Reviews for A Cat in Ranma's Clothing
1Billy-234 chapter 1 . 8/4/2015
good start are you going to add more to this story?
SuzyQ001 chapter 1 . 7/11/2012
Please updat this great story
katdemon1895 chapter 1 . 11/6/2007
this is a really really interesting story so far, if you're going to continue please do it soon!
Mine-Master chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
Wow 1st POV SUCKS ASS...kinda like this story...why, you ask? Because it's TOO MUCH LIKE THE ORIGINAL. Change some shit. don't use the same goddamn words from the Manga or DVD's. Sheesh!
wolf-in-hell chapter 1 . 2/26/2005
hey, this is a pretty good story, even though i usually dont like the RanmaAkane ones. its been a few years, are you ever going to update or is it dead?
Mine-Master chapter 1 . 2/17/2005
DUDE! The first part of your story is decent...everything after that is written worse than horse shit smells bad! Dude you damn near copied the manga word for word only adding tidbits of info here and there and even worse is that you changed the way you wrote making it worse as you went past the first part. WHAT THE FUCK?
Ryu-kanjin chapter 1 . 1/1/2005
nice start for a good story just keep 'em comming, you caught my interest . i like Ranmas new personality, its not much different, but its enough
Koala Kitty chapter 1 . 11/24/2004
This is really good! I like the new background it gives the characters. You should definately continue this one.
Ringmaster chapter 1 . 9/26/2004
Oh, come on, this is too great not to be continued! Where's more of it?
Gabb chapter 1 . 9/3/2004
Please update soon.
dragongame chapter 1 . 3/29/2004
Good story.
Please update soon.
Dragonfly Angel chapter 1 . 9/30/2003
ok, please tell me that you will keep going with this story? It's to good to stop! Please keep it going. Thanks, Ronna
Nikka chapter 1 . 8/30/2003
Please write more. I like this!
Sqwii chapter 1 . 3/23/2003
Please Continue!
jade chapter 1 . 2/12/2003
You have to continue this story. I want to find out in what other arts Ranma teaches Akane. Good story.
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