Reviews for Silent Humanity
KriouloHime chapter 7 . 7/20
I really love the characterization in this fanfic and the story overall. This is a unique idea for a Naruto/ Harry Potter crossover and I'm really glad I found this. You've made Draco more amusing and likeable than in the original series, which is a fantastic feat. I will say that although the character personalities are spot-on, Snape seems extra cruel in some of your chapters. You haven't updated in about a year, but I really hope you haven't lost interest in or discontinued this story. If you have, at least let your readers know so that we aren't sitting here in agonizing anticipation.
P.S Im favoring this story BTW :-)
xbox432 chapter 1 . 7/16
Enjoying the story but... why haven't anyou of the adults tried to heal Gaara yet? Maybe waiting for Madam Pompey to arrive at the school? Eh, we'll see how it goes.
BluOwl chapter 7 . 6/19
Omg i love this story so much asdfghjkl lol tanuki-Gaara is so adorably funny. Pleeeeeaaaassseee update soon cuz i really want to see the chappie where Gaara meets the Malfoys! Lol I'm just imagining their reactions right now.. Mwahahaha... Anyways, good luck with the next chapter- can't wait to read it!
99DenmonChick99 chapter 7 . 6/2
I really hope you haven't abandoned this story. It's really well done and there aren't a lot of fics like this out there. Anyway, I hope you find more inspiration/motivation for this story soon because I can't wait to see what happens next.
guest chapter 7 . 4/24
Do you know how much waiting hurts...
Kanarii chapter 5 . 3/31
Please please please continue D:
Kanarii chapter 4 . 3/31
Your little side story's are hilarious XD
I love this story so much
Luna Latanya chapter 2 . 3/22
poor gaara! ooo i wonder what voldemort will do when he finds out there's a demon container walking around?
Luna Latanya chapter 1 . 3/22
Guest chapter 7 . 3/16
i love this sooo much pweeezzzz continue the story :) pweeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .
Guest chapter 7 . 3/8
I know that I can't show you my desperation in the words I write but...
guest chapter 7 . 3/1
Waiting is the worst torture. Why do you make us have to wait...
Carcrash87 chapter 7 . 2/20
Please update soon I love this it's so good and awesome and very thing amazing;) I love the Draco is in this fic he's just so much more like able please update soon I can't wait to see how christmas with the malfoy's are. ( and is gaara going to get his voice back) awesome story Plz hurry with the next chapter:)
Kurama's Foxy Rose chapter 3 . 2/8
You can't fool me! That prophecy wasn't about Gaara, it was about Shukaku. It said "He, who is part of ten"; Gaara would be 'he who is one of nine'.
GR chapter 7 . 1/31
New year already now, hoped that tris chapter woul made it to whenGgara get to Malfoy house
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