Reviews for The Golden Age: Reclamation War
Amion the O chapter 7 . 7/30/2013
Good chapter, a bit forced though. For one, I cannot bring myself to believe Cyprus Finch would forget about the BGCS. The feathers, definitely, overconfidence too, especially that. He blames his overconfidence for arming himself with beam weapons against a foe with Vulcan's Forge, but it's just too novel of system.

Good work on the PUMA's though, your acronyms are still at the top of their game as usual. I noticed in the next chapter that the idea is from Appleseed, but do recall that UC machines go through a downsizing. I can't help but see the PUMA's as the logical progression of Golden Age CE technology taking another leap forward, creating suits with the same power, but with smaller more maneuverable frames.

Leading into that I do believe that Cyprus' and the other Hounds' chances of survival would have been better if they started out with a head-on rush like they did, with conventional weapons, with maybe one staying in the rear to fire long range with missiles or perhaps something else, heck, maybe even a Hyper Impulse if they could get a shot. The PUMA's should be able to swarm the Gundam similarly to the Garous those ALU fielded at the demonstration at the Solar Knight's base. Or am I overestimating their agility compared to the Phoenix King?

Lastly, I must say I'm not looking forward to a replacement for Athrun right yet. I never liked the Seraph, but the Phoenix King always possessed so much allure, and you outdid yourself with the name. The new name feels a bit like a downgrade, and the Simurgh feels more like a knowledge-based machine. I'll wait until I learn about its abilities before I pass judgment. And hey, it's not like this is anything important. The Simurgh is just a pipedream Erica is playing around with, they're "not Really building it" in a secret factory or anything.
Amion the O chapter 6 . 7/29/2013
It's always satisfying to read a chapter with so much great stuff I can't comment on all the little details. Fresh in my mind, I have this sneaking suspicion that the Forest Prince is talking to her about Frost, what the Prince said sounds like something he would say.

Natalia is obviously up to no good, but that's expected. I do wonder about how White Eden will be dealt with, very nasty stuff, it sounds simply terrifying from an Edenite's view. I laughed so hard at Michael's personality. Unique snowflake indeed.

I loved the part about Djbril's cat. Some other fanfic writer named him Mr. Biggotsworth. My family has owned a cat rescue, so I was a bit tiffed at Durandel for thinking such a thing about the cat, yet at the same time I'm slightly allergic and can sympathize. Lastly, I somehow feel like you were going for a Cerberus atmosphere with the FEAR heads.

You should be aware of some words here and there that aren't spelled quite right or are missing letters or proper punctuation, nothing major though, just letting you know they are here.
Amion the O chapter 5 . 7/27/2013
Great chapter, I really, really like the Edenites. I read on a forum on here somewhere that they are supposed to win the war. Good. I'm sure we'll get negative sides to them, but at least I can feel assured. 0_o right?

I have to complain about one thing though, the Blue Cosmos motto is still number one. Bringing light back into the darkened world or what not is still not the same. Great that they're using a symbol that a fan of SEED can relate to. Oh those people never spell good news, but I guess that's what genocidal maniacs are for, increasing the intensity of the story.

Oh yeah, I forgot to comment but, I laughed very hard when I heard you turned Yuna Seiran into a porn star. At the same time, I don't think even this fanfic's current awesomeness can bring me to forgive you. The very idea of him being successful that much, and with his face...I'm going to have nightmares over this, aren't I? Please, nightmares of Frost were awesome, especially when he beat the crap out of the fantastic four (no joke, I had that once). But Yuna...God help me. At least I have Lilia.

On a slightly less unnerving note, I thought it was very nice throwing in the cameo on her armor of the "angels" freeing slaves. It just felt so much like a twisted depiction of what Noa preached to his Harbingers. I'm sure a few survived to spread the philosophy to other Edenites, right? Regardless, nice touch.
Amion the O chapter 4 . 7/26/2013
I'm a huge fan of creating animals and plantlife, or at least was, Maderfole, so this chapter is for me. Probably my favorite I've read, barring maybe one in ED. I must admit I a surprised there aren't more birds and sealife. Birds sure, but the ocean is too vast and has too many possibilities. The idea that they were all extincted leaving a precious few, while the land animals outnumber them is a flaw here.

