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eknight07 chapter 30 . 8/23/2015
a preachy chapter...looks like frost and this girl lilia might have a connection...

still don't understand why frost is helping the edenites... I guess future chapters will reveal...

Thanks for sharing your story... it is a good trilogy... I just miss my girl Lacus and Mr. Waltfeld... Murue and Mwu too ... would like to see more of them...
eknight07 chapter 25 . 8/22/2015
Rey has been evolving into a more and more disgusting individual, truly... These people are supposed to represent the apex of humanity?

Are Edenites and USNs really that enslaved by SEX? if so Humanity is doomed.
eknight07 chapter 24 . 8/22/2015
huh? I don't get this chapter... Kira just did what? and he wanted to fuck who? The only reason he didn't was because he was not sure he can keep to a one night stand and not because he still love and cherishes the memory of his wife?

and the tree mode? He was soo powerful bit he was only able to save one girl?

I don't get this chapter at all...

I hope that he does not just become revengeful but stay in the path of righteousness... and keep fidelity with his family... anything less seems to cheapen what he purportedly feel for his "True Love"... Even normal human being are able to abstain for years after the death of their truly beloved here barely over a month and he is already thinking of sleeping around... WTF? Edenites are they really Hedonites? I don't know if Kira should stoop to that level... To me does not seem right to Kira (will have proven he did learn from his past mistakes with Flay - and that was a bad situation... If barely a month into the death of his wife and family he is already contemplating THAT with a Lacus look-alike...) Kira should have more respect for himself that that... 30 plus year old guy and can't control his libido... or what not..craaaaazy!

Also, like the huge power-up... I guess he will prove durandal wrong about the role of one man and the difference one person can make...

I still can't believe that Lacus is dead and Akira and Aoi too... I thought they would have more kids and live a quiet, happy, secluded life... It really sucks that my fav female character is not in any of this chapters... I miss her and her kids too... They seem far more interesting than the Allister kid... He is just acting like some pampered prince... I want to know more about how Akira and Aoi are like... I hope I get to know even in flashbacks... I really wished they got the chance the chance for more kids and happy moments int he future.
eknight07 chapter 22 . 8/22/2015
What the heck... A Lacus look-alike fangirl is going to replace Lacus? I hope not...

Lacus had been and always will be my fav of the Gundam princesses... For her husband to just replace her with another girl so quick (what less than 6 weeks) seems a disservice to his true love...

But, I guess... I will reserve further comments until I read further... I hopeKira is strong enough to stay true to the memories of his family. I don't really b;;ame hime for his reaction to The Tree. I am still trying to figure out where Lacus and his kids fall into all this...
eknight07 chapter 15 . 8/22/2015
seriously... This Frost fetish ... was cute several chapter ago.. but, not it is just going beyond the pale...

Why are the bad guys the only ones taking all "W"s and the good guys stockpiling on the "L"s... This is seriously sick...

Frost ... Frost needs to just die.. swallowed in his darkness... This is Sick..
eknight07 chapter 14 . 8/22/2015
Why are all the bad guys the one getting featured here... not sure how this advance the main story...Yeah, Frost is a maniac.. we all know that already... I think the showing more examples of how depraved he is really not doing anything to move ahead the plot...

It is really sickening, though... Of there is anyone who needs to get theirs it is definitely this guy... It would be a neat trick if he could turn around and be the sacrificial lamb, "Alta Christi", the messiah who in the end by his sacrifice will play a pivotal role in saving humanity. That would be rich... But, I guess just as Jesus had the 2 thieves with him on Cavalry... The pure light who will conquer the darkness pervasive now in the world and growing worse will need .. converts , :The good thief" to help show the way...:)

Gosh, Kira is really in a bad place. I really hope Lacus comes back soon with the Kiddoes... She is the true source of light... She will be needed to provide that radiance to the world... I am still in shock and can't believe she is dead. That really shocked me even more than the horrible events that has happened to the Zalla Atthas and all the other C-rap Frost is doing...
eknight07 chapter 12 . 8/22/2015
What the hell... Frost is a true psycho... Makes me a bit relieved that Lacus and her kids are safe from this jack hole.

