Reviews for Semantics
clausumcormeum chapter 100 . 10/11
That was super cute! I loved your original characters, so I'll think hard about reading your Sev/OC fic. I really liked how each person grew in your story. So much love, not necessarily romantic love, but love all the same.
Musical-Mel chapter 100 . 10/3
I really enjoyed reading this. It had a good plot, was interesting, and I liked your characters. The pacing was slow at times, and there was quite a bit of repetition which caused me to skim over a lot.
The amount of grammatical errors was surprising for a story titled "Semantics" and I admit to skipping over the beginning bits after chapter five because I didn't know how they related to the story and found them uninteresting.
Foreshadowing with the mention that Eleanor had cancer and then not doing anything with it bugged me as well, but that's getting pretty nit picky. Just seemed weird that you had her family make such a big deal out of wanting to keep an eye on her and talk to Severus to make sure she was fine and then just... drop it. Other than that, it was fun to read.
Musical-Mel chapter 91 . 10/2
Well, you did off her. But not with the cancer. Foreshadowing and her family making a big deal out of it for nothing? Well, I guess I will read on.
Musical-Mel chapter 33 . 9/30
This was great. Loved all the emails.
Musical-Mel chapter 22 . 9/30
Please don't let it be Molly, please. Anyways. This is still good, but the pacing is frustrating me a bit. While it's nice to read about Snape's everyday, and his growing fond of Eleanor, it's grown mundane quickly. Plus I have a niggly feeling you're going to bring the cancer back and off her.
Musical-Mel chapter 3 . 9/30
The book burning got to me. Really got to me. Awful stuff. Kinda sad to see you hinting at Harry and Ginny being done. I absolutely adore the two of them together, but oh well.
Musical-Mel chapter 1 . 9/30
Ahhh... this is so good so far. Truly. You've truly made me feel for Snape in a way I usually don't. Having to see him without magic, not really knowing how to make his way in the muggle world is heart wrenching. And I didn't expect that so early in this story.
Musical-Mel chapter 1 . 9/30
So I just found this story and I'm loving the idea. It's one I've never seen before and I'm hooked so far. There were some grammatical errors, a few bits of phrasing that seemed odd to me, but overall it was very good.
Jeraly chapter 100 . 9/10
I just finished your story and i thoroughly enjoy your writing and your characters. I appreciate the time you took to write e this and how you changed POVs.
EphemeryMoments chapter 27 . 7/29
Oh sweet Merlin! I understand Severus so much! I really have an issue whit color markers right now, and color post it... and literally every office tool that serves to my lunatic-self made system of study. I love this fic! On this semester I'm going to start learning about semantics and pragmatic (one of the reasons why I've started to read this fic). This "first class" made me remember my first linguistic class, the professor was Alfredo Matus, the actual president of the RAE in Chile. When he enter to the class he was just like Mrs. Deveney, asking the same kind of questions, and trying to figuring our knowledge about this whole new world. I was just like Severus trembling whit excitement! Ah the memories 3

P.S God bless the color markers.
Snow Lily RandomMuch chapter 100 . 7/12
I honestly loved this so much. I started reading out of vague curiosity but I suddenly found that I couldn't put my phone down to stop reading even for a little bit. This story was brilliant and I loved the way you draw out and expanded the development of all the characters. Great work!
Zalia chapter 100 . 6/12
Great story!
catsgotmytongue chapter 20 . 5/15
Fucking Weasleys...
Guest chapter 100 . 5/11
Loved this story, even more than the first time I read it. By chance I came on another of your stories and enjoyed it so much that I am now reading through all your stories; being pleasantly surprised to come across Semantics again. The plotting is plausible and consistent within each story without being predictable and the characters are well written and vary between stories. Thank you for having been so generous with your time and talents.
happiness8000 chapter 100 . 5/7
Long slow burn, with some lovely OCs, I loved reading it.
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