Reviews for Faith, Hope and Love
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 1 . 3/17/2012
The opening with the German Gargoyles seems promising, and subsequent developments with your further exploration of the PIT were even more exceptional; congratulations.

If nothing else, your ‘fake’ story regarding how the gargoyles awoke in the present without revealing the truth about Xanatos’s past motivations was rather amusing in its way, to say nothing of being effective in its simplicity, while Macbeth’s reasons for inviting Brooklyn to the meeting make sense on every level; he chose one of the gargoyles who can best think on his feet, is emotionally and psychologically similar to the prospective audience, and is also physically inhuman enough to

As well as that, things with the Quarrymen continue to be interesting; not only do we have their unique perspective on how the PIT went from a minor annoyance to a significant threat, but Grimm’s expressions when Castaway was discussing the danger to ‘innocents’ (Even if he still refuses to acknowledge the gargoyles as such) make it increasingly clear that there’s more going on than Grimm having an anti-gargoyle vendetta of some sort.

Of course, it’s your ideas about how Macbeth ended up in his current position that really help this story shine; not only do his reasons for accepting the role of college professor make sense, but it’s definitely interesting to see him in such a suitable role that doesn’t focus on his skills as a warrior, exploring his knowledge of the past to alter some of the more frustrating ‘changes’ made to historical records about the past (Nice touch with the reference to the Princes in the Tower, on that topic; I’ve certainly read enough about that issue when studying for my English degree to be at least fairly certain that Richard was innocent as it doesn’t make sense for him to have killed them).

Plus, of course, interesting touch with your thoughts about the gargoyles’ beliefs in an afterlife and their views on creationism; an interesting way of exploring how gargoyles view the idea of a ‘creator’ without making it too controversial for the more religiously-inclined readers (To say nothing of your idea about the mystical creation of the gargoyles’ wings and the watchbeasts).
maverickiceman chapter 1 . 5/20/2011
Xanatos:(Smashes his whiskey glass after hearing the tape): That's it!Owen!Get the Steel Clan suit out of storage! I'm going to talk to Goliath! I'm going to see of Honor duels are acceptable to Gargoyles..

Fox: You and honor duels?

X: Et tu, my darling?

F: Well you do do crazy things when you're drunk, remember that time you wanted to rub it into Goliath's face you were getting some when he wasn't?

X: I wish I didn't and that he didn't either.

F: Besides all that's stuff's not true,(sweetly) is it?

O/P:Well, Mrs. Xanatos, as they say every good lie has a grain of-

X:(Frantically)OF COURSE NOT!Owen that'l;l be all, I've reconsidered, off you go now.(sotto voice)m And I hope Alex turns you into a chair or something that can't talk!

BTW, if you've not guessed by now I loved it!

I am Telgar chapter 1 . 6/5/2010
Oh, I love this fiction of yours. I actually expected to see Beast from X-men appear and say This is "Fastinating, Wolverine will be so jealous not to have come."
Wispr chapter 1 . 4/2/2008
Awesome... just bloody awesome. Elisa's fears were done very well and realistically to. Love your Father Sullivan!

Jenn chapter 1 . 4/25/2002
I kept waiting to see what Xanatos' reaction was going to be when he heard Brooklyn describing him as a "multibillionaire, gullible drunkard..." or the endless steam of jokes about it from Fox. other than that, wonderful story and it deserves six stars.
puaena chapter 1 . 4/24/2002
This is very nearly your finest work yet. I loved the story-within-a-story about the Great Dragon! And now I'm eagerly awaiting the wedding...