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Pandasushiroll chapter 1 . 10/12/2013
I just realized. This is one of my favorite Amy/Elevens ever and I never posted a review on it -gasp- Which is a crime! You need to know how absolutely fantastically wibbley wobbley whimsically wonderful this story is! This is totally the reason I feel in love with pregnant!Amy fics. YOUUUU AND ALL YOUR MAGICAL WAYS! Do you ever stop surprising me with your fabulous writing skills? NO YOU DON'T! I always get excited when you post something new! (Even the ones where I have no idea what fandom it is and I try to read it and get confused and give up trying to understand) I just LOVE your style and you completely gave Amy and Eleven a beautiful characterization!

Of course Amy isn't effected by science and ions! That would be too easy haha.

/" know what else? These shoes have NO SUPPORT in them!" She screeches , emphasizing the first two words with skyward punches to the air with one of her muddied, baby blue Converse's. "And am I PREGNANT WITH YOUR CHILD! SO I CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT WALKING ON ROCKS FOR AS LONG AS I BLOODY WELL PLEASE!"/

Yesssss. I was dying here, I really was. I absolutely adore that exchange they have about the rocks and mad pregnant Amy yelling at Eleven just makes my day every time I read it! And the bit about the mean and nasty rocks, brilliant!

Eleven playing with Amy's hair and being inwardly jealous was just precious. Adorable. AND WHENEVER ELEVEN GETS DISAPPOINTED ABOUT HER NOT WANTING TO GO TO THE FLOWER PLANET GAVE ME FEELS. I JUST WANTED TO HUG HIM SO BAD! The imagery about him and his eyes and his expression and his reaction was perfect!

Have I told you how much I love your portrayal of Amy and Eleven? I'm pretty sure if you wrote any more than the ones of them you have (and yes I have read each about a dozen times, OT3 pairing buddies!) I would explode. BOOM. Just gone.

The bit with him having to pace around while Amy's giving birth and the TARDIS locks him out...ugh. There's no way I can express how much I appreciate/love that. AND FINALLY THE BABY. OH PRECIOUS BABY IS PRECIOUS!
Mrs Doctor Who 11 chapter 2 . 8/6/2011
Beautiful! The ending was so gorgeous! I loved how you split the paragraphs and inserted those little few liners - it really made the story great!

Mrs Doctor Who 11 xx
ruatcaelum chapter 2 . 5/15/2011
ugh. tears in my eyes. this was GORGEOUS! PLEASE, PLEASE write more for this pairing, you brilliant person! 3
Seventhday chapter 2 . 6/17/2010
I wish this would happen in the show (no, really, I wish). Excellent :)
IAmAPencilBird chapter 2 . 6/3/2010
Love the ending - so sweet! :D
auri mynonys chapter 2 . 6/2/2010



... but seriously, where DID Mini Time Lord take them? XD
with the monsters chapter 2 . 6/1/2010
OhValValVal ... how can words ever express how much I loveLOVELOVE you for this? You have not disappointed AT ALL with this INCADESCENT sequel and, ohmytimelord, I am ohsoproud to be the Master to your Doctor. Hell YES. So welcome to yet ANOTHER list, because this truly is the only way I shall get all my thoughts down and vaguely coherent.

So .. dundundun! In no particular order, the things I ADORED about this fic:

Firstly - good bloody god, girl, I WANT TO MARRY YOUR DOCTOR. I mean, I wanted to marry him before, but now ... I want to marry him TWICE AS BAD. No, THRICE as bad. If not more.

Secondly - the baby opening his eyes. That is a "omgcutesquee!" moment if there ever was one. "jacketless and a red suspender is slipping from the edge of his shoulder." Oh, Doctor, I shall forever love you for that. You get him absolutely, utterly, perfectly Doctorish (I suppose being the Doctor also must help ;D) and, jeesh, that moment had me welling up with the sheer ADORABLENESS.

Thirdly - the baby has GREEN EYES! Ohgodyes, me want green-eyed Time Lord baby. 3!

Fourthly - Amy going all protective-panicked-mother when the Doctor tells her about the withering hearts (epic idea there, by the way, m'dear!). I was, much like our dear redhead, bouncing up and down in my seat like "oh no! BABY MUST STILL BE TIME LORD! Lethergolethergo!" That moment really showed their relationship and I just adored it because you are a superb writer in that you manage to get their dynamic down just in the way they move and speak to each other, without ever really studying it, y'know?

Fifthly - (because I forgot to put it in above and I'm too lazy to change it) the TARDIS singing the baby a lullabye. Oh, lordie, could that be ANY cuter? I just ADORE the way you give your TARDIS such a brilliant personality.

Sixthly - the Doctor whirling his screwdriver at Amy's stomach. Oh, how ohsovery Doctor of him! I loved that moment, I thought you got his character fabulously.

