Reviews for One Missed Strike, Part III
Guest chapter 10 . 1/13
Awesome fic!
Guest chapter 8 . 1/13
Another awesome ch!
Guest chapter 7 . 1/13
Great ch! And great story overall it is good and has great epic moments!
OriksGaming chapter 10 . 7/12/2016
The main thing I'd have liked is a little more character interactions. Just those little scenes that aren't directly part of the plot, but help to define each of the individual characters and their relationships. Like, you had Luke having a crush on Mara in the first book, and then skipped three years, with nothing happening between them in the interval. Relationships can happen much faster than that, and they shouldn't have just ignored the attraction for three years, especially when there weren't really any complications. No other past or present love interests. Maybe Mara's position as an Imperial Spy would have conflicted, but Luke didn't know that and he at least should have taken some initiative. Mara might have rebuffed him or decided to enjoy it while it lasted, but your three year time skip made the relationship really unrealistic. Other than that, I really enjoyed the story, and you really improved by the time of the third book. In the first two books, you mainly just parroted the movies, but the third book was really fun to read.
becgate chapter 10 . 10/8/2014
Awesome story and awesome series! ! Loved every word! ! Very well written, well thought ideas and plot plus every thing in between! ! Thanks for a great story! !
Toaofwriting chapter 10 . 9/7/2014
This was an absolutely wonderful trilogy. Your grasp of characterization was excellent, your scenes were well-written, and the AU was well-thought out and believable. Amazing job! The Force was clearly with you.
iChaos chapter 10 . 8/6/2014
Well done. Well done indeed. Aside from the somewhat controversial resurrection of Padme (since it is canon that Cade Skywalker possessed the ability), everything probably turned out for the best. This fic is certainly worthy of standing along side the words of the Mighty Zahn, and all of the characters suited their respective roles appropriately. I very much enjoyed this story, but if there is one topic that is generally lacking in Star Wars fanfiction, it is the obvious resolution of conflict with the Vong and the Force. If anybody is cut out to herald true balance, it is Anakin Skywalker. If you do post a fic about that, I will certainly read it.
Ser Serendipity chapter 7 . 2/14/2014
Oh, the delicious irony.

Order 66, part 2.
Ser Serendipity chapter 4 . 2/14/2014
Damn it autocorrect!
Ser Serendipity chapter 5 . 2/14/2014
Izard against Abel Iblis, Thrawn, and Ackbar?

I'd laugh, if I wasn't so filled with pity. Those three could have won the fight with a single sauadron of X-wings.

fiesa chapter 10 . 12/14/2013
Aaaand... The End! :)
(Or something like that.)

I'll start off by saying thank you. You've created a wonderful extension to the beloved SW-universe, a perfectly realistic, interesting universe, and I found myself wishing it was what actually had happened a long, long time ago in a faraway universe. It would have been so wonderful actually being able to follow Anakin out of the darkness again and allow him to get to know his family better - to even be able to see his wife one more time. Also, I almost like your Luke and Leia more, they are the same yet different. Especially Luke. Growing up and being taught as a Jedi has changed him in many aspects. And of course Mara, Winter, Bel Iblis (Yay! :)) and all the other characters are a welcome addition to the original trilogy! And Malysa and Piett. Definitely.

The third part was as well-done as the parts before it. Completely AU now - and I read it in two days straight, wanting to know the ending. You did a wonderful job describing the many battles in this part - the one on Korriban as well as the one raging in Naboo's space. Seeing Mara, Leia and Luke train with Yoda was very nice - one year of experience for the future Grand Master of the New Jedi Order - and now he has three women who will be at his side when he revives it. It was very good to see Malysa has been able to hide her identity - the moment she appeared again I had almost forgotten about her, to say the truth. And you almost killed her, after I started liking her so much! But, I am so glad you returned to the original problem from the first part: the Kolos siblings. I am glad her brother was there and revealed himself. I was so hoping for their sake that they would meet. Did Malysa know, I wonder? Thankfully, you gave her a second choice.

The arrival of the Executor at Naboo was written masterfully. I actually felt the panic and the urge to run :).

Also, the betrayal behind the scenes of the Empire - starring Isard, Pestage and Nova - was riveting. The fact that it lead to rebels fighting alongside the Emperor's troops was a very, very nice move and I'm sure the readers were as surprised to find themselves on the same side as Han, Piett, Ackbar and all the others were. Entrance Baron Fel, the designated Emperor. He, he, I think I like him

Vader's reaction to the news that the Senate had given him a vote of no confidence was perfectly understandable, thanks to your writing skills. He was boiling in fury because he had tried and tried so hard and his achievements were not being recognized by his people. But what every reader probably knows and he himself realized quickly was that that was the way he shouldn't be thinking. Anger leads to hate, and so on. It is, in my eyes, a sign that Vader is losing ground and Anakin Skywalker is returning that he opted to leave the Empire he built, to share all the available information on the Far Outsiders and to leave the core regions and its politics alone. His last message was very touching. I loved the way you had him address Padme for the first time and her reaction to it.

Overall, I thought you handled the "love story" aspect of your fic quite well. Anakin doing everything for Padme, and Leia slowly falling in love with Han (and the other way round) were simmering between the lines and yet clear. I had a few problems with Mara and Luke's relationship - until the end I wasn't sure whether they actually were an item or not. It started out in part 2 - they had fought side by side for three years, did something happen? If you mentioned something like that, I didn't catch it. Then came her betrayal and her return and the hug at the end of part 2 might as well have been platonic. Only later, on Korriban, when Mara shoots down Nove (well done, Jade!), it is stated clearly for the first time that Luke actually loves her. I don't think it dampens the effect of your story but I missed a few lines here and there for explanation. Either way, I loved the ending and you borrowing a few lines and concepts from T. Zahn - his books are wonderful!

Tamith Kai, eh? So Dathomir is somehow accessible, even if Hapes isn't. The Young Jedi Knights books were about the first SW books I ever read :) Nice to see her have a revival here. Will she still try to abduct Jaina and Jacen later on? I wonder.

And Talon Karrde! More and more scoundrels, here! I'm feeling right at home.

Thank you. For this unexpected journey into a universe full of the characters I love, for giving them a hard time and a good one, for making them laugh and cry and setting right a few things I've thought have been wrong for a long time. Reading your story was wonderful! Keep up the good work.
SkywalkerLover2011 chapter 10 . 8/23/2013
i just want it known that you are seriously the best thing to ever happen to Star Wars fanfiction ever.
Everything was so wonderful and descriptive and really just amazing:) i really felt emersed in the world almost as much as when i watched any of the movies.:) I really cannot thank you enough for writing this truly amazing series:)
Guest chapter 9 . 8/14/2013
Anakin left sorta trekkie-style, going to 'space unknown'
Arridu chapter 10 . 5/31/2013
Ok, well normally i try to review on a chapter by chapter basis, but in this case I found myself unable to slow down long enough to do so mainly because i was too eager to get to the next chapter, now that the first trilogy is over though let me just say that this is easily one of the best AU fics of any series that I have ever read, I loved the way you managed to incorporate in the changes in a believable fashion and keep everyone remarkably true to their characters...or the characters it would make sense for them to be in this setting at any rate, and mixing in some of the better elements of the EU. So if your thanking us for reading I'm thanking you for writing!
Serendipity chapter 8 . 11/26/2012
10 in one day? This story should have 100 per day!
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