Reviews for The year of Hakumen no Mono
Fan of Fanfics chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
What's up? Ok, I know I'm gonna get crap from you on this, but you need to seperate into smaller paragraphs, especially ending when a new person begins talking. Secondly, your writting seems kind of flat. Every author needs their own style. Just look at my stories. I think you can tell that they're written by the same person. Lastly, if you want to be really well known, write a story for something that a lot of people are interested in that you know very well.

And none of that crap about not knowing anything good to write about. You know Naruto, you can write whatever the hell you want, and I'm betting people will love you for it. I think out of all the reviews I've gotten, only three were actually bad. As long as there's no crack fics, yaoi, or yuri, everything should turn out perfectly. And I don't care, If you need an idea, take one of mine and spin it in a totally new direction, but tell people where you got the idea and that you have permission from me to use my stories as a base. It's good business because then people come read my stories too...Yay.

Anyway, as an author, I suggest only reading reviews and messages. They all pop up in your inbox. Anything that says

Favorite Story

Favorite Author

Story Alert

Author Alert

are all automated and do nothing, so they should be deleted or risk an inbox pile-up. (I didn't check my email for three days after publishing my first story chapter. I ended up with 378 messages piled up, only about 25-27 of which were actually reviews, the rest were all junk)

Also, another thing I like to do (you don't have to) is to sign in with "Hey Peoples" and Sign out with "Peace to all my Fans, Fan of Fanfics" It's more to throw in that specific Author's style I was talking about.

Just some Ideas to think about

Peace Out

Fan of Fanfics (Chris)