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NarutoSpardaUzumaki chapter 1 . 2/4
I haven't the will to read this now, because it seems pretty serious and for those kind of stories I usually save them and read them when I have more time, but just the summary was enough to pique my interest. 'Haruno Sakura was just average enough to risk losing' LOL
Heksie chapter 50 . 2/4
Charles Henri chapter 50 . 2/3
It's the end ;-; Jesus, I was not ready for it. Thank God you're going to make S\ant your main story because I would have missed your writing if you had just stopped fanfics altogether. (Please don't stop fanfics btw, you're the best provider of great Sakuras around)

I scrolled through other reviews and I do agree that the ending doesn't solve many questions-if anything, it adds some more. But Expedient at its core is not a love story-it's about personal growth, about the complexity of the ninja world, about freeing yourself from your cage only to find yourself in a bigger one... And it's about politics, too. Stories about politics cannot end like love stories. It's not "and they lived happily ever after". If stories about politics could have happy, closed endings, then politics wouldn't be so damn complicated in the real world.
So of course it was going to be an open ending-you had to stop *somewhere* after all. You can't write Sakura's entire life.
(although if you decide to do it, I'll be cheering you from first chapter to last, just so you know)

Ah yes, something I forgot to say in the last chapter: TSUNADE MASTERED THE MOKUTON! So much for "You're not as good as your grandfather"! (I think it was Madara saying that in the manga? Or Tobi? Anyway, it pissed me off so I'm glad you show how amazing she is here)

The symmetry between Deidara and Sakura is amusing, with Sakura going missing-nin (well, "missing"-nin since I doubt Tsunade is going to send after her). It makes sense: with what she's done and how she's been manipulated, she needs more freedom to act.

My only regret is that we didn't get to see how Ino dealt with Sasuke's madness. But well, I'm the one who said you had to stop somewhere so I won't complain.

Aaaaah, what else to say? Expedient was so, so great to read. I wish I had discovered it sooner so I could've reviewed every single chapter. That'll have to be S\ant (which I read without reviewing like I said I would, I'm a terrible person, sorry. I'm going to review, though! When I have some more time. Maybe on Sunday?)

Anyway, thank you so much and congratulations on managing to finish it, stories as huge as this one are usually never never finished! You did an amazing job with that fiction and I can't wait to follow you on other stories!

So, bye for today and have a good evening/afternoon/America is too far from here I don't even know what time it is for you guys
Charles Henri chapter 49 . 2/1
If I say "I love this chapter", are you going to tell me I'm repeating myself?

But well. I do so love this chapter. Really, really do.

Itachi's and Ino's interaction is fascinating, especially with that forced intimacy between them, two usually secretive people.
I just adore what you did with Itachi. It fits what we see in the manga while giving him a new dimension; he's the embodiment of "the end justifies the means". At the same time, he is, as Ino said, very human, he's calm, he wants peace, he admits to his selfishness... But there's this other side of him that's a mass murderer and the contrast is chilling.
I laughed a lot at "I have shared the wash with Kisame for years".

Also, "Sasuke is not a child." "He's about as emotional and reliable as a child": YES. I'm always up for some Sasuke-bashing (what an unsufferable character) but having Ino do it is like the cherry on top of the cake (er, not sure that saying exists in English).

About the DeiSaku part, I love how you didn't make them understand each other completely. They have that bond, they're very close, they care about each other a LOT (Sakura did bring them both back to life, which, by the way: badass) but it's not like they're this perfect couple you see in movies. Deidara isn't sure what Sakura is thinking. When he smiles at her and wants to pull her closer, she doesn't let him. That part was really well-done in my opinion, it shows how the protagonists have grown, how even as strong a bond as there is between them doesn't mean absolute trust and complete understanding of each other.
(Jesus, I could have summed up that whole paragraph by saying "I love how realistic their relationship is" but no, I had to write 8 lines or so)

Deidara is great. Always the comic relief. I have a feeling that if they did settle down together, Sakura would (ironically) have to be the level-headed partner because SERIOUSLY: "Getting down to the important issue, Deidara asked, "from how far could you see the explosion?" "
Just. Deidara.

