Reviews for Oryx and Crake 2
Jake T chapter 1 . 1/22/2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this fan fiction. I thought that it was written very well and I got into it quickly. I thought that what happened in this story was very in character for Snowman. Having a relationship with Alyssa is something that Snowman would do, especially before the BlyssPluss pills. Another thing that I like was how Snowman seemed to become a little more grounded once he met the other survivors. I think this is more realistic because seeing other humans would bring you back to reality. When Alyssa told Snowman they were from a very remote farm and that is why they survived I realized that that could not be true because the bug was airborne. 'The symptoms were high fever, bleeding from the eyes and skin, convulsions, then breakdown of the inner organs, followed by death. The time from visible onset to final moment was amazingly short. The bug appeared to be airborne, but there might be a water factor as well.' (380) I think that Snowman would have thought of that giving away that Alyssa was lying. I liked the ending was left very open like the ending of the actual book, following with that Canadian theme. Overall I enjoyed this fan fiction a lot and I thought it was very well done.
Paula chapter 1 . 2/17/2014
I like the inner dialogue going on between Snowman and Crake. It made his character come to life and brought me back to reading the book again. The writing is superb, and I really enjoyed where the story was going. My only question is why does it end so abruptly? Are you planning a continuation?