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Nanashisia chapter 58 . 1/9/2016
this story is soo good! pls update more
BlueAbyssHax chapter 58 . 8/28/2015
sigh...It's sad. Why did it have to turn out this way...damn it all.

I hope Presea comes to her senses and comes back.
Windsbane chapter 58 . 8/22/2015
Thanks for updating, this was interesting as always. Presea went a bit off the deep end in this chapter didn't she. You got Colette's reaction down very well, I think that is just how she'd react to a similar scenario in game, especially after the first trip to Tethealla.
Maurice Elias A. Nigma chapter 58 . 8/22/2015
Okay UK firstly thanks for putting up the chapter for it's still great to be helping to beta read for you. Seriously it's been a while since you've put up a chapter for this incredible story. And I would love to help you write for this story as long as I'm kept in the loop of what you plan to do and such. I hope to hear from time for the review.

Whoa...seriously that's all I could say to start with. Mostly due to how this is turning out for everyone...mostly for Presea given what I have seen in the end is like something out of the game. But now I'm going to start with the dreams of everyone and honestly it's not very pretty for everyone.

For Lloyd and Kratos it's perhaps in my opinion, the most gruesome scene to experience for them. Especially given how seeing both their friends eaten and killed is by the two Insect Plant and the Wood monster. But to make it more gruesome would be the fact that Ratatosk was the one to summon such creatures to be able to get the two to snap out of it. Honestly? It worked and big time as the Lord of Monsters managed to get to them by not just burning and razing down Luin but actually have both Anna and Lloyd...very gory method given how it was executed. But got to say that it was rather effective to do so. To think that they would both be woken up by having their dream work crumble before their eyes. WOW.

Now onwards to another...Regal. I think that he was effected the most of them all given the end result. Though how it was done to get him to wake up was waaay more terrifying. While just making it through a falling elevator, he watched as his employees were dead not just by the fall but also by those Man Eater Slime monsters. Seriously nice research and studying up on how those monsters behave and such. But the most terrifying thing is that Regal was going to die with the knowledge of not seeing his lovely wife Alicia and their unborn child ever again...mostly for their child given how it'll grow up without its father. Good thing it was a only a dream but still hurts him very bad given how real it felt but moving on.

So we go to Sheena and THIS time it was Marta's turn to do her own dirty Volt's Temple. Okay it seems to me like a vision of how things are playing out with Sheena when she was small in the original game only this time it's in another world while she's older. It was nice of Marta of wanting to find another way by speaking with Volt in the dream world...but however it won't be enough to wake Sheena from her dream world. But amazed that the Volt of said dream world was able to sense the abnormality of the situation. Now we get to the hard part...waking up the female ninja. I got nothing to say except the fact that it was perhaps one of the hardest thing that Marta had to see...mostly seeing Sheena watch all of her people being slaughtered again for a second blaming Marta for it. Damn never seen such fury with her.

Okay now that that's done, we go with the remaining two, Raine and Zelos. Okay I'll admit that it's very impressive with how you portraited but felt that they could be given more depth. Yes Zelos' reliving the fact that he's seeing his little sister die again is sad but what lead to that...or to be more exact what exactly leads to that circumstance aside from the beginning? BUT also know that Marta's feeling really rotten about having to be the one to pull the trigger. Honestly? It would be nice to see his father and mother and a bit of his parents in it to help it out if only briefly. For Raine it's obvious that her death in the water's a really good one but would be good to see her own brother being the catalyst to her waking up to the real world. HOWEVER I can see your decision in wanting to keep to how you did so as to keep the story going.

To be blunt, the expressions on each of the group after being woken up by Marta and Emil has been hard on everyone. I mean, I would be upset too after being woken up from my own dream world with everything that I desired. Would have loved to see Emil's part in it though. I almost could have sworn that he wasn't able to do anything. But now we get to the nitty gritty...Presea and Colette and it's big.

Now to the big one with both Presea and Colette and believe me I could see that their short term romantic relationship is started to crumble. Presea's character is so dark and also...insane. Though most of what she says does make a good arguement, her actions and justification is just as bad as Mithos is during the game. Honestly? She's more frightening than Mithos could ever be during the original game. Not to mention the fact that Colette just outright broke the Pinkette's heart and mind saying that is NOT a smart thing for her to do. Personal note? I believe that Colette's copying EXACTLY what Martel was doing when trying to reason with Mithos at the near climax of the game. Martel means well with trying to reason with Mithos...but her last words kinda did more harm than good that caused Mithos to just take the tree and leave the world to rot like in the game. But back with Presea, I'm afraid that she'll be doomed to the same fate if nothing's done right away for given the circumstances, it's going to get ugly.

