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Missgoldy chapter 12 . 7/7/2017
So we start with the Queen of Hearts and we end there...

I loved Gaia's analogy: "Water puts Fire out. Wind keeps him going." I also loved the internal struggle Gaia is having when she catches a glimpse of Linka's future – that she is unsure of what to do.

Okay. My thoughts on the story in general. I chose this one to review first because it's unlike anything else here on FanFiction. There are no stereotypical, happy endings. No cardboard cut-out flat characters. Instead, there's flawed personalities, angst and betrayal.

I've read most of your stories multiple times. I tend to do this with professional authors I like. I've read Stephen King's The Stand every year for the past twenty years. I love to re-read novels and I love to re-read your stories too.

Then there are the small collection of stories that I have read once and never touched again. Novels like Atonement. The Horse Whisperer. Amazing, thought-provoking novels that I've read only once because they've had a profound effect on me, or moved me to a degree that reading them again would dredge up the feelings conveyed in the story.

The "Give up the Fight" trilogy falls into the second category for me. It's a brilliant, emotional ride and one that is quite beautiful.

I applaud your bravery in choosing to give the fandom something unique and different. It's such a shame that so many of the reviewers turned on you, there was no need for that. They turned their personal views regarding the story line into personal attacks and they couldn't differentiate between them.

Anyway, I'll get onto the next part of the trilogy in the near future...

MG xxx
Missgoldy chapter 11 . 7/7/2017
Loved this little glimpse into Gaia's insight on things.

Shocked as all hell when Linka slapped Gi. Wasn't expecting that! It seems that things are not looking good. Their friendship seems doomed – irreparable, unable to be salvaged.

Again, such heartbreaking themes.
Missgoldy chapter 10 . 7/7/2017
Oh. This was so emotional.

Again, my anger was directed (or perhaps misdirected) at Gi in this chapter. The fact that the truth comes out and she all but confirms to Wheeler that she knew that Linka indeed loved him. Ugh.

The conversation at the end was heartbreaking. The way you played on the emotions, gave the reader small glimmers of hope that everything would be okay – only to have those hopes shattered when Linka totally shuts down at the end.

Such a sad, heavy chapter.
Missgoldy chapter 9 . 7/7/2017
This was the point that I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I knew there were only a couple of chapters left and I just didn't see a resolution here.

Linka had been betrayed in the worst possible way. The way she acquired an almost take-charge, reckless streak was really interesting. Barging into confrontations, snapping at the others and dealing with Main Dog quite aggressively. You can see that she's hurting.

Great chapter. Resolves the mission somewhat but you know there's a whole host of other issues to deal with once back home again.
Missgoldy chapter 8 . 7/6/2017
Out of all the chapters, this was probably the most rage-inducing for me. Again, a testament to your writing that I wanted to bitch-slap Gi across the face.

I could forgive he once for climbing into his bed, but coming on to him the second time with the emotional manipulation made me wanna kick her up the butt.

Like Linka, I wasn't so annoyed with Wheeler, who a) is a guy and b) yeah. He's a guy.

The scene in the factory is heart-pumping, so well written. Gets under your skin. And oh my, under the road bridge. Devastating. Emotional, you can feel their pain. It's tangible.

Missgoldy chapter 7 . 7/6/2017
More guilt and more feelings bubbling to the surface. I love Ma-Ti's intuition early on, knowing that something is up.

It's all falling apart. I also love that the POV's of all five Planeteers are addressed. No one is neglected. Okay. Gotta steel myself for what I know is coming ;-)
Missgoldy chapter 6 . 7/6/2017
Oh, the angst in this chapter is tangible. You can see how utterly worn and exhausted they are. From the physical descriptions to the conversation, it's really apparent.

The basement scenes are heartbreaking. Gah!

I love the line "reality and pretence were becoming confused," it's a really lovely turn of phrase.

I can also see how much further you've come in your writing, comparing this fic to your current work. Just small things like point of view, syntax etc. The things you've highlighted in my own drafts that I've also had to tinker with.

Really heavy, sad chapter. Brilliant!
Missgoldy chapter 5 . 7/6/2017
This chapter absolutely floored me the first time I read it. Wheeler encountering Clayton and his pissed-off goons, ready to blow his head off. His quick thinking responses (which are so very in character).

