Reviews for King and Consort
Dafny chapter 33 . 7/8
Thank you for coming back !
mrs. zala chapter 33 . 6/28
it was such a sincerely heartful confession of ruka. I like it, a lot.
so much contradiction.
really, I just can't imagine what I will done if u were her. but then, I remember that I've done that too. lots.

I can't wait to see next.
until next time,

Mrs. zala
Guest chapter 33 . 6/26
Thanks for updating!
rose chapter 33 . 6/21
wait, there's one more excerpt right? then is that the end? so many questions... what happens to yuuki and kaname?whose lys? Is hanbusa protecting kaname? this is so exciting! can't wait for your next update! thank you!
yukihime88 chapter 33 . 6/22
it's just my observation thought out the chapter's but i think hanabusa love her silently masked by his tsudereness but... of course this kaname knows..
yukihime88 chapter 14 . 6/21
i wan't a fighting yuuki. with scythe and all
Cheska chapter 33 . 6/21
I love you. Awesome as always. Btw did you know himo' continuing the series. It's about kaname's life as a human. Vampire knight memories. Check it out
Kuran-Wifee4life chapter 33 . 6/21
I'm confused is this the ending or... What's the point of this
Cheska chapter 32 . 6/21
I reread this story just to get s better grasp of the lastest chapter. Pls don't take long. With echelon and painted veil too
aliciarose1006 chapter 32 . 6/13
YAS YAS YAS YAS YAS! HOPE IS RESTORED! :D excellent work as always! You do not disappoint!
monsterpaws chapter 32 . 6/13
I am so very happy you finally updated! I read earlier that you were going to update king and consort and i was waiting so eagerly. I love your writing. The way you depict kaname's love for yuuki is absolutely perfect. Its so amazing. But i am a bit apprehensive too. Seeing the future it seems kaname and yuuki didn't stay together forever. I hope it's not a sad ending like yuuki dying.
Again i thank you for finally updating!
Kitty101 chapter 32 . 6/12
Lovely chapter as usual. I hope the next updates for this story and Echelon are soon.

What does Haruka's grandmother have to do with the story? Will we see more of her in the next chapter? Will Kaien "repopulate" the Kurosu Clan with her?

Will we learn more about Harumi Kuran, Kaname's Grandmother, in the next chapter? What exactly was her power? Will Kaname devour both her and his grandfather?
Snowywarriors chapter 32 . 6/13
I can't believe it finally updated! I started crying and jumping around with joy! Your writing is beautiful and by far you are my favorite fanfiction writer! Welcome back and I hope you stay awhile! It's nice to have you back and beautiful chapter! I send my kisses and gratitude!
Kuranhime chapter 32 . 6/13
OMG! Are my eyes fooling me or is this true? AN UPDATE OF MY FAVORITE VK FANFIC EVER? *O* TTTT I'm so happy.
zegdapitra chapter 32 . 6/13
i'm so happy you returned with a new update first echelon and now king and consort :') wish you could continue like this with the rest ( finally yuuki is getting coronated XD )
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