Reviews for The Bigger They Are
ChristyWIX chapter 77 . 8/3
Loved the tiara being found by their three and a half year old. Too funny. Toothbrush holder, was also funny. I really loved reading the part of him watching them make the cookies. You could really feel the love through him just watching them. Jake is thirteen already? How the time just flies on by. Loved how Jake is with Dani, it is just adorable. It was good to read that Emmett and Dani have a great bond. I worried about the age difference. When you got us to the Seth part, I thought I somehow made the page go down twice, in lieu of once and actually went back up to check. That was a left turn, without a blinker. I'm glad he is fine now . . . or, seems to be getting better. Bella offering to wear that tiara later that night, brought the whole chapter full circle, and made me giggle.
ChristyWIX chapter 76 . 8/3
Awwwww, I loved this chapter. The boys all wanting to hold her 'first' and coming in the room in age order. The joy each one had in holding their sister. The family all coming around, of course, and celebrating. Jumping a year ahead to the little one and her need for speed. Made me think that even though you mentioned NASCAR and that you aren't going that route, that she may be the one in the services. I think that neither of the boys will enlist, because they all personally felt the loss of their father. Dani will have only heard the stories. I think she may become a fighter pilot. That is the fastest you can go. Plus, she'd follow in her father's footsteps of the service, her brother's father and her Uncle Jasper. I can really see that happening.
ChristyWIX chapter 75 . 8/3
I half figured when he said he'd work the whole weekend for Jasper, to give him time with his family, that she'd have the baby then. It just had to be that way, as their kids always thwart their plans in that type of thing. Loved that you sent Masen into the bar with Dewey in tow, to get Edward. Calling him would have been a giant waste of time. Doing it the way they did, was way more efficient. Not to mention, Edward may not have made it home in one piece. I think I spelled it Danica in my review, how did you spell it originally? I must've just glanced right over it.
ChristyWIX chapter 74 . 8/3
Having successfully gone the childfree route in our lives, (woo~hoo), I know nothing of what Bella is going through. I do know from reading, what happens during pregnancy. Her description of bubbles was a new one to me but, it seems very accurate from what other moms have described. The names were all very good names. Loved the reasons all the others were dumped. I prefer Danika, merely because of the Dani nickname does truly fit with the rest of the boys. The end, when he is telling himself not to cry, and then does anyway, was rather delightful to read.
Wendyg63 chapter 63 . 8/3
Nice to read things are going along so well. Even for Jake.
Wendyg63 chapter 62 . 8/3
I have a feeling that Jake's issue isn't quite over yet. Great writing as usual.
ChristyWIX chapter 73 . 8/2
Definitely a fun chapter. The parents enthusiasm, was wonderful and very expected. I had forgotten about Carlisle and Esme's decision to help medically. So, when they said they had an announcement, I thought they'd sold their home and were moving closer to their sons and their families. Then it was the medical help and I remembered. Quite excited that they set that though of their into motion. Very proud of them. And to a region here, in our United States, that can really use this help, was even better. So many doctors go to other countries, which is still commendable but, they forget our own country has the needs too. Bella and her morning sickness, ugh. At least she knew it was going to be this way and is prepared. It was amusing that she immediately ate afterward. Good for her though, as the baby needs the nourishment. Even chocolate cake, hehehe. Loved Edward's reaction to the 'bean'. Too cute. What a special time for him. For Bella too but, this is his very first time. It was cute that he planned to have discussion with Bean.
ChristyWIX chapter 72 . 8/2
Thank you. Just, thank you so much. You really had me so worried that this wouldn't happen for them. I think they should've sprung it on everyone . . . Jake just can't handle holding something in. So happy for Bella and Edward. Truly.
Wendyg63 chapter 61 . 8/2
Love these boys!
ChristyWIX chapter 71 . 8/2
I'm glad that Masen spoke to Edward. Being tense like that and worrying, is not conducive to getting pregnant. How long did it take her each time she tried with each of the boys? And, didn't she have issues with Jake's birth? That may have left her unable to get pregnant again. Not to mention, she's older now so, that's a factor. Also, the stress of her feeling as though she's letting him down, is not helping. They need to chill out. The both of them. They need to get that bar open, so Edward has something else to focus on.
ChristyWIX chapter 70 . 8/2
I would love a cabin in the woods for a honeymoon. It sounded perfect. Yes, please! I figured it was there that she'd approach the baby conversation. Loved the betting and taking months off until he just tossed the pills completely. It was cute that he was all sated and sleepy when she started talking of the reason why. He didn't care, he just wants a baby. Very cute chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 69 . 8/2
This was as wonderful as I had been expecting it to be. Absolutely lovely. Chaos at the beginning, when the boys were looking for things. Organized later, when everyone had found everything. Loved the three Cullen men in the bedroom and Carlisle's words. Mason on his very best behavior. Then the beauty of the wedding. How he just fell agog when he saw her. Loving the back of the dress and looking forward to pulling the pearls out of her hair, swoon. The moment of him letting Mac know he'd love and take care of them all, and the whispering wind that accompanied that promise, GAH. Then the family V they formed to walk back up the aisle and out, was fantastic. The reception was fun. I am positive that Bella just melted, when Seth and Edward played and sang. Such a beautiful moment. Then all the boys, with Jasper and Masen, doing that hilarious rendition of All You Need is Love, too funny. Wonderful, wonderful day.
ChristyWIX chapter 68 . 8/2
The visual of all those people in one of their Suburban's was hard to picture. Then you topped it with all those people trying to sleep under one roof. I hope that Edward's parent were staying with Masen and Alyssa, as their just was no room at all for any other body in their house. Edward, Bella, Emmett, Seth, Sam, Jake, Charlie, Renee, Will and Josh . . . and let's not forget Emily. There just isn't enough beds and rooms. Goodness. Maybe Will and Josh opted for the nearest hotel? Loved the idea of all five of them walking down the aisle to Edward with Charlie. That is fantastic! Next up must be the wedding.
ChristyWIX chapter 67 . 8/2
The only talk I got from my father, was on the way out the door with a boyfriend for the weekend at his aunt and uncle's house. With the boyfriend standing right there! My father asked if I remembered my aspirin. I was confused and said as much. He replied, 'to keep between your knees', and I was officially mortified. Of course, my father had no idea said boyfriend and I had already had sex several times and that the boyfriend insisted that I get on the pill before we ever started. This talk between Edward and Emmett went a whole lot better than I thought it would. I thought Emmett would not bother to listen, nor heed any of his advice. I got the feeling that Edward did get through to Emmett and he may have even earned some respect from the kid.
ChristyWIX chapter 66 . 8/2
Wow, Jed and Elizabeth certainly hit it off swimmingly. His being stunned and giving her Bella's flowers, was the kicker. I love that man, he is a great character. I do worry about the ending of this chapter. You came on really strong with how he doesn't care how he becomes a father, adoption or otherwise, he just wants to be called Daddy. I hope you let him have his own child. Yes, all of the other methods of having children are wonderful but, just once in this story I'd like Edward to get something of his own. Yes, he got Bella and the boys and they are essentially his now but, not really. If Mac were alive, he would not have any of them. You had him share his bar with Jasper and Masen. So, not wholly his. Still his, yet very different. Even gave the bar a solid name but, it was the family that he fell in love with, their name. So, that too, wasn't really his either. Now, I have a feeling that you are going to have him become a father to yet another man's child. To which, I am sure he would be elated to have that opportunity. And, he just 'wants to be called daddy'. It is fiction, there is no need to go that route . . . he can at least have one thing, a major thing, be his. Actually, that would be half Bella too but, I know you know what I mean.
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