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Key chapter 27 . 12m
Loved Sakura meeting with Tsunade
Yay, so she doesn’t end up seeing Kakashi after all.
Aw, that letter.
Otsuka is okay?

Love Otsuka’s influence on sakura. I think Sakura can MORE than relate to Otsuka’s sensei having a “thing for blood related jutsu.”

I liked that Sakura was thinking of the people who used to work in the mines.

“Some people had a way of making insignificant acts somehow significant; it kept things from getting too boring.” Love this observation. Very true. I think those kind of people have natural charisma.

You do such a good job describing the battles.

“Shannaro!” Energy at her heel and she hit the shell like a meteorite come to earth. SAKURA IS SO COOL.

Sakura is not dealing with her PTSD well at all. Her “meeting” with Utsumino is trippy as hell.

Otsuka is NOT okay...

Sasori, gah. But I loved the fight regardless of the outcome.
Key chapter 26 . 55m
Loved Sakura meeting with Tsunade
Yay, so she doesn’t end up seeing Kakashi after all.
Aww, that letter.
Otsuka is okay?
Key chapter 25 . 2h
I liked that Sai couldn’t pinpoint Sakura’s exact eye colour. That was cute.

Your fight scenes are always realistic in the context of the manga and very innovative. I’m very impressed. You always do something new.

"The reflection of lights on wet pavement, glossy and abstract in the distortion of the water. Made her think of that time in Iwagakure…"
It made ME think of a holiday I took with my husband to this gorgeous place in India called Shimla. It was raining and the way you described the effect on the ground was the exact same thing. You’re so talented.

Ugh, Kakashi is such an asshole. Of course he wouldn’t be honest with her about Sasuke. He doesn’t respect her.

“I’m someone you can risk losing.” I HOPE THIS IS THE LAST WE SEE OF KAKASHI. BLERGH.
Key chapter 24 . 3h
OMG, Deidara back with literally a BANG! The fire would tempt him that way, wouldn't it?
“artist with shinobi tendencies” I like that.
Ibata. Wow. I really, really hope that what I understood had taken place in the time gap hadn’t with Deidara.

Otsuka! ;(

I’m glad Ibata is gone. But those children… UGH.

Oh man, Sakura back to Iwa without Deidara? Anyway, looking forward to reading what's going to happen. Good thing I have so many chapters left, huh? That's about the only good thing that I have from discovering your fanfic so late. :)
Key chapter 23 . 9h
I stopped watching/reading Naruto because of misogyny reasons. I look up other arcs on Wikia just to be able to read Itasaku, Deisaku. The misogyny in Naruto is shameless. I’m not sure if Naruto or Death Note were more misogynistic and that’s really saying something.

Don’t let disappointment to Sakura come from talking to Ino. ;/

“Deidara had been more forthcoming with her than anyone in her own village even if he hadn’t always had all the answers.” Ouch. Yeah, I'm missing Deidara too, Sakura.
Key chapter 22 . 10h
Poor Sakura. She really lost it for a while there, huh?

“an unbridled gallop. A summer afternoon sky without a cloud. A field of sunflowers taller than her head” Love the way she envisions Naruto.

Gaara is super creepy.

What's also super creepy is that Utsumino is the "voice" in Sakura's head now. And that Ino MET him.
Key chapter 21 . 11h
“an ability that cannot be stolen, taken over or copied” Love this observation. Going to remember it.

“she did feel entitled to speak freely at this point. Trying to kill her multiple times afforded her that luxury, she was sure” God, I love this fic.

Yay, glad Deidara managed to escape… that is if Orochimaru was being truthful.

Love all the little lessons Sakura recites to herself in her head as she battles.

I really liked the addition of Lee to help out Sakura.
Key chapter 20 . 12h
That was painful to read. Sakura pretending not to sense the genjutsu. Sasuke deserved that embarrassment, though.

“Sasuke-teme seems to attract too many people with weird brows. Too Much Brow here, No Brows at the alleyway, Sakura-chan’s Wide Brow…”
“the intensity was naturally balanced out by absurdity."
God, I love your sense of humour, haha.

OMG, the dossier joke again, Hehe, now the word “dossier” is forever going to remind me of your fic.

You wrote Sasuke perfectly. Meh.
Key chapter 19 . 13h
Okay, this story is my new Naruto canon. I'm going to refer back to this story to check Naruto facts in the future. As much as I like Kishimoto for creating the fighting system of ninja, the countries and the characters he was a real misogynist in the way he dealt with the female characters. I mush prefer your version of events.

Funny how tempted kakashi was to push sakura into the water but he knew Sakura was goading him into doing it so he refrained.
“for now he’d let her dangle in her self-made haze of apprehension” LOVE THIS.
Pfft, I hope Kakashi is HURTING over Sakura trusting an enemy over her own “sensei”. Gah, can’t stand Kakashi in canon.
LOL, love the hokage’s punishment for Kakashi and Kakash’s VEHEMENT reaction.
AWW, I love that Kakashi was so arrogant as to think the “handsome” referred to him and not Deidara, Haha!
I'm really missing Deidara. Hope he's okay and that he and Sakura meet up soon.
Wow the apartment cleaning was a real punishment? Kakashi has learned NOTHING from the mission. Such a misogynist.
Love how Sasuke is seen from Sakura's perspective in your story. I cannot stand Sasuke and Kakashi. Sakura deserves better.
Oh yeah, I'm going to go back and re-read and REVIEW the first 18 chapters in the near future. I'd just been running low on sleep the last couple of days. My usual modus operandi when reading fics I love is to take notes while reading to adequately review so thought I wouldn't give the story justice when I was so tired.
Anyways, I re-read Slant about four times, no joke, since I first discovered it about less than a week ago so yeah, re-reading will happen. I take my duty for reviewing as a reader very seriously.
bipocni chapter 51 . 11/26
Well, this is certainly an interesting sequel. Probably worthy of it's own title, rather than just appendices, but whatever.

I hope at some point you'll mention Itachi's pact with Jashin. Would be nice to hear his bargain for 'health' left him able to use the Mangekyou without going blind.

I'm assuming Sakura and Kabuto will be entirely neglected in this plotline? Much as I'd love to see their fight, it would be a little out of place. The same with whatever Deidara is up to in Ame, but then I suppose you could always do a 10 years later sort of thing with them, in a separate appendix.

But yeah, great to see this story is still alive even after it's end. She's got some legs on her, doesn't she?
bipocni chapter 48 . 11/26


bipocni chapter 41 . 11/26
I love them. I'm in love with them. I'm fully converted to shipping sakudei forever. Every single one of their interactions is perfect.
bipocni chapter 33 . 11/26
Angry Kakashi is the best Kakashi. Career exhaustion, paranoia, keeping secrets... You captured it all perfectly here.
bipocni chapter 29 . 11/25
I'm a little disappointed that the fight with Kurotsuchi wasn't fleshed out to it's fullest potential. A brief summary doesn't do justice to the epic showdown with the teammate of the girl that sliced her up so bad in the mock tournament in Iwa.

Should have been some lip service payed to it, at least.
bipocni chapter 26 . 11/25
I really don't remember Otsuka Tomiko at all from my first read through, but she's adding something interesting to the story for sure. Does she know Deidara nearly killed her? Adds a nice personal touch to him going missing nin.

I'm a little disappointed you left out all the scenes between 'target' and 'would be assassin' - they seemed like the perfect opportunity to breath a little more life into the story. Could have even had a side story develop. May be worth writing up an omake or two for them in the future if you want to keep the Expedient universe alive.
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