Reviews for The Practice of Love
boopgirl chapter 38 . 10/15
Loved it
Guest chapter 5 . 9/7
This is my favorite fic. You have a problem with homonyms, however. Hope you're over it 6 yrs later. The stories you write are too good.
fatpotatoe chapter 15 . 9/2
I want to hear J's stories about his tats, too. I want to be spellbound.
fatpotatoe chapter 14 . 9/2
I think it's interesting to hear them each open up at their own pace. Taking time is the best way. Good job.
fatpotatoe chapter 6 . 8/31
It seemed that Tanya gave so much. Not fair.
fanfictionalcolic chapter 38 . 7/31
I read it again and it's still so great
Guest chapter 21 . 7/27
you are a great story-teller but i think bella is being really mean to jake. but i guess, when you know you know?
Cool bananas chapter 37 . 7/21
Cool bananas chapter 35 . 7/21
Talk about roller coaster of emotions & happenings!
Thanks so much!
Guest chapter 34 . 7/21
Yay x100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!
A little bit of overkill goes a long way!
Cool bananas chapter 33 . 7/21
Slow...slow burn...slow burning inferno...anyway you put it, it sounds hot! Thanks so much!
Cool bananas chapter 32 . 7/21
Wow! What an awesome outcome...way to go Judge!
Although...PapaC is in hospital?!
Cool bananas chapter 31 . 7/21
Wow wow Wow!
Did not see that coming! Thanks so much!
Cool bananas chapter 30 . 7/21
I think I said HALLELUJAH before but I'll say it again!
We're on our way, from misery to happiness today, Uh huh, Uh huh, Uh huh, Uh huh!
Cool bananas chapter 29 . 7/20
Mwah! Thanks!
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