Reviews for Stowaway
owlzilla chapter 8 . 5/25/2017
I read this fic a long time ago but I never actually left a review. Was rereading it and struck again by how much I love it. In general, I tend to have numerous ships on a show and am interested in reading fanfic about any number of them. Alias is the exception. I was very young when I watched it and it was my first time ever shipping anything and the only relationship I ever cared about or rooted for or read fanfiction for is Sark/Sydney. There is just something about them...even when I rewatch the show I am only reminded of what could have been.

Anyway, I really do love this fic and I'm going to hope against hope you come back to it someday.
Ketchupcloud chapter 8 . 1/25/2016
I read this back when you were still updating, and 4 years later it remains as my favorite alias fanfic. It's a shame it hasn't been updated, but you probably lost interest and that's ok. If you ever feel like picking it up again, I'll definitely read!
WhiteCloud94 chapter 8 . 1/14/2016
this is a pretty good story and I like how good you have put their characters up, and especially the taunting, almost annoying side of Sark against Sydney makes it quite fun. Im not sure if you are gonna continue this story or not but would be really nice if you did You are a good writer.
midnightblupuppy chapter 8 . 9/17/2014
Please update
Hope Diamond chapter 8 . 11/24/2013
great job! i cant wait for the next chapter! i love your writing style, and that the characters dont just rush into an unrealistic relationship!
Mimi chapter 8 . 11/7/2013
Wow! You are an amazing writer. I loved how you developed their relationship. I was glad that she chose to leave Vaughn behind so she can be free to move on. Can you write some more and get us to the happily ever after on the yacht? Please? Pretty please?
DGeckoLover chapter 8 . 9/24/2013
Sigh. So good. Beautiful. Emotionally breathtaking.
Tinkerbell99 chapter 8 . 6/18/2013
This is wonderful. You've hit that mix of drama and angst and hint of fun that was the show at its best. I love your characterization of both Sydney and Sark. Nothing about this feels rushed or odd. I hope you someday choose to continue, but if not thank you for sharing this much!
Gogreeneaglesfan1 chapter 8 . 4/23/2013
Aww I wish you would continue this story SO badly. Such a good premise and so well written. I think Sydney's original rudeness to Sark is perfect. And he is adorable. Like always. Thank you for writing this far... (though I wish you would continue. *sigh*)
GabzHaug chapter 8 . 3/25/2013
Its a shame that it seems this story won't be updated, its very well written and makes my girly side happy. Thank you for writing this story as far as you did!
Melli chapter 8 . 3/18/2013
I love your Sark. He has all the abrasiveness that is his trademark, but there is the touch of fun mixed in as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll continue to update this.
safmuarice chapter 1 . 2/22/2013
This story made me smile. Hoping for more
Merlin chapter 8 . 2/2/2013
Please update again
Lady Carmilla Sanguina chapter 8 . 12/8/2012
Oh my goodness where do I even begin? I am so in love with this story. The plot, the writing, the characters. You write them so brilliantly, so believably. Your plot had opportunities to get cheesy but it never did. You handled every situation so well. and they are developing so beautifully. I can't wait to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 8 . 12/5/2012
So I really like this story, and I have been waiting and waiting for it to continue. Pretty please?
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