Reviews for Love has no Recipe
Song Butterfly Girl chapter 1 . 8/28/2015
That was awesome to read
mgaa chapter 1 . 3/28/2013
kkkkkyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa best tmm fic ever...i just love it love love love love it...the way you made progress of things is just so keiichiro and zakuro...i love it i just love it...i wish i could explain what i feel the way you wrote this story but i'm just a simple person with simple words...i love it...augh can't get enough of it
Lacuna The Lost chapter 1 . 2/17/2012
From beginning to end you had my undivided attention. You captured the essence of Keiichiro and Zakuro's characters perfectly in a realistic scenario. I'm also a big fan of KeiichiroZakuro but still have yet to write anything about them. You did a brilliant job.
CelticLily chapter 1 . 10/27/2011
That was really beautiful :) Just... lovely.
philosophical zombie chapter 1 . 6/3/2011
Gah, I'm crying. I really liked how you portrayed the two characters in this, all in all, it was rather well :)
Pokapoka chapter 1 . 12/7/2010
That was amazing. That was one of the best pieces of non-professional fiction I've ever read. The words you used to describe what was happening, the paragraph-long, beautifully created explanations to what the characters were feeling, the way you centered the story around Keiichiro and Zakuro, and no one else, yet still making it seem was amazing. I would certainly read another KeiichiroXZakuro fic from you.
mimi chapter 1 . 11/12/2010
I loved it was awesome can't wait to read more about them
SamKo chapter 1 . 7/29/2010
First of all, I'd like to let you know that KxZ is actually, probably, my favorite non-canon pairing for TMM. That being said, it's not a pairing you see everyday although I wish I did _

You nailed this. You nailed it so hard, it's been nailed to my favorites list. Really though, incredibly written, I love reading from Keiichiro's POV, and overall it was quite utterly fantastic. Well done D
True Colours chapter 1 . 6/30/2010
Wow. Like, wow. Beautifully controlled, graceful and mature fic, so well done! You're right about grammar on your profile; I only spotted a couple of tiny errors that were probably just typos. You used 'summarised' instead of 'surmised,' and I think there was a missing apostrophe somewhere, but come on, who cares when the fic was SO AWESOME!

I think that KeiichiroxZakuro is one of those pairings that just isn't in cannon because the author didn't have time for it, and works just as well as any cannon pairing, rather than a fully-fledged crack pairing, so what set this fic apart was the astonishing development of the characters. I think you're the only one who wrote in first person, and it allowed us amazing insight into Keiichiro. He often annoys me with his smoothness, but you got into his head and what he's really thinking, describing his likes, dislikes and insecurities, how he likes to make people happy with cakes and watches life from the sidelines (and makes tea while the Mews fight Deep Blue hemhem). But then when he spoke he was EXACTLY the Keiichiro I know from the anime - "Well, I suppose they only want to see the beautiful lady they admire so much." I would say politely, "Not all of them have the pleasure of being able to see and speak to you, day after day, as I do." if he said that to me I would be like, 'KILL the smoothie!' plus I'd feel angry with him for making excuses for my fans, but when you see the thoughts and care behind it, it takes on a very different resonance. Plus I expect Zakuro is making allowances for his manner just as he is for her.

Which brings me on to Zakuro's characterisation. I always imagined that she would be pretty much the same on TV as in real life, only maybe a bit more courteous and stuff, and people would admire her for her cool and glamorous manner. And I thought that she was just cool and reserved, maybe a bit cautious because of her career, but you took her character and used chromatography on it or something and distilled it into two really different people. First of all the idea of her being 'chatty and giggly' on screen - well, we never see her much, but she might well be, and it shows why Mint might have liked her so much and then been shocked by her coldness at their first meeting, as well as emphasising how little she gets to be herself. And then in real life she's not just reserved, but washed-out and drained. Pretty stark, really. And that's why I call this a mature fic.

My only piece of advice would be to watch out for rambling. In the first passage, before Zakuro is introduced, I was shifting in my seat a little bit by the end, but really, it's a tiny problem, and one that I have as well. That was another part I really liked, actually: Keiichiro's description of each room in the building, and of why he feels so much at home in the kitchen - especially why he can't relax in Ryou's apartment. It was a great way to begin gently opening him up to the reader.

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing this fic. It's a privilege to have it in my contest.


