Reviews for The Untold History of Eri Kasamoto
UltimateB3ll chapter 1 . 5/3/2011
Despite being an Eri fan... I find your story hard to swallow.

I know it is a fanfic dear friend, but the story you wrote is too tight. I like the fact that Eri Kasamoto character is being built upon harsh condition and her view of the world differently to the world, but perhaps certain member of the gang should too; she's a loner, and she needs someone who would carry her burden with her.

Is it possible for you to make a sequel, but have it a Tarma X Eri or Eri X Marco? That will be sweet.
MegaAuthor chapter 1 . 6/3/2010
Wow, well plot my friend, you make Eri like a damn rough diamond that haven't got its edges cut loose. Good job!

Now onto serious matter; I detected several grammar error, few but still a grammar mistake, and also one repeated words, search the word 'Entire' and you'll find the mistake.

Regardless, this is one good fic about Eri's past, from her childhood times to fighting against her first enemy the Rebellion Army! Very detail my friend, less accurate than the official Eri, but damn fine one still!

Who is this Tominaga and Matthew Kane anyway? (look at your profile) O.O Never mind.

Peace Forever dude!