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Guest chapter 62 . 5/27/2013
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KrimsonVoiid chapter 77 . 4/8/2013
I really loved this story and I wish I had found it when it first time came out, but at least this way I got to enjoy this all at one time. Total Fav!
nania chapter 67 . 2/27/2013
also hate lauren, one week that I am reading your story, and I loved
RikkuKashi chapter 77 . 2/9/2013
Wow...just wow! I came across this story a couple of times, and the length always scared me away, but now I am really glad that I read this story. When I first saw the summary and genres, I was not expecting the events that occured, that led up to the wonderful ending that I just read. I can't wait to start on the next one.
SouthrnBelle chapter 8 . 1/26/2013
I know this is already written, (and I'm going to love whatever you decide to write, due to reasons I'm not ready to share just yet.
...just say I can really identify with this story. I HATE more than anything that I can say that. But, your story has actually helped me...
I'll open up more at some point, but thank you for the parts you've written so far.)
As I was saying, I know this is already written, but I personally hope you decide to have Rachel and Quinn remain friends and nothing more than that. It's hard to find a good "girl"friend to truly remain by your side after something like that happens. What's even HARDER, is teaching yourself to trust guys again. That you aren't misreading signals...or if you are (like me...I'm similar to Marley's character in the aspect of how she pointed out to Jake in this last episode, (Sadie Hawkins) that she has a tendency to automatically believe the best in people...which isn't always a good thing, because she can't tell when she's about to get hurt. (Talk about my learning that the hard way...)
But afterwards, second guessing yourself with everything a guy says or does...and when you find a guy you think you could like...wondering if HE had ever physically hurt a girl before. The obstacle of trusting yourself and your instincts enough to trust a guy again is such a hard hurdle. But just because you're raped, doesn't mean you want to run into the arms of a female. You may feel safer with your female friends for a bit because you know they can't rape you...but (while I can't speak for all women who have been raped) you are still as straight as you were before the attack happened. You are just...scared it will happen again. The best thing I did was get counseling to help me sort through what happened. I'm not better. Not by a LONG shot. But I thought I might throw my personal struggle your way to help you see one side of why to keep Rachel straight in the story. It would give you a lot of drama, and even direct you towards a happy ending...when she finally finds a guy she feels safe with that doesn't turn away once she opens up and tells him what happened to her...and they get married. That'll be my happy ending someday anyway.

Ok...I'll stop yapping. I'm off to
Jaely chapter 77 . 1/25/2013
That was an amazing story I loved it every bit of it.. *wipes some tears* I'm looking forward to reading the next story.
Jaely chapter 33 . 1/24/2013
I wasn't going to put a review up for this story until I got to the end, but I couldn't not put one up for this chapter... You really captured the raw pain and anger and even strength in Rachel during that song at the end... It was just epic and so right and done at the right moment in the story. I'm looking forward to the rest of this story and even though I know it's complete I'm going to say that I hope you decided to put Quinn and Rachel together as a couple or are going to move them towards it in your next story that I know you have started.
Just me chapter 10 . 1/20/2013
Rachel should've gone to the police and had a rape kit done. Rapists need to be taken off the streets immediately and sent behind bars :/
koredaze chapter 40 . 12/28/2012
The goal obviously was to write a two teenagers get pregnant, keep their babies and everything works out fine fantasy fic. In that genre, this is well done, though repetitive. The circular thinking is realistic, but try to write it without actually repeating yourself in the interest advancing your craft.

Unlike teenagers morphing into perfect parents, faberry seems to something your pretty ambivalent about. But there is a lot more fic left and I think a sequel. I'm not sure how far I'll follow this, but I have enjoyed the thoughtfulness and depth of character.

If I don't continue it will be because of squicks. SQ1) Puck and Quinn, the two teenagers from the most grossly dysfunctional families in canon start out as perfect parents. No therapy or outside help of any kind involved. You just have to keep a baby when your a teen and you miraculously become a mature, better tempered individual capable of handling everything life throws at you. Despite the fact that their inability to deal with abandonment, neglect and verbal abuse is how the baby came into existence in the first place.

SQ(2) Rachel ignores a slew of options to come to her decision to have and keep a baby conceived in rape. I assume this is what you needed to write about. Raising a child post rape is no joke for a financially solvent adult. A child does not help you heal. Falling in love doesn't do it either. Having attainable goals that match your capabilities will help. That has to do with personal strength and self respect. It will take time for Rachel to find her center and set goals again. With the child, those goals will be fundamentally flawed. Rachel has not had the time to get where she needs to be as survivor to take on incorporating a child into them.

The problem is the combination of writing character depth in an issue heavy fic along side the pie in the sky baby fic. However, many love this combination, which I think is actually the problem. Too much cloaked in what reads like good reasoning if you really have no experience with any of this.

Hope you worked out everything you needed to in the process of writing this. It is engaging. I expect I will finish reading.

Too bad keeping the child as a single parent is guaranteed to make that process much more difficult if not impossible. Ironically the mental and physical exhaustion of parenting will keep all those soul crushing issues from the rape at bay for a while. But the inevitable crash will being devastating to parent, child and partner.

A hate crime, which is central to the rape plot is never charged. I assume with an eye to letting out in the future.
jrdxs2 chapter 77 . 12/13/2012
you know...i read this awhile ago...and i put it in my bookmarks so i could go and save it at a later i do all the stories i i went to put this in my faves story on this site...and i just had to read it was a very beautifully written story..many tears have fallen over Rachel's situation..i couldn't stop till it was done now...i am going to put it in my faves...thank you for writing this
hopelessnaomilyaddict chapter 77 . 12/4/2012
This fic was beautiful, I loved it!
Gleek Nerd chapter 77 . 10/31/2012
Really enjoyed this story, can't wait to read the sequel :)
Devin Jaste chapter 77 . 10/28/2012
I just found this story a day or two ago and have really enjoyed reading it. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. The word count is seriously off from all your notes and summaries in each chapter. Not complaining. This story has been really touching and a fun read. It's been odd to see a Faberry story that didn't really focus so much on their relationship, but it's also been really nice. I look forward to reading the sequel. Good job on writing this one.
CarolineSC chapter 77 . 10/27/2012
Great job with the story, a few things here and there, but I won't be hypercritical at all. Thanks for sharing.
bearblue chapter 77 . 10/26/2012
Thank you for sharing this story. I'm very glad I read it.
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