P.S. Argh! The cooking metaphore! I loved it, because it's such a great way to show his personality, and how baking is comfortable to him because it mirrors his approach to life in general.
Neofeliss chapter 1 . 6/6/2010
Well goodness, I have never had such a craving for cake as I do right now. XD

A really brilliant one shot. 3 Kei-kun doesn't get enough love, you're right, but you've nailed down his personality perfectly. I never perceived the pairing as one that would work (mostly because it's hard to imagine either in any sory of relationship besides friendship), but the final paragraphs nailed it for me. I love how you mention it's give and take, not sappy and sugary. It gives me more of a realistic idea of how their relationship could, in theory, work, and it gives me plenty of ideas for how to improve the relationships I -struggle- to right.

And this gets kudos for having Minto act NOTHING like a prima ballerina should. X3

Wonderful writing! Keep up the good work. 3
Anonymous chapter 1 . 6/6/2010
Written beautifully, crafted realistically- a delicious treat to read.

The reason I probably love this story so much is that you've made likable characters, characters that are easy to understand whether or not you're a dedicated fan of TMM. I especially adore Keiichiro- most likely because he is given the bulk of the story and we readers get the privilege of knowing his thoughts and feelings. It is amazing that you've made him as likable as he is, that he feels genuine when he is giving compliment after compliment to Zakuro, rather than overreaching or insincere. Also, while this is a one-shot focused on the relationship between Keii and Zaku, I see it more as a personal journey for Keiichiro himself. At the start of the story, the most important thing in his life is his kitchen and he hides in it. At the end, he's literally ventured out of his kitchen and therefore ventured out of his comfort zone for another person. He's become more confident, more passionate, while Zakuro's influence has shown him that perhaps he does work too hard. She has given him perspective that he sorely needed and that changes him.

Another thing I praise you on is your decision to leave Zakuro and Keiichiro's relationship unlabeled. It makes everything feel more realistic, though at the same time, we can tell that the two are inching toward a romantic relationship, one day at a time.

All that being said, I suggest you reread it critically yourself in order to find the small mistakes/typos, along with correcting a few details that don't exactly add up. For instance, I noticed that during the confrontation, Keiichiro knew nothing of all the gossip and rumors surrounding Zakuro, despite the fact that she was on the front page of most magazines. His ignorance of this is unrealistic, unless he is so sheltered that he never ventures outside on his own. If that is the case, then I suggest you let Keiichiro agonize over his own ignorance; this will also prompt him to become more 'wordly' and to step out of his kitchen- literally and metaphorically.

Over all though, with such small details aside, this story is...amazing. You've taken two characters that barely interact in the manga, and created a bond, real and raw. This has to be one of the more unique stories in the competition and I'm cheering for you to win, for taking a risk and abandoning the tried-and-true formula yourself-KishxIchigo etc etc- for something with a little more flavor.

One last note: You've proven to be fantastic at taking a character rarely explored and giving said character depth. I would love it if you continued Keiichiro and Zakuro's relationship, but used Zakuro's point of view next time. It would be an interesting switch-up and this piece has made me intrigued on the inner-workings of her mind.

I look forward to any future work that you do. :)
Rizu Neko-Chan chapter 1 . 6/3/2010
For lack of better That was fantastic. I mean, I expect nothing less from you, but WOW. I think you just won me over to this pairing with this fanfic. My favorite parts about it are that for one, you keep Keiichiro and Zakuro in character flawlessly, and second, I'm glad you chose Keiichiro's POV, because it really added to the mood of the fic. I always thought it would be interesting to try Keiichiro's POV on for size, because the way he thinks always seemed like something I could write easily. The only trouble for me is making his vocabulary broader than I'm used to, and trying to not use slang (both of these would prove problematic)... So I'd prefer sticking with the POV of someone who talks like a teeanger and not a gentleman. You handled Keiichiro's POV much better than I (or a lot of other FFcnet authors, I'm sure) could've. Great job!

One of the reasons why I think you sold this pairing so well is that the sheer simplicity of the climax- Keiichiro being SO HAPPY to finally be touching Zakuro's skin- was nowhere near as fluff-filled as most authors would build up to. You know, your typical, "But I love you!" "I love you to!" (commense making out). But your climax was sweet, and you ended with a friendship instead of a relationship. Realistically, this is what happens most of the time anyway. )

All in all, this was a FANTASTIC piece of's always a pleasure reading your stories! Keep it up! 3