But nevertheless, a great intro. Wasn't there a movie about two computers from the US and Soviet Union conversing? Can't remember the name. Ominous reference. I can see a new faction of sentient computers rising up should you or readers get too bored of the Edenites.
wraith54 chapter 1 . 7/15/2013
just got done with the first 2 stories, took me 10 days, but I have really enjoyed them and hope this one is just as good.
Wraith Five chapter 79 . 6/4/2013
Hey, something I just realized, but the Forest Prince calls Lacus "pink stag" because she's an Active Newtype, but he calls Lilia, another Active, "blue fawn." Just something I noticed while re-reading the entire TGA series when I reached Lacus' conversation with the Forest Prince.
Now for this chapter's review:
I liked the Kira vs. Kunai fight, certainly an interesting application of Kira's latent abilities. Frost's intervention (...something you'd never think he'd do, huh. Actually STOP a fight...) was nicely done. I also liked Lilia's "interrogation"/interview too. I wonder how long it's going to take for people other than Lilia to actually acknowledge that Frost has changed so drastically as to want to HELP the human race...
And finally, the closing scene. Quite emotional, almost had me in tears at a couple points. Unfortunately, I had to ruin it for myself by wondering "What would happen if Frost walked in on him right about now?" Goddammit. :\
Wraith 5
(Sorry I'm reviewing this 2 months late. I've mostly been reading fan-fics converted to .MOBI files on my Kindle, which doesn't exactly let you post reviews directly from the 'book' files... that, and I decided to re-read the ENTIRE TGA series. XD)
Knightmare Frame Razgriz chapter 79 . 5/4/2013
1.) Pretty major shocker. I honestly never would've imagined Kira to be so forwardly pragmatic and aggressive; the desk was a surprise in and of itself, and then the friggin' ceiling charge - that was spectacular. Frost, though, he was the kicker.

2.) An important section, catching up with Heine, Haman and Khala, getting their perspectives on the situation... And truly cementing the gravity of the situation, with Frost's uncharacteristic interactions.

3.) Some insight into the Stormhounds' collective opinions, as well as their milder interrogation practices in comparison to those of the USN.

4.) A full summation of Kira's changes across RW, and a touching moment of (unknowingly redundant) mourning.

All in all, a marvelous piece of work as usual. Can't wait for the fight.

Shaman Tonberry chapter 79 . 4/19/2013
A new chapter, quite fast after the last one. So, without further ado..

1) Loved the first part. There were hints of it in the EM3 briefing, but to actually see how it played out.. Marvellous. That was the first instance we got to see Kira in infantry combat, albeit a very specific one. The use of his surroundings, the amount of planning and how it got revealed gradually, whenever one thought that his attempts had been thwarted.. Wonderful. Frost entering the scene was a bit of a surprise. We knew he was going to ask for help, that he would hate it and would be frantic about it, but still.. Can't quite put a finger on it. It was good, but maybe I expected more of an impact.

2) Second part - the long awaited reunion of everyone's favourite Praetorian duo. As usual, they didn't disappoint, especially the last part made me laugh. Many interesting thoughts and insights regarding Frost, Lilia and the details of the rescue operation. Since I'm very interested in all of those, loved it.

3) Third part - an important link. Still, I suppose I expected Lilia to be more vocal, if internally, about her situation. Here she seemed to recalculate her odds and options rather quickly; then again, it's probably the Praetorian training showing. The whole part gives a feeling of impeding danger, a race against time. Makes the appetite for the actual operation scene grow even more;]

4) Last part.. At first, I was a bit sceptic about it, thinking it would be a sort of sentimental recollection, but it ended up nicely. More details about Frost and Mr. Abyss' involvement. The last part was intriguing. The issue of how Lacus will react to Kira's actions after she wakes up has been discussed vehemently numerous times. Are you hinting what the development will be? Or are those just Kira's hopeful delusions? Interesting, to say the least..

On a side note: I will be returning to the forum somewhere next week, hopefully sooner than later. I hope everyone hasn't missed me too much;]
kaleb-yamato chapter 79 . 4/18/2013
The first section was AWESOME! I can't stress that enough. All the planning that Kira put into place to kill Kunai. I would have wanted him hurt more if they didn't need him for the Orb raid. And then FROST! I honestly did not see that coming so good on you. Frost's a little more human now.