Seventhly - Amy getting free of the Doctor. Hah, proves that a super-strong, time-travelling Time Lord is no match for a panicking mother. Nature 1, men 0. Loved that bit, in case you didn't get that ;)

Eighthly - THEY WENT BACK TO THE EYE OF ORION! Oh, Val, I shall forever worship you. That moment was purepurepure ADORATION. "Watch out for those rocks." Oh, god, I nearly died from happiness right there.

Ninethly - the Doctor being able to dance. Damn, girl, could you make him ANY sexier?

Tenthly - Amy kissing him to shut him up, and his subsequent shutting-her-up by putting his hand over her mouth. That was just so ... AAWW! That whole scene had me squeeing internally with cuteness and joy, even for the fifth time I read it. Kudos to you for a beautiful, emotionful (yes, I know it's not a word) piece of writing. If you ever feel like sharing your talent, do let me know :D

Eleventhly - (p.s. Eleven is my new favourite number ;D) "What is this ruckus?" Oh, AmyAmyAmy I just LOVE you. You get her so perfectly, Val, I seriously worry that you are Amy in disguise, masquerading to let us know the TRUTH :D

Twelfthly - OHMYGOD THE BABY GOT THE SONIC SCREWDRIVER! OHGODOHGODOHGOD! -hyperventilates- I could not, at this moment, be ANY happier. EVER. Not even if I got to meet Matt Smith. Blody hell - that, right there, was pure, UNDENIABLE perfection and beauty and ohsuchwonderfulness. I loveloveLOVED it. More than words can ever say.

Thirteenthly - Baby driving the spaceship. Again, TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! I adored the Doctor's pragmatic, calm response to that and Amy's nerves. That was so very parent-y and yet very them too. Ah. PERFECTION.

Fourteenthly - Amy watching the Doctor sing to the baby. STOP OR I WILL DIE OF THE CUTENESS.

Fifteenthly - the Doctor talking to Baby. Val, I cannot tell you how much I loved that scene. I seriously can't. All joking aside, that was one of the most moving, touching, heart-warming, emotive, BEAUTIFUL pieces of writing I have read in such a long time. I wanted to cry with the beauty of it. You really /touched/ some place inside me, and I need you to know how much I loved that closing scene. Ohgod. It was just ... superb. Glorious.

So here I am, all finished, and I really hope that you, my wonderful Doctor you, understand how much I loved this piece and how much I love YOU and how I will worship you forever. You will, of course, write another Doctor/Amy, because I AM THE MASTER AND YOU WILL OBEY ME! (I found his catchphrase in a drinking game ;D)

You are incandescent.


Words fail me at the magnificence of this story.


chibiaries chapter 2 . 6/1/2010
Pbbt...Blbb...*sputters incoherently*

AWWWW! This is so sweet and cute and sappy but in a good way,and the last part almost made me cry. 3 3 3

And I loved loved LOVED the idea of Eleven teaching Amy to waltz. Squee!

But out of curiosity though, what did Eleven and Amy name their kid as?

Also would it be cool if there was a oneshot thingy where Eleven and Amy's kid met the Metacrisis Doctor/Rose's kid (would they be like half-brothers or something?) and both kids were teenagers and they decided to race their respective Tardises around some planet or the other?

And there will be some awkward conversations between Human!Ten and Eleven about falling in love with companions even though there was an unwritten rule against that for previous doctors.

Iono, that was just a crack!fic idea.

Anyways, you did an fantastic job here.

16littleseconds chapter 2 . 5/30/2010
jkjkrrt I have no words. I loved this. Seriously. Amazing sequel to an equally amazing fic. 3
Terriah chapter 2 . 5/30/2010
Lovely work!

framedforjack chapter 2 . 5/30/2010
so i'll admit it, i favorited before reviewing. guilty as charge. but when you posted the second half, i just had to comment. i could dig through the entire thing and find my favorite parts but i'm not going to because all in all it was spectacular. you got amy and the doctor's characters down to their bones.

whenever anyone makes characters pregnant, i always begin to skirt the issue, i dunno, it never seems to turn out just right, but you continued and captured the idea and made it believable, understandable, fantastically lovable.

who could resist a wee baby timelord after all?
JuliaAurelia chapter 2 . 5/29/2010
Aw, I just loved this! My favorite parts were when the baby was using the sonic screwdriver, and basically the whole ending paragraph, which was perfect. That is exactly the type of father that the Doctor would be, and that would be the things that he would say. Bravo!
poyntersally chapter 2 . 5/29/2010
I like it, but I don't get the impression that Amy and the Doctor "love" each other. It seems like Amy is pregnant and the Doctor is happy, but not because they made a baby...because they made a time lord. Do you get what I'm saying?

I still liked it, though!
Dnnsbdo goavfid chapter 2 . 5/29/2010
The second chapter is just as good as the first! Great job again. Can't wait to read another story by you.
Dnnsbdo goavfid chapter 1 . 5/26/2010
Really great job. Please write more doctor\amy stories!
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