Reviews for Harry Prongs Tatum
Slytherson chapter 18 . 10/1
Encore encore bravo bravo what a wonderful fic can't wait to read more!

Question will harry make more business ventures in the future like magical phone internet and television perhaps even a toy game company or making a magical NASA program !?
Slytherson chapter 12 . 10/1
Audit the hogwart and see dumbledore go ghostly white!?
Slytherson chapter 5 . 10/1
Oh is harry going to make magical games from out of the smuggle ones he has and knows like a magical Scrabble games or magical monopoly or magical jinga or magical uno or guess who or or clue !?
Slytherson chapter 4 . 10/1
Alright Harry's got a company idea already for a fashion line cool!
Slytherson chapter 3 . 10/1
Hmm... Bring them into the twenty first century or create your own magical country island with icw approved which would be more easier to do than bring change to the magical British wizards and witch's hmmm... Unless harry made his own magical satellite movie TV Internet phone company that would overtime create friendly addition entertainment programs that would hypnotic slash brain wash all magical beings into seeing and doing the right thing!
Svenion chapter 14 . 9/25
I realize this story is abandoned, I'm just wondering how much further along it would be if each chapter wasn't so mired in inconsequential details and 500 word introspections?
Escalation chapter 2 . 8/27
I'm sorry but what right does Harry's "mom" have in deciding whether or not his name Potter. I mean, it's literally the only thing that his dad parents left him, excluding the gold and invisibility cloak. And the way Harrison goes "Sounds like a terrible school" is pretty weird. Think on it. He's a muggleborn in all but name. Therefore he should have been delighted with the idea of magic in general. His reaction is like that of Draco. As if he has a choice or any expertise on magical schools.
Rebecca chapter 18 . 8/17
I know this is on hiatus but this is so good! I've really enjoyed what I've read so far!
Locket1 chapter 18 . 8/6
What an absolute shame this wasn't finished! The writing style is amazing. I've only found this author recently. I'd love to know what happens to them all.
Hainbuche chapter 18 . 8/4
das k├Ânnte noch interessant werden. bin gespannt ob snape die entschuldigung auf den knien wirklich durchzieht. ich lese deine geschichten unglaublich gerne, du schreibst einfach klasse. lg hayne
suziq968 chapter 18 . 7/17
I really enjoyed this. You have a gift for showcasing things that would be necessary for the survival of the discarding world. It's a shame you're not writing fanfic anymore. You are missed.
WRose chapter 18 . 7/13
Wow. Write more
Amynta Nightshade chapter 18 . 6/25
WaterLilly122 chapter 18 . 6/10
When is the next chapter?
PortgasDAnne01 chapter 18 . 5/3
I wish this story hadn't ended. It was so good!
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