Reviews for Adamo
UliNichvasCyniad chapter 35 . 7/17
Best fanfiction about Tali i have you
AidanCN chapter 35 . 6/22
Just one word: "wow..." I applaud you, sir or madam, for creating the most interesting fanfiction I've ever read. I wish you luck in creating your own universe, I'm sure it will be as dynamic as that of Mass Effect. Carpe diem and keelah se'lai.
Guest chapter 5 . 6/4
Pretty sure that half-smut in a dream is just cheating
rhinoiron chapter 3 . 5/3
Aha, the data-pad reference from the DLC in ME2
rhinoiron chapter 2 . 5/3
Another interesting chapter! Tali is already having feelings for Shepard? Or is she..
rhinoiron chapter 1 . 5/3
Wonderful chapter. I can see the events of mass effect playing out ahead of this. I cannot wait to read on!
Vipcalleo chapter 35 . 4/24
BUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHHUHUHUHUHU this shit was frikking beatiful, im crying some real manly tears of fluffy goodnes right now. One of the best stories ive read. Would love a sequel just about their life after ME3. Just a short that depicts a everyday life of them or something. Now if u will exscuse me, imma go sn cry some more manly tears.
Someone chapter 35 . 3/10
Good story. Like how you made peace between the Geth and the Quarians.
salmoncarppacio007 chapter 35 . 3/4
i don't even know if you'll read this but eitherway, i just want to say that you made a really good story, there are some really great and touching moments in almost every single chapter, some criticisms tho, i didn't like how you almost completely excluded other squadmates, there were moments but most were very brief, i get that it's a Tali-Shep story but you didn't have to make the moments all about them all the time, and the ending was pretty anti climatic for me, i understand that you might have reasons for not finishing, but the ending just felt really abrupt, however, great story nonetheless.
Matt561 chapter 35 . 11/6/2014
Thank you
forgetti chapter 11 . 10/28/2014
i bet you had fun while writing this chapter
rc48177 chapter 35 . 10/12/2014
While I only started reading this two days ago let me tell you, it has been one hell of a journey. Good luck to you in all your future endeavors.

Your fan rc48177 ;)
ArchReaperN7 chapter 35 . 10/4/2014
I was wondering, with your blessing, if I could use some of the ideas you presented for your Mass Effect 3 story, for my own? You would get the credit for it, as you deserve, and I think someone NEEDS to have Tali in a badass mech suit. You know you want it; Tali kicking Reaper and Cerberus with a FRIGGIN MECH.

I already planned on making my own large additions to ME3's story, and this way, your ideas do get to see the light of the day. If you feel you need to know if the fanfic is worth it, it's called IV: Holocaust; it's the fourth book of a five book series I'm working on called collectively as For A Better Tomorrow. I hope you like what you read.
ReaperGreen chapter 35 . 10/3/2014
I loved the story. I was so sad to see the end abrupt but I suppose I understand. If you ever get back in the mood for ME stories, I know I would be in line to read!
NonOmnisMoriar chapter 35 . 9/17/2014
Right now, I'm giving you a standing ovation! This is seriously one of the best Mass Effect stories I've ever read.
The characters, the dialogue, the flow of the story... .everything was sublime.

Thank you for posting this amazing story and now I'm going back to chapter one and I'm going to read the whole beautiful story again!

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