Reviews for The Bigger They Are
Cindy chapter 43 . 6/30
Contrary to some of your other reviews, I am very impressed with the time and thought you’ve put into developing a relationship not only with a war widow, but also with her 4 sons. You are absolutely correct, that is a tremendously difficult relationship to build. I love how you have handled it.
QueenGB chapter 78 . 4/3
I love revisiting/ reading a good family story that has drama instead of angst. Fantastic as always. Thank you!
QueenGB chapter 76 . 4/3
Sounds like a really balanced and happy home.D
QueenGB chapter 74 . 4/3
Come on the Cullen’s needed a girl all those boys between Masen and Bella’s boys. Excellent!
QueenGB chapter 72 . 4/2
Yay a baby is on the way.
QueenGB chapter 71 . 4/2
It’s sad Bella didn’t communicate with Edward her fears and concerns because this was not Masen or Alyssa’s business. Maybe I’m just private. Oh well.
QueenGB chapter 52 . 3/31
Lovely. Every time.
QueenGB chapter 47 . 3/30
Will is a complete doll.
QueenGB chapter 45 . 3/30
Oh my goodness so freaking sweet.
QueenGB chapter 43 . 3/30
Edward is a sweet man and it seems that he and Bella’s patience will be rewarded.D
QueenGB chapter 42 . 3/30
My Dad use to do this with me and my brother’s. A Dad/ kid date day was always so special because you didn’t have to share. Good job Edward.
QueenGB chapter 35 . 3/29
Bella and Edward haven’t even had sex and just said I love you. Marriage is not quite on the menu at the moment. Alyssa is as special as Masen. I can’t remember if the Swans are as intrusive as the Cullen’s.D
QueenGB chapter 34 . 3/29
So Edward has his Carrie moment ‘and just like that…’ I love this Bella and Edward. It’s been a while since I read this and I’ve read too many stories to count but they are in my top 20 for sure.
QueenGB chapter 25 . 3/28
Wow, Masen is helpful but exhausting. He never shuts up! But he and Alyssa are going to help our lovelies get some outside of a closet so he scores big here.
QueenGB chapter 23 . 3/28
I don’t find Masen as much rude as he is really annoying for someone his age. It’s like he’s canon Emmett. I forgot how gossipy he and Esme are about Edward. I think your Jake is the cutest and sweetest Jake. All the boys are really. Also if Bella is ready for sex she has to remember that she told Edward she needed to take it slow. Put his hand up your skirt girl
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