Part 2. I loved the banter between Haman and Heine again. I've missed that since they were separated. Also good to see Khala again. I really hope to see some interaction between her and Kira soon. It's just to juicy to pass up.

Part 3. Lilias mental debate made me like her more as a person. Honestly to her the choices were betraying her love and betraying her people. Not a good place to get caught in. Hopefully she won't have to make a drastic s choice barre frost can get to her.

Part 4. Now this jerked on my heart strings something fierce. It also sets up a lot of what's going to go down when Lacus and the kids show up again. Kira is healing here. He's REALLY moving on in a way puting his "dead" family behind him and becoming more stable. So good character development all chapter long and a definite 10/10. Great work! Looking forward to chapter 80 and the battle we all want to see!
Asmus chapter 79 . 4/15/2013
Ahh, the truth comes to light at last. Thing is I expected Kira to react in this kind of manner. Going after Kunai while no one else is around. Then again, I am a bit surprised that Kunai didn't see Kira earlier. Aren't Eddies supposed to be able to feel other Newtypes nearby no matter what? I thought they could detect others by default and needed to focus in order to gain any specific information.
I also find it a bit strange that Kunai wasn't carrying any of his LEMIM's with him. Yes, he is in the middle of Garden City, supposedly a safe place, but the man is also the leader of Praetorians. One would expect him to carry at least one weapon at all times. Then again, I have a feeling that if Kunai had the cards or the stick, he would Gambit Kira's ass into oblivion.

Anyway, the fight scene was good, especially all the improvisations on Kira's part. Even though I hate the guy, I am impressed by his planning.

And then Frost shows up and ruins everything. Not only that, but to actually see him ask for help, was... it was just unbelievable. I knew that such a scene was bound to happen, but to actually see it...

The comic relief duo is reunited once again. I missed these two. Heine and Haman are probably my favorites among the Praetorians. They don't bother themselves with all the super important stuff Kunai and others can't seem to live without. Nice to see someone to whom a life or death issue is not always on their mind.
And there's also Khala. Every time I read about her, I can't get that Kira/Khala thing out of my head. I can't wait to see where you will take them.

The last part was beautifully done, but I didn't like it, because it was about Kira. Yeah, I've been mentioning my dislike for him at every opportunity, but I can't help it.
Either way, I can't wait to see what will happen when Lacus comes back. Needless to say, I doubt she will be as understanding and forgiving as Kira thinks. Yes, Lacus is a kind and forgiving person, but even she has limits. And Kira has clearly blown past them quite a while ago.

Lastly, there's one major issue, I need to address. Assuming the next chapter will involve the actual rescue mission, this issue has all the makings of a rather big plothole.
FraserMage chapter 79 . 4/15/2013
I don't think the Edenites kinda grasp their strategic situtation very well. If it downright comes down to it... their end-game (Pushing USN/Orb off the planet)... results in the planet being carpet bombed with nuclear warheads/maiden or even someone redirecting an asteroid into the planet...
riding for a fall chapter 79 . 4/14/2013
I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope you get better soon.

I had been waiting to see Kira confront Kunai over the Blue Monday incident for a long time. I just wish Frost hadn't interrupted. I do hope Kira tries again. Kira won't be happy when he find out Kunai has been hiding his family from him. I hope Kira finds out they're alive soon. I felt bad for him at the end of the chapter.

Frost was funny in this one. I like how he talked to Kira, Kunai, and Alexander. It was a big step for him to ask for help. I hope they can rescue Lilia before Gil gets his hands on her. I wonder how Frost will react when he finds out he's going to be a father.

Keep up the great work and I hope to see more soon.
Findarato chapter 79 . 4/13/2013
I REALLY hope you give Kira happy ending, Durandal dies as a villain and Shinn/Lunamaria shall have very eyes-opening and painful road where they lose all hope towards USN. Please answer me.
Brainless1 chapter 79 . 4/12/2013
This was an amazing chapter as my first impression shout out on the forum said. I’m actually having a hard time figuring out what to talk about that doesn’t involve me just gushing over the different parts that I liked like an excited fanboy…and outside of jest I don’t think I’ve ever applied that term to myself before.

