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IgNighted chapter 78 . 2/23/2013
Durandel is right. Wipe them away, kill them all. Their justification is pathetic. I don't know how you can even try to paint them so sympathetically.
kiman1917 chapter 78 . 2/23/2013
I fear for a lot of orbites today. Soon, there will be death and he will come to Orb and crush anything that oppose him. And I wonder what torture methods they will try on Lilia, as it would be amusing to watch the torturers cry in shame at the reactions that Lilia gives out to their methods... At this point, I think any torture method they impose on Lilia would literally be like pleasure considering what Frost put her through. The only method I could think of is if they threatened Arcardian and if Orb figures that out... then Cagalli could release a couple documents in response... or maybe psychic? Except that I highly doubt that Katie would be able to penetrate Lilia's defenses... especially after all of the hell that Lilia was put through while interacting with Frost...

And I really did laugh at Durandal's ultimatum. It is blatantly obvious that he still wants the Edenites to be exterminated or be beaten to the ground under his rule. No one puts surrender terms like that out after attempting genocide on their people and with a divided command. It is literally the Allies terms of Unconditional surrender on Nazi Germany on WWII. Except this time, its as if the Allies tried to commit genocide on the Germans and Nazi Germany was divided into Prussia, Wutterburg, and Austria.

And really? Lativan? I would have never figured it out! I wonder if Asmus and Skyfall knew it all along and just held back on us...
Kaleidophoenix chapter 77 . 2/21/2013
Wow. Zach is in a little bit of trouble. Probably the most he's ever been in since CC. This is my first time reviewing this story, and I have to say that this is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. I watched Gundam Seed over a period of four days at the beginning of February, and found TGA shortly after. Not to brag, but I read all of TGA in three and a half weeks, and Reclamation War in 82 hours(approximately). Anyway, We finally got rid of the three Vamps, and I'm looking forward to see what this does to the Zach-Mouse relationship. Now that Zach knows how to access the tree, things are going to be a lot more difficult when Zach decides to once again become Humanity's Whetstone. Also, I want more Akira in this story, as his appearance has been missed. Especially his manly pink hair. Just wondering, How long do you expect RW to be? Because if you continue at the average word per chapter length you have been, and you are going to have 108 chapters, RW will be 1,829,820 words long, with an average chapter length of 16,943 words long! combined with CC and ED your story will be 4,037,751 words long with 13,595 words per chapter. I commend you for your continued efforts and your commitment to this project, as it really is a world of its own.
kiman1917 chapter 77 . 2/17/2013
Hey! Good to see that your still writing! Anyways, like always, you really are able to convey your action scenes well and now, you proved to everyone that the mouse has teeth.

However, what I like best is the amount of character development that you were able to accomplish with Shinn and Luna. It actually sounds like they are in a stable, and loving relationship. Keep it up!
AtrumUnas chapter 77 . 2/17/2013
Hey man, I forgot to write a review when I read this, so I can't really review it. I did want to drop a review to let you know I'm still reading it and keeping an eye on the updates. Keep up the good work!

a bit confused chapter 60 . 2/14/2013
Just dropping a random comment while it's still hot in my mind. Enjoying the epic so far, but I must say the different subplots you have running is pretty confusing. It lacks a certain cohesion about it that makes transitions rather jarring. One moment there's a battle getting ready to happen, then the next it's put on the backburner as we get a chapter or two of "stuff" that really doesn't have much to do with the overall plot, or "stuff" added to put more bulk in the story. Maybe I'm just not used to OC's being developed to such a point they actually eclipse the Seed cast, but I personally find these seemingly random transitions a detriment to the overall flow of the story.

Maybe I'll have a better understanding once the conclusion is reached, but man it's not a very pleasant experience going from chapter to chapter.
Tristraim chapter 77 . 2/14/2013
I got to hand it to you, you made me like Lilia, who I thought from the start was just a cheap attempt at a "Dark Lacus", no offense meant. Personally, I thought her abilities were over-exaggerated from the start of RW, that she wasn't really that powerful even as Yggdrasil's Valkyrie, even with her first fight with the vamp, but thanks to this chapter, she officially joins the ranks of badasses of TGA, with esteemed members as Kira, Athrun, Frost in both incarnations, Cyprus, and the like. And joins my personal list of "Do not fuck with these bastards, whatever you do." The fight scene was superb, moreso that it's INFANTRY COMBAT, not MS combat, and it won me over to Lilia.

