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NarutoAdmirer21 chapter 17 . 6/24/2021
I had this urge to reread this story and I am so glad I did
This was as great a story as I remembered - you describe the overwhelming protectiveness of Edward so well, as well as how everyone cares so deeply about each other
Certain parts of the story stayed with me from the first time I read the story, like when Roy confronted Ed and Al about Ed's alchemy - and I read this story so long ago!
You conveyed the emotions of the different characters so well - like the pain when Greed made Ed promise to save Martel, that immense tiredness when Ed reached the broken-down house, his panic when the explosion happened and the relief and safety he felt after he told the gang the truth about his past
And wow, Hohenheim and Sloth just made everything so much more painful to read - seeing Ed push him away while feeling such strong regret and then ending up relying on him because everything is just too much
And Ed with Sloth - one of the line that hit me hardest was 'He would accept it, as the poisonous lullaby that he deserved' - how did you even come up with that?!
And when Al is dragged to Hohenheim and keeps it together to make sure his dad's final moments are happy, it's such a quietly powerful moment
Oh, and when Ed and Roy went 'crazy' and started whooping, it was so infectious and I had this massive grin on my face while I was reading it
This was so wonderfully written and I just loved it!
NarutoAdmirer21 chapter 18 . 12/27/2020
Wow, I absolutely loved this story!
It was so beautifully written - the part where Al and Hohenheim talk actually made me tear up! And that wasn't the only part of the story that hit me hard - some other great parts off the top of my head are when Ed and Al are hugged by the others after revealing their story and when Ed is fighting Sloth
The plot was amazing and the emotions of these characters was portrayed so well - each feeling was so vivid and real
And the ending is so satisfying - the parts where everyone remembers Roy's words about never being used and where people talk about their unit as one that others can't enter were really powerful
This was a great story and I loved every moment of it!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/9/2020
This story was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t put my phone down the whole time, not with all the twists and turns and perfect pacing. I really loved how you tied in all the 03 and manga bits into a wonderful whole, especially with the alchemy bits, and also all the relationships you built up between characters and the subtle hints of growth between everyone. And all the dialogue and narration! I could read an entire series that is nothing but the way you write dialogue and throw in funny bits of narration at exactly the right moment. I also teared up and gasped out loud quite a few times, what with my heartstrings getting tugged this way and that. And that ending! Despite all the pain, Ed and Al and a Winry and the whole Mustgang got their happy ending! Thanks so much for writing and sharing this! This story was a real treat and one I was really glad to come across!
Silversong18 chapter 18 . 11/2/2020
This story was breathtaking. Everything was tied together so cleverly and I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you so much for writing this.
Anonymous Person chapter 9 . 9/3/2020
Wait a sec, so Edward really is the alchemist while I presume Alphonse is the conduit? Or are they the seriously odd ones out who are both conduit and alchemist simultaneously?
This is actually really reminding me of that one Soul Eater fic now.
At the same time, is it just me, or is this an extremely fast-paced fic? Unless I'm seriously mistaken it can't be more than what 3 weeks? since the Elric brothers were first admitted to the Asylum. At the same time, if that's the actual time frame it definitely makes sense, to me at least, why the brothers also haven't told their own fully truthful back story to the larger group.
I think the last thing I noticed is that aside from Izumi's son, one of the other occupants of that almost forgotten room is Scar isn't it? I suppose that does bring up the question of what exactly happened to Scar's people in this fic.
Anonymous Person chapter 8 . 9/3/2020
Definitely interesting that Edward is the conduit and not the alchemist. Also, geez I legit never realized how impossible it is to imagine Armstrong on the side of Bradley, no matter what scenario we're talking about.
Anonymous Person chapter 5 . 9/3/2020
I kid you not, the simple fact that Armstrong is part of the staff legit gives me hope that the Asylum isn't as bad as I originally thought.
Anonymous Person chapter 4 . 9/3/2020
If I remember correctly Havoc refers to Edward as "boss" in canon right? While I don't have a problem with in obviously, I'm just wondering why he's already adopted that particularly name for Ed? I mean they met for the first time the previous night right?
Anonymous Person chapter 3 . 9/3/2020
The fact that this darn "hospital" is run by Bradley and the Homunculi is horrifying to me. There is also almost no way whatever the heck they took prior to sleep isn't specifically designed to mess with their dreams/thoughts.
Anonymous Person chapter 1 . 9/3/2020
This fic kinda reminds me of a darker version of a Soul Eater fic I once read. I think it was called Matching Scars? The biggest difference is definitely the fact that in the Soul Eater one, the characters actually had various mental disorders. In this one I'm pretty sure the so called "Mental Disorders" are probably indicative of the possibility that the person in question is able to wield alchemy. Granted if people like Kimbley or Tucker show up then yeah, they're alchemist who likely also have mental disorders. I am rather curious how various characters will make an appearance in this fic tho. Unless the Asylum actually turns out to be some sort of secret/underground/border line illegal organization. Based on the current info I have I think this could develop in several different ways so I'm excited to continue reading the fic!
Guest chapter 2 . 4/24/2019
Oooomf this is hitting all the narrative checkboxes for me! Thank you so much for posting! :)
KuroitsukiNoMai chapter 18 . 5/24/2018
Wow. I love this. Ready creative and well written. Thank you so much for sharing this story!
Guest chapter 18 . 5/6/2018
That was awesome! :D Never read an AU like this before. Truly unique. 3

Thank you for writing such a cool story

LucidKren chapter 18 . 2/4/2018
This story was a breath taking alternative universe. It was spectacular. You covered so many elements beautifully. Fabulous work.
Soraya the All Speaker chapter 16 . 1/20/2018
Okay, question - how is Trisha in the Asylum if Hoenheim left forty years ago, and she died only like, 8 years ago?

Also, damn emotions. Hi.
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