Reviews for Conspiracy of Silence: Fifth Columnist
Faith Accompli chapter 6 . 3/7/2002
Yes! Tiny Little Smart Snape! I love it. Your version of his formative...well, he seemed pretty formed already by the time he arrived at Hogwarts, but anyway...years is a wonderful look into his mind, with underlying subtle humour and full characterisation of all characters given more than a half-line's mention.

(Oliver) Please, sir, can I have some more? (/Oliver)
AngelicGirl chapter 6 . 3/3/2002
very fab, i await the next eagerly.
Rosaline chapter 6 . 3/2/2002
That was wonderful. I mean it, your one of the best writers on this site. Your doing a wonderfull job and you've written all the charcters correctly. Great job.
Jobey chapter 6 . 3/2/2002
I suppose the focus is on the Willow Incident in terms of most readers, but I'm still on the badges. Is that part *over* now? I still want to know exactly *how* they cursed them... might be useful. To know, I mean. Also, Mach-howeveryouspell it (you know, Head of Slytherin)... his comment interests me. I can't imagine that he's the Death Eater - if so, it's almost *too* obvious, and anyway, I like him! NOt exactly like, but it's time someone took up the task of cleaning Slyth's name! Also, I liked the thought: "Sev's ideal career would be to be paid to lock himself in a room and read books. Failing the practically of that..." Always practical. :-) Anyway, as for "Sirius's prank" (for this universe, *cough*) I saw it unfolding this way since the first chapter of the third part of this series somehow, so I wasn't super surprised. In fact, it was kinda obvious that's how it would pan out (except for the badges, a touch I still like... not like, but admire... no, not admire Malfoy and the rest, I mean the idea of you, the talented author... are we clear now? :-) I wonder what Sirius'd say if he knew he'd been played like a fiddle. Hmm. I also thought Remus was entirely in character in the last chapter when he apoligised to Sev. You do just about everyone in character, even through Sev, although I think in this series I have to pick Lily as my favorite. :-) And then when Rem lost his thread when Sev... well, let's face it, Sev, even when he's not using his act, is not an easy person to apologise to... shrugs and says: "Sirius is... Sirius." Not much more to say there. (All of us who ever attempted to write Sirius in fanfic will agree. *sigh* Sorry, slight venting there.) Now, another thing I'm very interested in is whether that story of Sev's turning away from the Dark Side "a year before Voldemort's downfall" was a story fabricated by Albus and Sev beforehand. I wish you'd do Sev post-Hogwarts as well. Not that I don't want you to get your life back or anything. (Take a nice long break!) As for his next assignment... I guess we find the Death Eater on the staff now. 'hem. I refuse to guess, but I am wondering what Machie-dear meant by that bit of an offer of career guideance. It CAN'T be working for Voldemort! I will lose all faith in that guy and the world! I like him. I think I mentioned that. THis review, as you may have noticed by now, is long, to make up for the short pointless ones I gave before. As for the constructive criticism: This series is fascinating, but Sev is making me feel heavy-lidded. The plots are fantastic, but I want to see Sev show a glimmer of being a human being. (Not just actually sleeping occasionally - *Lucius*.) He's too perfect and too controlled, and I always liked him before because of his ongoing struggle with good and not-good. In this, he's never nervous or out of place; he just doesn't give a care. I really, really, really wish to high heaven that he, oh, has a crush during these last two years or something. (A Ravenclaw. Appeals to his intelligence. NOT Lily or Narcissa, of course.) Or for him to fudge up just *once* Make me believe he's real, here. :-) Otherwise, you're doing an *excellent* job here. I loved the conversation with Sev and Albus. Dumbledore pretty much nailed it: "Perhaps I trust too much. And perhaps you trust too little." Yeah, just perhaps, eh? Refresh yourself before working on this again, and good luck with your other writings as well! (Not a West Wing watcher, sorry.) I'll be waiting for CoS6, but don't kill yourself over it. Leave us hanging in painful agony. *wink* - R.D.
Lelio chapter 6 . 3/1/2002
This is incredable! I love it... Too bad you can't mail it to J K Rowling and have her read it... I think she'd love it too. Anyhow, I can't wait to read more! :)
Ladysherlock92 chapter 6 . 3/1/2002
Ahhhhhh, another great year comes to an end. You really went through this one quickly. Don't get stressed though. These stories are worth waiting for, and if you need time for creative thought, you should take it. *gets on hands and knees* but please don't take too long!
QuizzicalSphinx chapter 6 . 2/28/2002
Brilliant ending, and the best reason I've heard so far as to why Severus would chose to keep Remus's secret all these years. I especially loved the bit about how loyality is often stickier than deception.

For goodness sake, give yourself a break. Don't wear yourself out; write some more of your lovely West Wing stuff (which I am catching up on as much as possible, even though I've not once seen the series) and let yourself cool from the heady intrigue of this series. Though, to be perfectly contrary, I can't wait to see how Conspiracy ends.
dunderhead chapter 1 . 2/28/2002
Well all I can say is:I'm looking forward to Snape's 6th year at Hogwarts!
Gnomish Librarian chapter 6 . 2/27/2002
Great! Wonderful! Good! Looking forward the next one!
Snidget Jaguarni chapter 6 . 2/27/2002
*cheers* Yay! Great series, Nomad. I'll be waiting for part 6.
Sev's Girl chapter 6 . 2/27/2002
Yay! It's letting me post s review finally! *grin* Well, what can I say? Masterful handling of the whole 'prank' issue, which I already told you in the email that I was expecting. And now you've left an interesting set-up for next year... Always love a mission. ;)

I do hope you aren't planning on taking any more detours before you write the next part of the series are you?
DarkroseTiger chapter 6 . 2/27/2002
I don't know if I've gotten around to reviewing before, but I do want to say that this is some amazing stuff. Occasionally, I do have trouble believing that Sev is as much of a genius as all that...then you throw in something like Dumbledore's line that "There will come a day, you know, when nobody trusts a word you say," and I'm reminded that for all his brilliance, he's still just a kid. Each part of this series has been just as good as the one before it, and that's no small accomplishment. I'm looking forward to Year 6.
Ariel16 chapter 1 . 2/27/2002
sorry about that got cut off! ahem...

Ariel16 chapter 6 . 2/27/2002
WHAT DO YOU MEAN! 'thank God it's over'! This is the best series ever and you should be very proud of yourself! for shame! for shame! please write more soon! and if you can't tell:
Scorpio Grudge chapter 6 . 2/27/2002
Ambitious, yes, but it's been so lovely. I expect the next two years will live up to the previous five, and, with much hoping, will surpass.
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