It's so nice to see Hinata get some action. Everyone forgets that Hinata and Hanabi may be pretty young girls, but they're also pretty young *ninja* and clan kunoichi who starting their training directly out of the womb.

At that point I had to get paper and a pen to write down who is on whose side, because the traditional alliances in the manga had gone out of the window.

Sakura's possessiveness towards the axe she stole made me laugh. She's all "it's MY weapon, MINE", it's like she's concentrated all her bitterness at Konoha being invaded into the axe. "You may have invaded us but now I have one of your weapons and I'm not letting it go."
It's very vindicative. I love it.

Sasori is alive O.o I didn't see that one coming.

You're great at fighting scenes, you know? (Well, yes, you probably do.) Especially now that Sakura has become a very powerful kunoichi and competes with other shinobi just as powerful-it makes everything so intense, so unexpected.
Konan's end is very beautiful in a way-being buried into a tree... I like the image.

I'll probably read the next chapter tomorrow (oh God. Expedient's last chapter. Such a weird thought).

Ah, yes, one last thing: congrats on managing to make every chapter a round number! When I first followed you, I wondered if it was done on purpose. 50 chapters, 255,000 words, 1,990 reviews (well, I'm going to mess with that last number).

See you tomorrow and have a good evening! (or afternoon. Not sure what time it is in America)
ScarletFishcake chapter 50 . 1/30
'SHRIEKING VERY LOUDLY CAUSE FEEEELS' Oh sweet Kami-sama , I read that story , blasting Fall Out Boys and My Chemical Romance and omg that story was wild from the begining to the end. The amount of conflicting emotions and anger and fear was totally worth it. Sakura was a total monster-bomb and I loved her , I wish kunoichi's were more appreciated in the Manga. Your Ino is freaking amazing ( i am shamelessly shipping her with Itachi ) . I loved your art , it was fleeting and eternal at the same time .
See you chapter 32 . 1/29
Ouch, I really really hope that Sakura at the age of thirteen, almost fourteen is still a pure maiden, i.e. virgin... :-D
her-my-own chapter 50 . 1/29
Nooooooooooooo, please don't finish, please be only the END of that chapter
The Living Oxymoron chapter 50 . 1/28
This story was honestly one of the best I've probably ever read. It was intense, funny, and left me on the edge of my seat constantly. It was everything I could've asked for and then some. I'm so upset that it ended (as I've been binge reading this story for three days :) but the ending was very nice. I loved and enjoyed every second of this story.
shelwyn chapter 50 . 1/27
Wow you ended it.
This was satisfying good story author I hope you continue writing.
wickedgrl123 chapter 50 . 1/27
AHHH THIS WAS BRILLANT AND I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER. HOLY SHIT THOSE LAST TWO CHAPTERS WERE AMAZING. This Sakura has a long, badass list of assholes she's taken out and I love it. Amazing job and thank you so much for writing this masterpiece!
Hallelujah It's Food chapter 50 . 1/26
This was a LONG binge read, but I did it! Amazing story, kind of hard to follow in the end but that may also be because I'd been reading for so long in one sitting. I loved the way you characterized Sakura and I am very happy that she got to have a nice ending with Deidara. It was like the cherry on top of an awesome sundae!
imaginesakura chapter 50 . 1/25
So sad its ended! Thank you for such a great story!
KaKashi's Okami chapter 50 . 1/25
That escalated really quickly didn't it? BAM, the end, there are like a ton of things left unsaid there, totally irritating. I hope you do a sequel one day or something, maybe a mini epilogue...
xXFallenxBeautyxX chapter 50 . 1/24
The character development in this story was spectacular. I really do wish there was an epilogue, to tie down the relationship between Deidara and Sakura, maybe to show how things are going after Sakura has left Konoha. Overall this was a really amazing story, thank you for taking the time to write it for us!
Guest chapter 50 . 1/23
I used to be a vanilla sasusaku shipper until the day I began to read your fic. Then I was hooked and I never went back. Sakudei is my otp be cause of you. And there were so few times when they met up but still, the romance aspect was so much more mature and developed than most things I've seen in the actual romance category. And the best part was it didn't take center point in the whole story, made a nice addition to the plot, and kept me on my toes. Honestly, I wish I could marry 50 chapters of fan fiction.
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