This dude really need to get his comeuppance... serious... Just being in isolation is not enough he needs a serious beat down.
eknight07 chapter 10 . 8/21/2015
Geez... The hits just keep on hitting for Kira... Way to keep a man down...

Ouch... This is a HELLUVA Plot Twist.. Serious...

Thanks for the reassurance regarding the handling of Lacus and kids death plot twist. I hope she is not really dead but just being protected somehow from some seriously nefarious, super powerful level baddies and will come back and together with her husband and kiddos will usher the second coming with a blinding display of righteous judgement and determination and fire to win the day at the end... and have like 5 more kids or something... of and of course live happily ever after...

But, it really looks the period of darkness is definitely front and center now. and about to get worse... This really is messed up... But good for the plot to get darker.. I guess paint it black it is then.

Thank you for sharing your story...
eknight07 chapter 9 . 8/21/2015
What the heck! Lacus Dead? and so are the kiddos? WTF!

No freaking way. LACUS is my favorite character so far... and she gets snuff out in chapter 9... WHAT THE?

All you villians and antagonists always seem to survive and you kill my most fav female character in the whole gundam world... I'm speechless...

This is one sick plot twist ( I mean that in a positive and a not positive way... ). With Kira's anchor gone he is definitely going to go off the rocker... Nooo... Love Righteous Kira... Hate Avenging Kira... This sucks.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/21/2015
OMG... NOOOO WAY! Lacus and the kids dead? No way... Bad-ass Lacus was my favorite character in this whole (BDT)-Big damn Trilogy... and she died?

Whaaat? I hope there is a plot twist because she can't die... I mean... This is just a plot twist to ... oh my... make Kira break down and kick ass?

So, cruel if so... Kira has suffered enough... Gosh... I guess he is up for more pain and this time without the healing touch of his true love...

Please... Please... Please... I sincerely hope that Lacus will not be replaced by some pale imitation or an impersonator copy... I hope Kira will remain faithful to Lacus ... and remain on the side of the righteousness and not vengeance...

I doubt it though as he might be unbalance right now... I just hope he does not become a man whoring vengeance machine... That would be sad and a real travesty... a pity too... but I guess that Darkness was always was with Kira and only the pure healing light of Lacus was ever the only thing that preserved the essence of the Ideal Kira that Kira always wanted to be, a man of peace, a kind and loving father husband, brother and individual... Now all has been taken from him... So, I guess, we will see how he will turn out...
Guest chapter 82 . 8/20/2015
Is Lacus really dead? and also her babies? I hope not.
dumb guy chapter 18 . 3/26/2015
this is a terrible book.
throw it in the dumpster.
Asmus chapter 76 . 3/5/2015
Crap, posted the review by accident.

Now, where was I...

Yes, if the USN decides to treat the captured civilians in all accordance to the rules, then this defeat will be an even greater blow to Eddie morale. If they see that USN isn't exterminating their fellow Eddies, it will be more tempting to surrender in future battles. Now that there is a way out of the war, I think the less determined people will start considering taking it. It's easy to fight to the death when extermination is all you'll get if you lose, but if the enemy is willing to let you surrender and sit out the war in a PoW camp...

What makes this interesting is that the leaders on both sides will realize this. USN will realize that there is a way to defeat Eddies without having to fight determines warriors all the time, whereas Eddies, especially the Clave, will have to deal with the problem of not having a fanatically determined fanbase anymore. People will be less willing to commit atrocities when you can't wave the "this is a fight for survival" flag anymore.

People like the Shark part will certainly be happy about it, since it means that more Eddies will be willing to sit down for peace talks. Hell, even Mori, considering what they are preparing for, will prefer to put an end to the war.

For Sai, however, things will be problematic. He wants, needs the war to continue. Therefore, I am certain he will do something stupid to ensure the war doesn't come to an end.
Asmus chapter 83 . 3/5/2015
I guess it's about time I left a review for the chapter.

For obvious reasons I did enjoy it quite a bit. The part with Chris was a bit underwhelming, though that's because when you have all sorts of duels going on around, reading about one character fighting against grunts loses a bit of the impact.

