Reviews for Harry Prongs Tatum
kittyranma chapter 18 . 7/13
Oh why do I do this to myself. You'd think I would have learned by now not to read a story that was put on hiatus so long ago.
Wonderful, I sincerely hope you get your muse back for this story.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 18 . 7/11
This is pretty great, I'm sad that you were unable to do the monthly chapter updates to this for whatever reason. I'm gonna favorite it in case you decide to pick it up again and finish it.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 16 . 7/11
Albus just went full retard. Binns is a ghost that is getting progressively angry at a person and he just gave him cause to target them. Smdh
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 15 . 7/11
The school should get in trouble for the troll. And how is Dumbledore gonna teach Harry's class with Harry in it when legally three other adults will need to be there for each class he has with Harry. Plus he still has to ACTUALLY find a new potions professor and his argument that Sev was good at teaching 5th and up is incorrect as the results he used to back his decision is the same results that shows that he is responsible for the sharp decline of poitioneers. Sev technically shouldn't be teaching anyone in this story.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 14 . 7/10
Prongs Tatum for wizarding president!
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 9 . 7/10
Whooooot! Ravenclaw Harry in a Hufflepuff Harry community collection! XD
Maybe they should have asked/insisted that Harry only be called by his preferred name before he got there.
Guest millie chapter 18 . 6/18
Please update your story i can't wait to see what you will write next
Lilliianna1 chapter 18 . 6/20
I really like this story. I have read it several times. Is there any chance it might be continued?
Helene Nightfire chapter 18 . 6/3
Very fun! I hope you finish this one day. Thanks for sharing.
Harlequin Shadow chapter 18 . 5/22
I'm loving this story! I hope you come back to it and that it doesn't stay abandoned!
Jodie chapter 18 . 4/29
This is really good. I always did wonder what would have happened if Harry walked away that night. I also really like you writing style, usually with fics this long I give up but you really kept my interest. I know is says on hiatus but is there a chance you'll actually finish it?
Tlyna52 chapter 18 . 4/14
Darn, too bad you abandoned this story as I really loved it.
Katt Kiki chapter 18 . 4/6
I luv this story and hope to get more
GammaTron chapter 18 . 4/2
Has Professor Binns become a poltergeist or worse? I ask due to what is happening. I am really enjoying this story. You have built an amazing world for this.
Rusty chapter 18 . 3/30
Excellent story, thank you for sharing it. Keep up the good work. I look forward to further works
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