Reviews for How To Save A Life chapter 1 . 5/28/2010
Is this complete or do you plan on updating it? It's like super good. Each of the steps/drabbles had it's own vibe and I really enjoyed it. Very cool. :D

Btw can you PM me the full list of steps? I'm interested to know what they are. Thx. ;)
MOFhasLeftTheBuilding chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
Wow :] this was really amazing. i absolutely adored you're writing style, and even though the relationships were a bit far from my liking, I still enjoyed the drabbles. great job!
of self chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
So glad you did this. And you're totally welcome. I love reading your fics. :)

How to save a life is one of my favourite songs by The Fray and using those directions as prompts was an awesome idea. :)

1. Listen - Aw, that is kind of bittersweet no? Macy so very much wants to be on equal footing with the boys but then the very aspect that she loves about them is working against her.

2. Hold Still - Aw. Just one big ole awww. It's small moments like these that I love. So much like a fleeting snapshot but complete in it's own way.

3. Let it go - Lol. I love it. Nick's the only sane man cause both Joe and Macy are caught up NOT being jealous apparently.

4. Dont be scared of death - So glad that Joe is JUST being there. Sometimes that is all a grieving person needs. For someone to be there.

5. Laugh - Nick got outsmarted by Frankie? LMAO. I love that Frankie got the last laugh.

6. Live in love - He pulled her closer before smiling. "Living. Loving. Take your pick." - You know I'm not a big Joella fan but dear god that was sweet. And Joe is usually so silly about his feelings for Stella. So I loved that he's upfront about it here. And seriously, that line was made of brilliant.

7. Talk to someone - Poor Nick. I feel bad for him. And he is right. When they all collaborate together, they do sound better. Nick's brand of songwriting suits him alone better. (Strange how this segues into their real life too no?)

8. Touch - Oh Macy. I feel so bad for her. Cause feelings are something you cant prevent. Like how she knows it's wrong but how she also knows she cant stop. Sort of like an unstoppable car crash.

9. Breathe - For someone who is quite scared of a relationship, Joe sure does spend a lot of time trying to impress Stella. it's kind of stupidly

10. Cry - I always did wonder about girls who cry at concerts. I think Macy puts it best. I've never been to a concert but I would cry if I did meet by favourite band or something. It's just the whole experience of having them be your anchor through every bad day that you had, and then meeting them, it makes everything worthwhile I guess.

Great job. I loved them all but I really really loved, 1, 2, 6, 8 and 10. Great job and so much awesome and making them, precise, lovely and punchy. Looking forward to the next part! :D
LaPaige chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
This was great :) I love the Fray, and this song in particular, so this was great. I love how different all the snapshots are, and I especially like the idea of Frankie giving Nick advice. Awesome one-shot, I missed your writing :D