All in all, this entire chapter helps cap off this saga for your work man. I could tell that we're reaching a point where things are going to really heat up and turn the tides but for whom? How would the group deal with situation now? What would they do and what secret does Ratatosk has that he's keeping from the group now? I can tell that it's not going to be pretty...mostly the habit he's had with keeping secrets. But that habit seems to extend to most of the group as most of them seem to keep things from one another that's hurting their team. Presea and Colette are a perfect example of that. It's time that they STOP it if they were to have ANY chance at all.

But I wonder why Presea's visiting her little sister Alicia for just a chat if she claims she is not human anymore? I can't wait to see how it would turn out. Keep up the good work UK.

Maurice Elias A. Nigma
The Great Blue One
Babywing chapter 29 . 4/26/2015
I kinda wanna ship ratatosk and netrioh
Dr.Bob chapter 57 . 4/1/2015
I understand perfectly what you want to do. After all this is not a book and you must publish things chapter by chapter and then one day you notice that some things are just making things harder or that you wanted to give some importance to some characters but that is just not necessary. At least that's what happens to me sometimes.

Before reviewing this chapter I must tell you that I'm glad you are back, for a moment I thought that you had given up on this fic and I'm glad to see that's not the case, because I like it.

This was an interesting chapter. It's like I'm going to read a different fanfic inside a fanfic. This will be intense and idea of the perfect life is interesting, it isn't as if hasn't been done before (i'm quite sure I've seen something like this somewhere else) but it will be interesting to see it with the ToS characters.

Great chapter as always. It's been fun to read how they would like to live their lifes.

P.S: Sorry if my big expectations for this fic have ever put you in problems.
Firehedgehog chapter 57 . 4/1/2015
Maurice Elias A. Nigma chapter 57 . 4/1/2015
Hey UK, long time no see. Hey listen to start, I'm sorry that I had not been loyal with giving reviews to you after I beta Read your chapters. It's just that at that time, my computer was on the fritz and it's been nearly driving me out of my mind just to get things(and a new laptop) back into order. NOW I'm back, graduated and also got time to spare to FINALLY put some decent reviews for your chapters...starting with this one.

Secondly, I understand why you wanted to re-edit the past chapters so it's cool that you do that, UK. Just know that I'm with you 100 percent on it and would look forward to the changes that you plan to do. NOW on with the review.

Okay I saw what you did in terms of what happened to the group AFTER their long fight with Mithos...I could only say that this is going to be ONE tough journey for both Emil(Ratatosk) and Marta. I mean, they were living out the dream both had always wanted to experience...dreams that did not involve demons, spirits, betrayal, or even secrets that they were not aware of...or the lies that each had to live with due to horrible tragedies that happened to both of them. Anyways, back on topic, from Emil living as a regular boy to Marta living her life wanting to live as a regular girl with a cute high school crush on the boy she loves. No doubt that she's now feeling even more so given how Ratatosk reacted to her choosing to have regular Emil to him. She really must be feeling low to forget the responsibilities and guilt that her family's responsible for.

For the rest of the's just so nice and yet so heartbreaking seeing them all in bliss of their deepest dreams and desires since being born into a world that's corrupt and beyond saving due to both the demons and the corrupt religion of Cruxis. From Regal living the nice life of a business while having a pregnant wife to Sheena living out her dream of being the leader of Mizuho, to Raine living out her life as a scholar with her young and innocent brother Genis. And even Zelos is living out his deep dream of having a regular rich guy's life with his sister Seles. But the most prominent would be with Lloyd and Kratos for they both are living the family life with Lloyd becoming a defender with Kratos as his father...with Anna, their most important women in their life, alive and well. I could tell that they're both going to be hard to convince to leave their deepest fantasy...well, ideal world.

Finally we go to Colette and Presea...though it looks to me that this is mostly focusing on Presea in terms of her way of saving the group. Firstly, I could see how much effort that you put into the romance between the two, especially given that it almost got into the mature rating. But when Colette asked about her friends' well being, the mood suddenly shifted from romantic to stotic as Presea told her all about the Dark Abyss and what she suddenly sent chills to my spine as Presea talked to her love. Makes me wonder if Presea's starting to become more and more like Ratatosk in terms of how SHE believe things should be done...especially with the safety of her friends. I think that she's mostly disturbed about the experience of her death and rebirth as Shadow...and it's effecting her mind than she thought. More so due to her past experience before meeting the group and it would no doubt influence Colette if nothing's done.

