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K chapter 36 . 5/23
AHHHHH I'm so glad you're back. I've been patiently waiting for this! :) Can't wait for Sakura and Deidara to meet again!

Keep it coming!
Lady Deviance chapter 36 . 5/19
Please, please, pleeeease update! Lol it's getting good (well, better!) now
becauseambatman1 chapter 36 . 5/17
ahhhh finally caught up! Finally she found out about Itachi, and I am guessing he didn't need her help? can't wait till Deidra makes an appearance!
ColorfulRandomness chapter 18 . 5/16
I loved how this turned out. Finally! Something that is different from the usual "I faint and everything's over" kind of thing. Haku doesn't die, another thumbs up! :))
AwaitTheRise chapter 36 . 5/13
Ooooh, things are gettin busy~
Mariagoner chapter 36 . 5/11
The suspense is as deliciously unrelenting as ever, and I'm always enraptured by your clever yet exceedingly human Sakura. Can't wait for more!
Insomniatic Nights chapter 1 . 5/11
I just started this story and I'm extremely excited to see how it goes! I can say that I honestly didn't see Deidara being her sensei. I should've seen it coming though. I have such a stupid grin on my face right now because I found this fic. I've been hunting for a good fic for awhile and I'm so glad that this is a long one. Can't wait to see where this story ends up going. Almost makes me contemplate skipping school to read all the chapters. But alas, my absences are starting to pile up...sigh. Better start reading chapter two now
DPC chapter 36 . 5/10
Honestly, I first held off on reading this fic because the plot sounded a bit out there and I wasn't sure if the writing would be strong enough to make it work. However, I admit that I was totally and completely wrong. Your writing is very strong: I adore Sakura's character and the development of both her maturity and her abilities; the dialogue is great and flows smoothly; and your plot is very interesting and unique.

I miss the interactions between Sakura and Deidara (I never would've expected to ever read a story in which I ship them), but I enjoy the directions that you've since taken. I also appreciate that the focus is Sakura's growth and not necessarily romance. The relationship between Sakura and Kakashi is sad, but believable in their mutual lack of trust. Itachi is great too~

I've really enjoyed marathoning this fic over the last couple of days and I can't wait until your next update! I'll keep my eye open :)

Dictator Panda-Chan
becauseambatman1 chapter 14 . 5/9
oh god I like the encounter so much better than the original with Orochmaru.
becauseambatman1 chapter 11 . 5/8
Oh wow that got real. So glad for F.F seriously, loving it!
SnickyPop chapter 36 . 5/7
I'm so thankful there's such quality fic being produced in this fandom. 3 I'm in love. I can't wait for the fight with Sasori, and hopefully an exchange with Deidara and Sakura. I love your characterizations, and this take on Sakura is so unique, in my point of view. It isn't excessive blood-gore-killing, and I think they way you explore her psyche is so interesting. The OC's are just right, and contribute to the story rather than taking away. And I am in love with your pacing. A year in the woods? Sure, why not. We'll figure out what she got up to later. I look forward to the rest of this story!
Side-Eyes chapter 36 . 5/5
Thanks for visiting this again! You're writing's very clever and you're very good with dialogue. The dossier thing is still funny in how it comes back in casual ways
becauseambatman1 chapter 1 . 5/3
aw that was cute! Cant wait to read more
EdenMae chapter 36 . 5/3
i honestly couldn't stop reading until finally i reached the last updated chapter haha XD there were moments where i wanted to comment but i wanted to know what was going to happen next so i persevered through temptation lol and I'm glad i made it to this point to say that this is an amazing story which emotionally hit me. I loved how the you created the idea of an exchange alliance between two villages. Its a very interesting idea and i liked the development involved from Sakura's new surroundings. I like most of the time that she wasn't put aside and that her main focus was her becoming stronger and bettering herself as an individual. There were moments where i wanted to strangle some people lol but only because if i was in her position i would them too. haha i especially grew fond of deidara being a teacher to sakura. He seemed to grow with her and unlike kakashi he is someone who doesn't linger on the past but moves forward always viewing life as more of an artistic perspective. He mainly is an active hands on person and it was a good idea to let Sakura become more physically involved early on. I hate how everyone views her as nothing worthy of their attention or appreciation. She viewed the ninja exchange as her useless worth for her village and even kakashi pushes unfair expectations on her that really he shouldn't resent her for being who everyone basically pushed her into. its not fair for her to be put into a position of being doubted and i do get since she has been staying in another village for months almost year. i mean she was already doubtful of her skills and everyone wanted or assumed her to be the normal nonthreatening shinobi. Someone who needed protection and with the innocence that she had before leaving Iwa, but she changed and thats fine. I like how Zabuza and Haku were willing to see and accept her as such and not judge her. But I'm assuming missing nin have a different perspective from villages since there are more optimism. its also interesting how people notice her eyes and how devoid they are after killing people, but it doesn't make her any less innocent. people view the loss of innocence as steps or action dealt upon after being touched by darkness. Yet, i don't really personally believe people lose innocence because thats hypocritical i mean people also overcome with intense emotions but they suppress it. lol thats kinda what i saw in sakura is that she lost her way and she matured early then most, but still retained naive thoughts and her ability to trust easily for the greater good. to be honest i am not sure what to assume will happen now since I'm excited for her to see her teacher again but I'm sad that it all comes down to trust, loyalty the whole black and white scenario. Basically them being on two opposing sides complicates the relationship and she is already being scrutinized after her probation. cannot catch a break lol, but hopefully people will learn xp. I'm interested in the relationship that revolve around her because they are characteristics that build her up and motivate her. Its good for her to delve into darkness because tragedy and loss stabilizes developmental growth. I'm rooting for DeidaraXSakura lol hope to see something xD and i hope she gets to interact more with Haku and Zabuza in the future! Overall i enjoyed this and I'm now involved in this story so please update soon. haha P.S. I apologize i vented but there was a lot of build up over the chapters and there is probably more(i feel the emotional screw) but this all i can remember xP
A fan chapter 36 . 5/1
Yaaaass! You updated!
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