On Frost and the TREE, Frost must be mad now. Well, he's mad insane most of the time, but he's mad furious now, having come close to his TREE mode but being snatched by a Master Vamp. Pity they had to die early, though. But hey, it is Frost they tried to kill. And his girl.

On the first part of the chapter, well, since it's Shinn and Luna, and I've seen this in the forums, it's not suprising Shinn would take this stand and forgive Luna for what happened.

Sorry this review took a while. Looking forward to the next chapter too. :P
Brainless1 chapter 77 . 2/13/2013
Wow, I think you did the impossible. It only took psychic surgery, several cases of mind fucking, a grieving Luna, a forced humbling by Frost and 8 years of basically forced servitude to Rey/Durandel where he could see the corruption but I think you’ve actually made me like Shinn…sorry, I had to go make sure the sky wasn’t falling. His response to Luna once they actually talked was refreshingly mature for Shinn and really was much better then what I thought was going to happen (anger explosion/pity party). I’m not sure about Shinn still letting Luna hold to her delusions about her sister but I’ve not really gotten a chance to really judge Luna’s mental state that much so I couldn’t say if that was a good move on Shinn’s part or a bad one. I’ll just go with the memory joke at the end being funny.

The next section was a bit of a letdown since I had already read it in the Forum. It’s hard to get excited about a section that I’ve already read. Now that I think about it that might have been why I forgot to review, this section and the beginning of the ambush had already been committed on in the forum, I think. Anyway, despite Frost being in the scene I actually think this was one of the moments where Lilia stole the focus away from the guy. Her irritation at Frost (and living), her plan to join the Edenites back together just as she joined the Mori and the way she truly has integrated herself into the Kindred culture shows how her behind the scenes work really paying off. It might do for the more casual readers who haven’t been a part of the forum to tell them the secret behind figuring out Kindred Cant. Adding another langue into your writing certainly adds to the depth and really plays the Kindred off as different but I’m sure there is a reader somewhere who wants to know what they said and can’t figure out how.

Finally the ambush, it was very well written. The little details like using TK to reload and the quirks of the Vamps helped to distinguish it. The fact that Frost faced an opponent outside his Mech and didn’t curb stomp them was refreshing. It might be because he didn’t have Deathshriek with him but it was still enjoyable simple because it wasn’t a curb stomp. I always figured that Frost was going to go Tree in a Duex e Machina kind of way against Typhon but the fact that he is that close to achieving it here in this chapter was a surprise and one that thinks there is going to be little hope for some people in Orb in a couple of chapters. Normally I don’t really look forward to Frost going on a rampage but considering his mental state and the fact that Kira AND Kunai are all going to take part I can’t wait for Lilia’s rescue/capture.

All in all, a good action chapter. Seeing Frost’s character growth is always enjoyable.
OrangeP47 chapter 77 . 2/13/2013
Eh, well I've said most of this before, so I won't blather on too much. I liked this chapter a lot, because while I knew WHAT would happen, I didn't know WHEN. The suspense building was excellent. Moreover, I also didn't expect the Vamp squad to take such a beating. I thought they'd all be taken out one by one, leaving each encounter with one less. I guess that'd take awhile though, I think I like this way better.

Oh, and at one point I almost thought the sniper was going to get Frost for real. Nice going.
lordfiresword chapter 77 . 2/13/2013
Part One

While I have never and will never be a fan of either Luna or Shin this scene was quite… touching. Luna moved up some in my book by fessing up and you made it work well. The confession seemed… forced, but in a good way. In a tormented by guilt and driven to breaking way I guess? Shin's views on the deception were very similar to those I'd puzzled out as what I'd like to think I'd feel in a similar situation.

Part Two

The fight with the Master Vamps was to be frank a masterpiece. I couldn't find anything in it I would have you do differently. You managed to humanize Frost, without making him feel tame and as always made his fight something to behold. I'd been worried for a while that the Frost-Vamp fight would feel like a letdown but thankfully I was wrong. You managed to portray just how impressive each side was and keep their entire mount unexpected but true to hiw things should have gone.

