Reviews for BELLA CAN SING
Guest chapter 1 . 7/20/2012
mugglemom08 chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
Just copying and pasting song lyrics does not a story make. And "7 vampire eyes"? Did one of them lose an eye?

Also, you might want to familiarize yourself with a couple of things called capitalization and punctuation.
Nerissia chapter 1 . 9/17/2010
I...don't get this.

This isn't a story at all. It's about five lines of text, followed by song lyrics (you should know, not putting down the author of the song counts as plagiarism and is enough to get your story banned) and ten 'review please'. Wouldn't it have been better to spend more time on the story itself instead of just asking for reviews? It would have certainly gotten you more reviews.
Arynia chapter 1 . 5/29/2010
A small word of advice: if you're going to write a songfic, make sure the font you use is different from when people are speaking. It's just that down at the bottom where Rosalie is complimenting Bella, it's difficult to tell that the song lyrics have ended.

By the way, why do you keep deleting your own stories? I'm pretty sure that this story was posted before, but now it's been reposted.