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Guest chapter 14 . 2/4
What about the fact that Kenny can't die?
Did you forget that or just wanted us to freak out more? But, great story by the way! :D
RoseBadwolf1000 chapter 1 . 1/3
I read this as a guest a while back, so I'm only going to say a few things. I adore your writing style, and I will be reading more now that I found this story again. I love this story, and the plot was really believable. I love the ending, though it made me cry, and I just all around loved it. :)
MelodiousMusic chapter 5 . 11/30/2014
Oh! Lol, I watched the episodes where Kyle and the others are also superheroes, so I got confused X)
MelodiousMusic chapter 3 . 11/30/2014
Does Kyle know Kenny is Mysterion like in the show?
Guest chapter 1 . 8/11/2014
Awwww! How cute!
Anono chapter 20 . 8/9/2014
Born2Ship chapter 7 . 7/27/2014
All three of them are Mysterion
theboom chapter 20 . 7/24/2014
I had such high hopes for this story, but this turned only into an aggravating sigh session for me. It looked so GOOD! I thought you would break the stupid Kyle is useless stereotypes, but that is clearly not the case. You make Kyle acknowledge that he is the Mary Jane of this situation and have him trying to be his own person in the beginning, not the useless tool that can't handle himself. Everyone around him says "You can't handle it Kyle so just stay out of it and just sit inside your house", I was REALLY hoping you'd have Kyle prove those guys wrong. Yet, in spite of that, you just have Kyle kidnapped and learn the 'important' lesson that he really is weak and really can't do anything for himself and should just leave it all up to everyone else to fight his battles.

When Kyle kept on saying to himself that he should have listened to everyone and just let Mysterion handle everything is when I really began having huge doubts about this story. To me, Kyle was broken by the end of chapter 10 and you just continue to derail his character further and further, without a single fuck given. Honestly, I could go on and on about my disappointment and the flaws of this story, but I'm only going to bother with one more major point.

Kenny and Cartman treat Kyle in a VERY similar manner. That's right, to me, Kenny and Cartman are almost equally bad to Kyle. They both want Kyle to stay put and shut the fuck up, the only difference being Kyle is consensual to Kenny, and that's it. I honestly couldn't bring it in myself to root for Kenny, because well ... he really did act like a more polite version of Cartman.

The reason there I feel the need for such a monster of negative review is I am just absolutely disappointed. You are just like every other K2 author who makes Kyle a woobie, but this story has something that is unique to it too. You started off so well with Kyle's character ... and then you decided to make him accept that he should not bother trying to defend himself. You went completely backwards of what an writer should do for character development. That is one of the worst things a writer can do, and I hope you see what I've stated to be true. If not, then by please do prove me wrong.
The Mistress of Pain chapter 20 . 7/12/2014
How could I spent so many time in mylife without reading your story? I found it by casualty, and thank zeus I did because it was one of the mos t wonderful pieces of art I've read so far. I'm crying right now and I won't be able to stop till tomorrow probably.
Thank you very much for writing it and congratulations for your work, it was perfect for me in so many ways, you handle the characters in a magnificent way. I loved Kyle,, I loved Kenny but most of everyone Mysterion was the best. And you made me hate Cartman with all my might, I just want him dead and I probably won't be able to watch South Park without insulting the TV for a couple of weeks. But it's ok
Sorry for the grammatical mistakes, english is not my mother tongue. Again thank you for posting this fanfic and have a nice day,, week, month. Hope to read more of your fanfics soon.
Stingg chapter 20 . 7/10/2014
Best 9 hour mistake of my life,
A fan chapter 1 . 6/29/2014
So my teacher 8th grade ELA teacher last year said to use one book we read, me being an exception because I appearantly did my own thing and got beyond good scores could choose anything for a CD project where we make a list of 15 songs that suit the story. I chose this, used 51 songs (plus more I didn't include) burned a CD with said songs, made an actual CD case with printed pictures,and long paragraphs of evidence and explained why/what was happening,all after spring break when it was due before break. I went from an F to an A with extra credit. You inspired me I gave you full credit and I thought you should know since you wrote this amazing story. She was absolutely amazed I finished a long list of paper with the songs the night before with no sleep it took all of break and I loved it. And I.m heavily pondering doing it again but with all the songs and every chapter (i skipped two uneventful ones but I regret it since after I turned it in I thought of some suiting songs) I'm a big fan and I thought it'd be neat to tell you The paper list is actually taller than me so imagine a 5 foot something list with colored pencil work each color coded depending on the song chapter pov charachter key words or who was speaking like mysterion was purple kyle green kenny orange and stan blue etc etc. I went beyond and it was because of how great this was. She was moved to tears listening to each song and reading the evidence/explanation I gave. She's now reading your story and loves it!
-Sincerly a student who is passionate about ELA
SouthParkFanatic chapter 7 . 6/15/2014
I already know it's Kenny I've seen the show
Guest chapter 20 . 4/28/2014
God dammit your story killed my heart XD what are some other ones like this? I love South Park fanfiction yaoi
chiisane chapter 11 . 4/23/2014
Jesus fuck you're disgusting for making rape seem complete **fanservice-y*** I would understood (very reluctantly, of course), if the type of angle you were aiming was it to be as gruesome and tortuous, but your author's notes clearly stated that you're doing it for fucking 'fanservice'. By god, I know that you may not even reply to this, or even read this, but I do hope you would feel regret by writing this chapter. I can't believe that this was recommended. Shame on you.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/19/2014
It's kenny it has to beeeeee
Ok fine it doesn't bit anything but fucking Craig! XD anything but him. I hope t's kenny no I know it's kenny it has to be, but kyles good too if he magically becomes mysteron, I attually love this fanfiction sooooo much it's so adorable 3.
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