Reviews for House of 2nd Chances
Guest chapter 10 . 6/13
please continue it is amazing i read it over and over again
star-princess14 chapter 10 . 2/7/2014
Seriously this is one of the best stories i've ever read! please keep going with it, i really want to know what happens!
Kayve1212 chapter 8 . 1/11/2014
Please update soon! I've read this story so many times I've lost count :) but this is an amazing story and my favorite :) update soon please!
Sharkbait-ooohaha chapter 10 . 12/23/2013
I love this story please continue and update soon also I like how you brought other characters from other stuff to fill in the spots that needed filling in. (Kyo, Xander, etc.)
Kayve1212 chapter 10 . 6/29/2013
Awesome chapter! Update soon please! It's an awesome story.
Guest chapter 10 . 6/22/2013
Wow, awesome chapter! Write some more soon 3
chipmunkgirl101 chapter 10 . 6/2/2013
Please update soon! I 3 this story. Talk about a bomb being dropped!
Allen-holic chapter 10 . 3/31/2013
Please update! It's a very good story.
Oro-shadow1 chapter 10 . 3/23/2013
pls update soon... luved it by the way!
remmy chapter 10 . 3/13/2013
Hey There! My Friend RoseNymph Told Me To Check Out Your stories And They're Freaking Awesom! ThIs Has Got To Be One Of The Best Fanfics I'vSe Read In Quite Some Time! Please For The Love Of God Dont Abandon It lol
taekwondogirl97 chapter 10 . 2/16/2013
Awwww adorbs! love gaara/sakura hope you update soon
Mailboxvillian chapter 10 . 2/5/2013
I've been waiting so long for this chapter! :'D I'm so glad you posted again!
AMAZING chapter 3!
Gaara LOVE! 3
SexySelena666 chapter 10 . 2/5/2013 have to update! Ok? ok! please please please! Becasue like honestly, this is the best Naruto fanfiction I've read in a looooon time (and I'm lovin the OCs) At first I was wary cuz sometimes people kinda...I don't know...most of the time I don't enjoy GaaraxSakura fics but oh man! I like this one! And I like how you balance everything out with the others slowly warming up to her instead of them all kinda...rushing into things ya know? Anyway, I've been rambling and taking up your precious writing time (hint hint elbow elbow) so I'll stop...just update soon! P
Akatsuki'sBloodyNekoNinja chapter 10 . 1/30/2013
Really looking forward to the next chapter :)
Hush.Hush.My.Fallen.Sakura chapter 10 . 1/29/2013
Oh my god must have more! I fangirl squeel every other paragraph and smile like an idiot through every chapter its sooooo super addicting :)
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