The Triumvirate: This scene was solid gold. Literally. You could have just posted this section and I would have been happy. Crying and screaming to know what happened next but happy none the less. Seeing all three parts of the triumvirate together and realizing just how much they have changed and how much they haven’t was just awesome. Kunai in all of his outward Machivellianess still having a soft spot and an inner core of humanity with his recollection about Aoi. Frost in his insanity and arrogance yet humbling himself before Kira and Kunai for the woman he loved. And Kira. Where do I begin with Kira? This was Kira being Lelouch level awesome. Not, I can’t take my life so I’m going to take over the world in a contrived plot to make my suicide mean something Lelouch. Not, I’m going to try to rip off Gundam by having my master plan focus on the new supermech of the week Lelouch. No this was I have two fucking volunteers, a broken down old car, an empty container and enough balls to bluff my way into kicking the Empire’s ass Lelouch. And it showed. Him pulling out that detonator and just about killing Kunai through shear gall and ingenuity where everyone else failed through brute force was a crowning moment of awesome. If there was any complaint about the section it was that Kunai didn’t have his Shards with him but just like he’s going to add checking his office before entering, I imaging he’s never letting his LEMIM out of his sight ever again.

The Duo: I enjoyed the banter between Heine and Haman. We got a taste of it during Urbanis but it’s really been missing since ED. They were two of the greatest characters to bounce humor between. Not quite the level of Yzak and Dearka when they were stuck together but probably tied with Eric and Lain and those two created humor just about every time they showed up on screen. Throwing in Khala was also a nice touch. She’s really grown on me and I look forward to seeing if she gets a hero moment during the storming of the compound. Also, when I read the bit about the other Praetorians, I immediately was on the lookout for Aedan references…then I remembered by forum cannon Aedan is at that moment trying to stop the reinventor of the AMP from killing himself and taking USN civilians with him. So close.

The One: If there was one section I might have had any issue with it probably was this one. But that was only because I was expecting a scene with Katie trying to pull information from Lilia’s head Newtype style. That might come latter, that might not, but it doesn’t really matter though because this was still a good section. Lilia can’t know how close help is to getting her so her inner dilemma was nice. I remember an ethics class I took where we were presented with a hypothetical situation where there were ten people on a train track about to be run over and a lever could be flipped to save them but it would cause the train to kill one man instead. My discussion group was all but unanimous in saying that flipping the switch was the correct and moral choice until I brought up the option that maybe the one man was a doctor that had just figured out how to cure cancer and saving his life could mean saving millions. Afterwards, they couldn’t decide if there was a correct choice or not. That no correct answer situation that you have Lilia in is nice. I wonder if she will chose before the others get there and what her choice would be.

The None: Finally the scene of Kira drawing strength from his loved ones was touching. With the way he’s been acting lately it’s kind of easy to forget just how much this is still a grieving man. A man that deep down still loves his family and always will. The second and third paragraphs from the end do a very good job of summing up how I feel about Kira’s character in this story and how I see his family responding to him once they are reunited. He’s been changed, forced by circumstances to do things he’d never have done in the past but he’s still Kira. Still the man they love. And damn it now I’ve convinced myself Kira is dying by the end of this story and I really don’t want that to happen.

Anyway. This was a good chapter. One of your best I think and the build up to the rescue is going nicely. Looking forward to the action filled chapter that is coming. Until next time.

Take care,
Ninja Stars chapter 79 . 4/12/2013
Gosh... you may not update often, but when you do the chapters are beautifully written and always keep the reader interested. I've been following this series (because, realistically, what else could it be with over two million words?!) from about halfway through Chaotic Cosmos. I'm not a big reviewer because they would be repetitive for each chapter because you wow me with the depth of the world and characters you have created, albeit from the foundations of Gundam SEED/Destiny. Especially through "The Reclamation War" I find myself on the fence about who I want to ultimately win. On one hand, Kira is such a big character but the characters you have created such as Ryan and his group are so likable in that you have made them less of a character who is a cut above the rest and more of just a plain old human making his way in life. And then there is Frost and Lilia! So many different sides and perspectives to the same conflict. It is very interesting to see how they and their decisions all affect and interact with each other.
I've kinda rambled on for a while... but what I really wanted to say was don't feel pressured (maybe you aren't, who knows! :P) to churn out chapters like you have for the other stories. Although I do sometimes find myself desperately waiting for an update, the quality of your writing more than makes up for the long update waits.
Keep up the beautiful work!
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