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badkidoh chapter 49 . 7/27
Great chapter.
imaginexthat chapter 49 . 7/25
I am surprised that Slughorn trusts students to make Felix Felices potion without supervision. Anyone could easily steal or get some. I had forgotten to mention earlier about Snape using Legilimens on Lily in earlier chapters when they were arguing or second-guessing one another, and now, he could've used the same for any invisible threat/intruder. Idk what a Girde potion does, but maybe it's a message for Snape to make one? Or maybe, the intruder was waiting to get their hands on the liquid luck. I imagine it would be very difficult to outsmart Dumbledore. One thing he cannot do is outright Legilimens. Maybe Snape should start learning Occlumency?

Thanks for a fast update!

Jeanne :)
imaginexthat chapter 48 . 7/24
Oh, yeah, another thing. Not really important. I don't think Snape's letter needed to be coded. There was nothing in it that was incriminating. Writing letters was a feat in itself. Your attention to detail is fantastic!

Thanks, for coming back and such,

Jeanne :)
Guest chapter 48 . 7/24
I'm so glad you're back, though I must admit I stayed away myself. I blame Chapter oh, idk, that chapter where Lily got naked! So uncharacteristic of her, though it's your story. Someone already reacted for me, so I'll shut it...Anyway, I must say Alan Rickman's death was such a loss to me. He was a consummate artist, so mesmerizing in his performances from the theatre, television, and films. So suave, silky, and smooth, with a voice that filled women's fantasy a-plenty. How he could spew lines for what, 15 minutes straight? Gosh, he's made his mark long before his Snape role. Snape is sexy, I think, as he is already, but Rickman made him sexier! :D and :(

I suppose you have seen the Broad Strokes production of Snape and the marauders. I love it in its content (alas, it was painful for Snape to let her go). I have my own Snape-Lily image in my mind. Back to your story,...

I like the duel between James and Snape, getting Lily out of the way. I thought there was a foreshadowing in the appearance of veins on Lily's skin! Maybe its the soul from the cup? If Lily dies, you'll break my heart, hear?! I hope she won't ever use the last spell Canon Lily did. Ugh!

Anyways, I'm glad to see some light in this mystery of yours, though there are more questions raised. I had to read earlier chapters cause it's easy to get lost in the long chapters. There were subtle references that I wonder whether they were relevant: the music box gift of Eloise, the Durmstrang boy she met at Nice? The cave where she met Latimer one time, Professor Locus' research, the bigger werewolf (Fenrir?), Flamel, the Hallows graffiti the Durmstrang boys did, among other things. There's something to look forward to.

I like the roles his Slytherin friends get to play, including Regulus Black. I had hoped Snape would research on horcruxes since the eavesdrop. Was Latimer really Eloise's uncle? Why do I think he's her real dad, because her mother forbade her to communicate with him? So, who killed who? I see no motive for Latimer to kill Eloise's father. Since Latimer knew about horcruxes, was he playing horcrux hunter like canon RAB? It did not sound like he was working for Voldemort anymore. He was going to Albania, yeah? Was Dumbledore lying about the murders of Eloise's parents and uncle? Why had Eloise fled, anyway? I thought it was because of the "attempted murder" on Snape. Could there be a different reason?

When it comes to the marauders' era, Albus is a d_i_k to Snape. He excused their gallivanting and even made the arrogant Potter Head Boy! He did seem insincere, maybe tried Legilimens or Imperio on Slughorn? Why was he interested in bring the cup back to its former glorious state? Or was I reading too much on things? Based on these questions, I'm not even sure if Eloise is half-blood. Why would her mother be a target of Voldemort? Because of her blood status or because of her link to Latimer?

I really, honestly love your story. It has the potential to become epic!

I've always believed Snape was romantic, don't care what he looked like. The way he carried himself, he is tall, sexy, sensitive, witty, sarcastic, confident, skilled, highly intelligent. Can one be confident and insecure at the same time? I guess, Snape was. And, Potter? Um, he's Pureblood, and rich? I don't like Canon Lily and James. I love your version definitely!

So, it'll get worse before it gets any better. I'm here following you all the way. You're just too clever. Just don't break my heart! K?

Kashel chapter 48 . 6/27
Thank you for those great updates! I've enjoyed reading them, especially because they remind me of the good time I had when I first came across your story. It's quite exciting to see where things will head to. Right now, I only have a vague idea of what might happen.
badkidoh chapter 48 . 6/27
Great chapter.
Emi Philmore chapter 47 . 6/19
I liked the way you navigated them through a conversation with Dumbledore. The twist was also really cool. My, have we got ourselves a screwy case. But that's what makes this story so much fun! Can't wait for more! Especially with the way you ended this chapter.
Kazetoame chapter 47 . 6/16
My exact reaction at the end of the chapter: "oh fuck". This story just throws curves all of the place. I need to keep it to just reread over and over, it's that intriguing to me. I love this mystery to be solved. I feel like you combined JKs wizarding world with her Strike series, utterly content. Please don't drop.
badkidoh chapter 47 . 6/16
Great chapter.
Emi Philmore chapter 46 . 6/10
Charming ending :)
Howarand chapter 37 . 6/5
Good story
Guest chapter 46 . 6/5
I want to know what happened. Next chance please
Guest chapter 45 . 6/5
OMG I love this girl. She really cares about lily . I am so glad you didn't put her as bad. I I didn't shipp sev and lily these two would be mine in this story
Guest chapter 43 . 6/5
Lily want the D
Guest chapter 42 . 6/5
I hope potter and black find out about the rat Peter
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