All in all the chapter's short but a good way to celebrate your return to writing this story man. I could only wonder what Emil and Marta would do in order to BREAK the dreams of their friends just to wake them up. I could tell that it's not going to be pretty and with would no doubt grow WORSE when things do finally get to a head. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Keep up the good work, UK. Please drop me a line on my email for I can't wait to work on beta-reading your chapters again. Laters

Maurice A. Nigma
The Great Blue One

Seriously give me a line, UK. I want to really beta-read your story again. I could see from this chapter that YOU do need my help looking over the next chapters.
BlueAbyssHax chapter 57 . 4/1/2015
Well this went in a direction I didn't expect. I'd probably wouldn't be able to do it, but I learned not to let people live a lie.

Im a bit bummed to hear about the Hiatus, im glad your okay, but hey if you feel you need to remix some things then by all means.

I would love to help you with that work, but unfortunately I don't see myself as the best Beta-reader that you deserve. Plus I can't figure out how to work the damn thing XD! Maybe I'll try and let you know, but Im sure you'll find someone to help you.
Windsbane chapter 56 . 8/24/2014
Just read the last two chapters and that was awesome. The back to back confrontation with Genis and the Mithos and Cruxis had me is suspense the whole time I was reading. I have to say again Genis makes for a pretty amazing bad guy in this fic (and a fairly deluded one at that, Nebilim really did a number when raising the kid). Really like the Presea and Collette relationship as well, you have done a really good job developing that as a major part of this fic.
Maurice Elias A. Nigma chapter 56 . 8/20/2014
Okay to start off first of all, I'm sorry that I wasn't as dedicated to reviewing your chapters as I should have but you got to understand that life and college have both been rough on me. From not just life but the computer, studying for my classes and also...lack of interest at the time. Anyways sorry for taking long and I hope that you can forgive me by reading my review for THIS chapter. I can't make promises for the last ones so I'll just do this for now.

Now from what I've seen in the beginning, Presea seems to be at a crossroads between life and death. But at the same time, she seems to be deep somewhere in a place where she can hear the emotions and feelings as well as thoughts of people around her as well as her companions. When confronted by Shadow, it would seem to make her do a double take on what her duty was. When hearing and thinking deeply about what the Summon Spirit of Darkness was saying to her as well as reflecting on what she wants to would seem to me that she's really awakened and this time it's personal.

Starting with Genis and his female aides as they raided the Renegades' hideout. From the looks of it, the little BOY screwed up big time. Especially with the darkness magic message left behind for him to see. And Richter adding salt onto his wounded Ego doesn't help him either. Not to mention the fact that Richter also noticed the lock on his heart as well as calling Genis a pathetic brother for Raine to have. I could only imagine what's going on with his mind.

Which brings us to the group's escape from Derris Kharlan given how they were imprisoned using advanced tech to neutralize their spirit abilities and just as the Seraphim of Punishment Raya was about to enjoy some fun and torture with the group. Man, I agree with Zelos for when he felt uncomfortable receiving a flirt towards a sick woman like her. Anyways looks to me Raya got the tables turned on her when Presea arrived...well more like a projection of Presea and her magic through Tenebrae. That powerful illusion that she casted on Raya...honestly, that got me a good look at what that Raya girl was like in her past and got to say that she a seriously messed up girl. Glad Presea knocked her out before anything else happened.

We now get to when the group made their escape and when they are confronted by the Leader of Cruxis himself. I mean, like learning about how Cruxis is NOTHING but a lie and sham as well as the church's orders to the humans not to mention the fact that the "angels" are nothing but half elves now turned half demons because of it...but none more than Colette. I mean, she just experienced the death of two of her loved ones before her eyes and all because of a creep due to his enormous ego. So no surprise that she would attack Yggdrasill for making her life a living hell and make him pay for hurting everyone around her...and for hurting Presea again when she appears before them.

But as if it looks that the group would be beaten by Mithos, Presea appeared once again to save the day. Especially given her new form that enables her to avoid and dodge being hit by Mithos' attacks what with that ultimate spell she used the Nightmare Swarm Mystic Arte...honestly? That's a very scary Mystic Arte and a pretty invincible one to be able to stand agaisnt Mithos' own runic body. But however it did the job for it allowed the group to get away and leave Mithos with nothing but a bruised ego to treat.

All in all the this chapter was certainly filled with surprises and worth the wait. Secrets revealed and treachery revealed. Now here are some things like how is the group going to take it and where the Renegades are NOW given what was said. But not only that but it seems to me that there's more to this conspiracy than just a take over the world plot. Especially with Mithos about to contact Genis about the Great One finding the war too troublesome to bother with. I wonder what he means by that and what would happen at this point? I can't wait to find out. Not to mention more interactions with the group and pairing involved...particularly with Sheena and Lloyd along with Presea and Colette. So good work and keep up the good writing too. Again I apologize and hope that you forgive me.