General Notes

You still haven't made clear exactly what degree of sentience Mr. Abyss has. Frost clearly thinks of him as alive but despite Frost's claim of being always honest everything he says is lensed by his insanity. At this point though I no longer care. Mr. Abyss has as much characterization as several of your other creations and is far more interesting. Heck he just got a CMoA. That's good enough for me
unafraid chapter 17 . 1/20/2013
whoa Kunai is Sai whoaaaaaaa. Maybe I should have figured that out earlier but truthfully, I skim a lot because I'm usually multitasking while I read your stories. It helps me focus.

But now I see it whoaaaaaaaaa. Mind blown.
unafraid chapter 8 . 1/19/2013
I have to ask, what's wrong with surrogacy or adoption?
kaleb-yamato chapter 77 . 1/1/2013
Shin and Luna. Honestly i wished Shin would have chewed her out a little but i guess Shin is hopeing for the same responce from Luna when he spills the beans on Mayrin.

As for the Frost Lilia sceen it was geat. Though i guess Frost's sence of acomplishment wont last long after he discovers Lilia's capture. The Master Vamps were great and almost had him a few times but those QC bones were a major advantage.

Lilia got to strut her stuff this chapter and i've decided that she actually deserves her title as a Aboral Praetorian. Though she is only on the same level as Yzak "hisses" and Arthon right now not Frosts or Kiras level and that is fine. Arcedian will probably get alot of Gundam skills from his Fathers. Both physical and mental.
Asmus chapter 77 . 12/29/2012
I liked the first part. I really did. The fact that Luna was able to finally get that boulder off her chest and tell Shinn the absolute truth was something that should have happened a long time ago. Yeah, I understand that she did what she thought was best and in her situation I probably would have done the same, despite that I prefer truth to comfortable lies.
Anyway, her revealing all the crap she kept from him, will definitely move their relationship to a new level. A more enjoyable one, I'm sure.

Of course, there is still the little problem of Shinn keeping some secrets of his own. I wonder how Luna will react when Shinn tells her about Meyrin. Hopefully, the situation will be similar to the one you just showed us. However, I do have my doubts.

Now, this will probably raise more than a few eyebrows, but I agree with Revan. At least as far as Shinn and Luna losing their importance in this trilogy. Like Revan said, in the canon, Shin and Luna, especially Shin were pretty important characters. They moved the plot, such as it was, and were the main focus of the series before it went off the rails.

In the TGA they are pretty much background characters at best. We have been overdosed with people like Kira to the point where just seeing his name makes me want to puke, whereas canon characters like Shin, and for the first part of the story, the Royalists, are relegated to the distant sidelines. That is something that will probably bother me for a very long time.

As for the battle, the main focus of this chapter. It was well done. The fact that both sides of the fight weren't normal humans, made it all the more enjoyable. No one had a reason to hold back, everyone could go all out, or as close to it as they could. However, as it turned out, the Vamps lost. I know, it was obvious from the very start that Frost would not lose to them, but the hope was there. Even if it was for a moment.

I also liked how Frost was shown to become more and more human. Hell, I'll go and say it, Frost isn't that scary anymore. He is not the monster he was before. He is a human. Insane, yes, but still human. Now he knows how people feel when someone they love is in danger. Oh, and the best part is, now he knows how it feels to come so close to achieving something big, yet being denied at the very last moment. Ouch.

As for Lilia, this is probably the very first time where I saw her actually carry her own weight. As I've been saying, all this time, Lilia felt pretty much useless as a real combatant and I didn't see anything that made her more skilled than other Praetorians. Most of the time she was spending being raped by Frost, and that is hardly a hallmark for a warrior elite.

But now, we finally had a glimpse of her combat skills. Yeah, she did lose in the end, but when you consider what she was up against, that's hardly a surprise. It was impressive she managed to hold out as long as she did. Either way, she is slowly starting to become the fighter she should have been the entire time.
Wraith Five chapter 77 . 12/29/2012
Well, that was certainly an interesting chapter. I thought the Shinn/Luna opening scene was kind of cute... once Shinn started talking. The Kindred's 'language' part was kind of funny, if a touch confusing at first. The master Vamps were very intriguing, and the clash between their particular quirks was pretty funny. (Of minor note, "home" was misspelled "how" during the TK reload.) The whole fight was EXTREMELY well done.
Wraith Five
(Sorry for the short-ish review, but I've kind of got a fair amount on my plate at the moment. Funnily enough, time for lunch. XD)
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