. Love that so much. I like that you had Bella declare her love first, and how she did it. Edward's responding declaration was equally great. Your Bella has a way with words.
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