Maurice A. Nigma
The Great Blue One

Hope to see some hilarious skits to help along with it too. XD
Dr.Bob chapter 55 . 5/4/2014
Reviewer notes:
I should have reviewed this chapter earlier but the college has been keeping me busy and I forgot to review it. Sorry…

It looks like the main characters have no time to rest: Observers, Bone archers… If it wasn’t because they are the main characters I would be surprised of them making it alive.

Genis being a jerk with his sister made him look really cold. However it makes sense, they were never together, the only thing they share is blood. But I didn’t see coming that sadistic attitude, he is usually a smart ass and likes to annoy some people he considers stupid but this time he was plain cruel and sadist. Maybe he has spent too much time with Alice lately?

I liked Genis knowing everything but one more “Just as planed” from him and he is going to kick Light Yagami (from Death Note) and Aizen (Bleach) balls.

I didn’t see coming Presea’s death, normally people don’t kill main characters in long fanfics, they only kill the villains. You took my by surprise and I congratulate you for taking that choice, not because I hate Presea and I want to see her death, but because you took a big risk by killing her. Anyway it looks like anyone who Colette loves tends to end dying horribly. Anyway… don’t you think the way you killed her was a little too brutal for a protagonist? I wouldn’t like to see my favorite characters dying like that, and I bet Presea has some fans. Anyway, your fic, your choices. However after all is not like the main characters didn’t kill brutally some desians who possibly had families and friends too… (And they will possibly will keep killing more and more anyway).

However judging Genis companion’s reaction to such a gorish death, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a charade, for some reason I don’t see them act like nothing after Genis killing someone like that. However I could be wrong, they are demons after all.

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! At Colette’s reaction to her death. She talking with her head... it was just… how to put it... AMAZING. Really touching and creepy.

OK… I just read the end note and you ruined the next chapter for me… Presea is alive. Don’t take me wrong, I like her to be alive, but you ruined the surprise…

Over all great chapter. And don’t worry about the updates, I know how the college can be, I’m on my last year (if I pass everything) and I barely can update. It took me 4 month! To update a chapter when I normally update every month.

P.S: If Presea’s death was a charade to break Colette’s mid, Genis has definitely spent too much time with Alice XD.

P.S.2: I don’t know if you will kill Decus and Alice however whatever choice you take could you eventually gave them a skit too. I might not talk about your skits but I enjoy them all and I would like one with them in it. You know they have the parody potential.
Emil C chapter 55 . 4/2/2014
Well, I wasn't that surprised about the revelation of Seles as a spy...
True be told, I thought she was doing it knowingly, but I guess not. That doesn't change the fact that it really got me by the Centurion's cores and I was about to kill Seles, again, because she's... well... dead...
Now, Genis is being a little prick. Go figure, right? But I'm getting the feeling that you're forcing his character in YOUR story too much, like he's stagnant, unchanging, dry...? Souless?
No real drive, like nothing really matters to him... He's like a smart, powerful grunt, but a grunt in the end... I mean, even when we've seen his point of view or brilliant moments there is just no drive and he has suddenly become kind of predictable as a character. Meaning, your Genis just became boring.
Sheena and Zelos on the other hand became butt tone of fun to read! Specially in battles scenes!
Marta is bland as well, not much to her and like I said before she has the hots... FOR RATATOSK...
'Cuz, who cares for Emil? Well, Richter, but... yeah...
I know I should be more shocked about Presea's scarifice and possible 'death', but like I said before she's actually a very undevelop character, except when she's in the middle of battles... Which apparently it's when she usually gets the spotlight and the most character development.
And heck, what about freaking Regal?! He was sooo cool in battle, but I don't know what's what with him.
Now, the setting in Heimdal? Nice. It was about time touch uncharted locations of the Aselian Map!
Still hoping what will happen,if anything happens if they ever set foot in Sybak... All the stuff that's hidden in there... Oooooh, all the possibilites!
Now on to the good stuff!
- Loved the action and battle scenes!
- Emil figthing! Not Ratatosk! Yay!
- Regal kicking demons butt!
- Raine saving Genis and him laughing!
- Best skits ever!
And like I said:
- Genis feels awkward, but his actions predictable.
- What's Regal's beeswax?
- Marta is plain, like really plain... and she doesn't care for Emil...
- Too many battles, too little story and character development...
- Seriously, this chapter felt insipid and awkward... It is beneath you...

Like always great story over all,
Although this chapter suffered,
Keep at it!

Emil C.
BlueAbyssHax chapter 55 . 4/1/2014
actually I was thinking, well he put a reason for making this REALLY M-rated. other than that just a little surprised, but have a feeling she's not "Dead".
Firehedgehog chapter 55 . 4/1/2014
evil cliffy
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