Then THAT scene, the one that had most of the fandom up in arms. I remember having to pick my jaw up off the floor after that one. It became quite an emotional experience continuing on.

This is a true testament to your writing. You are so incredibly emotive.

The reviews you received after this chapter were heinous and totally undeserved. You took five two-dimensional creations and gave them three-dimensional personalities. You were true and faithful to the source material at all times whilst creating these very human scenarios and giving them moments of weakness. It could have happened to anyone.

The scene was beautifully written and again, the emotions you evoked were just breathtaking. I found the responses you received quite fascinating, some were vitriolic in their anger.

I'm so glad you kept going! Many would have thrown in the towel, so to speak.
Missgoldy chapter 4 . 7/6/2017
Again, the isolation you're portraying is awesome. Clayton is desperately unlikeable, I wanna punch him in the teeth. Again, Wheeler'rs protective streak keeps shining through.

I also love the dialogue. It's sharp, at times witty and at times quite sad. The story flows beautifully and the situation is getting really tense. We're also seeing the first glimmerings that Gi and Wheeler aren't coping with the responsibilities that come with being in Clayton's gang.

But my heart breaks for Linka, having to shoulder the loneliness on her own. You can see it's affecting her.
Missgoldy chapter 3 . 7/6/2017
The threads are already starting to unravel, it's really apparent in the way you've written the interactions and exchanges.

I love Linka's internal dialogue with herself, debating her thoughts and feelings.

The meeting between Clayton and Wheeler in the bedroom made my skin crawl. You wrote it so well, the guy is desperately unlikeable. You write Wheeler as a very street-smart individual with a fierce protective streak.

I also love the description of their rings being a sort of gateway to what's happening around them. Causing all this unease and depression. This sets the tone for what's coming next.

Love it!
Missgoldy chapter 2 . 7/6/2017
I love the witty little exchanges in this chapter. Ma-Ti lamenting his disappointment with everyone calling him Marty.

The scene at the end is beautiful, showing the affection between L & W. It's not giving away too much, just a hint but it shows that unresolved sexual tension. It's really subtle.

Beautifully done!
Missgoldy chapter 1 . 7/6/2017

So a few months ago, I mentioned to you that I'd start reviewing the fics of yours I'd missed over my ten year absence from the fandom. I'm currently on holidays and have some time on my hands. I'm going to start with this one. There's a reason I'm beginning here, and you can probably guess why but I'll get into that later.

This was one of the first CP fic's I read last year and I was totally gobsmacked. You've orientated us to the situation beautifully, showing their tight friendship. I'm also reminded of the 'Queen of Hearts' motif being present throughout this trilogy and it's a gorgeous analogy that gets revisited, especially in part two.

This fic, as well as "For a Little Fire Beside Me" prompted me to start writing again.

Anywho, get ready for your inbox to be inundated throughout the day!
starfire25 chapter 12 . 5/26/2014
interesting story. i like it.
Keleshnar chapter 12 . 11/27/2010
Oh man, I can only imagine the angst that is coming when I read the next installments of this story.

Great fic, even if had the occasional tendency to become a bit soap opera-y. Which may have been what you were going for, since there was so much drama to be had. I wondered why the Planeteers didn't take their rings off from the start, since they knew they wouldn't be of help, and they channeled the hate in the atmosphere. But it was a clever way to have Clayton work out their disguises. You did a good job of explaining the complex situation that the last few chapters of the story presented. I imagine you've already had enough discussion of the Gi/Wheeler thing, so I'll leave it at that :P On to read the sequel...
Keleshnar chapter 10 . 11/27/2010
It's stupid o'clock, but I'm up and gotten entrenched in reading another one of your stories :) I loved the pathetic fallacy in this chapter! I found it particularly meaningful because of the Planeteers' nature-based powers (lightening storm wind, water, fire _) and because of the oppressing physical situation from which they'd just escaped. Your descriptions really help set the scene; for example, "Lightning lit up the sky and for a moment, her silhouette was lined with silver against the window." I'm enjoying seeing each of the Planeteers alone in this fic and in different divisions than normal. Off to continue reading...
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