Reviews for Expedient
Dawnaven chapter 39 . 4h
Awesome story :) can't wait to read more!
Rivet chapter 22 . 10/5
Oh god, this story is amazing. I've just spent the past 6 hours reading this and it is fanntastic! Splendid writing and a great plot
Sook03 chapter 39 . 10/4
Oh my. All these old friends have come to party!
cherryvampiress chapter 39 . 10/4
Assuming Sasori's heart is still alive, will it play a bigger role in the story?
CharmGirl24 chapter 39 . 10/1
They are back! yay i can wait to see where this goes and Sakura willing went to Danzo...wonder where that will lead. I'm glad Sai is by her side I hope they can lean on each other. And bye bye Sasori and Kakashi u have only now started learning ur mistake in dismissing Sakura so much loss time, and he could have been so influential. Excellent Story! I can't wait to see what happens next! Is there a new Mizukage?
becauseambatman1 chapter 39 . 9/30
Of course you knew :3 What I didn't understand if sakura received her memories or not after she meet Danzo... Or is that coming in the later chapter?
amr56 chapter 39 . 9/30
Great chapter. I like the way you write Sai, and his relationship with Sakura. I'm so glad the Wave arc had a purpose. Thank you. I'm excited to see what happens next! I hope you are able to update again soon. Thanks!
Anonymouse chapter 39 . 9/30
I'm genuinely confused.

After powering through all the current chapters in one sitting and mostly skimming, did I miss something? Ino, Kakashi and Hinata know about Sakura's memory seals yet none have brought it up with Tsunade? She still has her seals even after training with the slugs (is she now a sage?).

What is up with the Sato story line you wove in. Has it been resolved?
Don'tEvenThinkAboutIt chapter 39 . 9/29
Where is my life going? Nowhere because I'm stuck here. Slowly dying for the next chapter
Lady Deviance chapter 39 . 9/29
Hot damn! Wasn't expecting much of that. Though, I kinda wanted Deidara to be captured at the scene where he was surrounded,
ChangeOfAtmosphere chapter 39 . 9/29
I'm continually amazed at how you can weave your own plot and character development while still maintaining the overall "feel" of the original anime. I'm a bit confused about some aspects of the story- the scrolls and what Sakura was doing in the forest, for example- but I'm willing to deal with that in exchange for the lovely story you're crafting.
Deidara's scenes are consistently funny and intriguing, while Sakura's really help to shape her as an individual and highlight the differences between canon Sakura and Expedient Sakura. Honestly, I like your version a lot better!
Thanks for the update:)
Guest chapter 39 . 9/29
I am confused? What did deidara actually feel? Is this story still on hiatus? Was there a reason for that? Too personal?

ok ok. I'll go away now.

but seriously. that was unexpected! in a good way
angiewan601 chapter 39 . 9/29
There was a scroll... in a scroll? lol
sayochama chapter 39 . 9/29
This story is fantastic.
general zargon chapter 39 . 9/29
Sakura working for Danzo? Ouch. That's harsh. :/ I like that Zabuza and Haku lived! I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
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