Then again, considering how outdated his Templar is and how poorly it was suited for a direct, frontline battle, he did an excellent job. I also liked the wordplay with his name you put in.

Now, the introduction of both Arthon and Roland was good. However, it was still suffering from your occasional tendency to get a bit wordy. You always do a good job at explaining the background or describing what is going on, but there are times when I get the feeling you are repeating yourself. That does not mean you should cut it down to a single sentence description. Instead, maybe shave off around a quarter from the word count when describing something. Unless it's a super important, crucial plot point, you don't need to describe it in extreme detail. Save something for later, especially the minor stuff.

As for the characters themselves, they both seem to be pretty solid. Arthon, to some degree, does remind me slightly of Cyprus. An aura of professionalism and with all sorts of crap in his past. It's also nice to see someone from Mori who uses their head for something more than helmet filling.

The best part of the chapter was obviously the duel. It's fights like this that remind me why I like your stories so much. I think this is going to be one of my favorite battles, after that epic Shinn vs Yzak fight in ED. The reason why I liked this fight was because how close it was. Both pilots were pretty much evenly matched. It was hard to say who was better and it was that uncertainty that made it awesome. Most of the time, it's easy to tell who would win, since one side is obviously superior, and that takes a lot of suspense out of the fight.

Also, the way you made the fight so visceral, so damned brutal, was excellent. When was the last time we saw Mobile Suits tearing each other apart in an even match? Once again, that Shinn vs Yzak fight comes to mind. I can't wait to see what happens next time Roland and Arthon meet.

As for the Balors, while the deployment did have a fair amount of style to it, that initial scene was pretty much it. Sure, they are cool and awesome, but it is difficult to appreciate it when you have them pushing around ordinary grunts, with no real opposition in sight. Out of all three, I'd say that Bahamut is my favorite, with Stella's Tiamat as the least favorite.

Anyway, time to do some speculation. Now that the fight for Urbanis is over, things will get problematic for Eddies. Especially if they also lose Borealis. Defeat alone is an unpleasant thing. However, if the USN decides to use this golden opportunity to treat the captured civilians
Sad Face chapter 83 . 3/2/2015
I will admit that you proved me wrong, if you remember, I commented in December calling you out about not caring about your fans and being more concerned with The World of Gundam Fights RPG (or whatever it is called) then the actual story. And when I say I was wrong, I mean I was only partly wrong and, surprisingly, kind of right.

What do I mean by this? Well since i was an asshole last time and just called you out on bullshit, I have decided I will do it again. Yet this time, I will attempt to be more cordial and not end it with a "Go fuck yourself"...since it is clear you do appreciate your fans...just some more then others. Which ones? The one who frequent your forums of COURSE. After all, you just added SEVERAL more characters from these Amion said, this is a slippery slope. Is this even going to be even your STORY when everything is said and done?

Why you have decided to add more characters to an already LARGE cast and a LONG story is beyond me. We do not get enough time with the actual canon characters and the better OC ones you have created. And in this stage in the game, I find it pointless adding people like Roland, Chris, ect. Notice how all your reviewers are commenting on the CHARACTERIZATION of these people. Why are they doing that? Shouldn't they be commenting on the, idk, THE story? You moving the plot along? Everyone is so hung up on the new characters (that aren't even yours), that it is taking away from what, started out as a direct and forthcoming story tale of RECLAMATION.

This story has gone on for so long, you have taken so many breaks to write on that RPG, that...well...I feel you have lost your way. To what extent? I will let you reflect on that...yet, I am going to show you something that will at least make you consider that maybe these new characters are a mistake and that you are getting lost in the Golden Age...

"I'm trying to avoid creating "filler" type chapters where nothing important to the plot happens. Though since I have so many different plots, I guess its just making sure they all get the proper nurturing, that's the problem."

Guess who wrote that? You did. On chapter 68, The Meaning of Triage. Now apply that same concept to these characters... and now they have now added MORE PLOTLINES. Do you see my point and CONCERN? I fully expect authors to evolve WITH their content. The problem is that you seem to have gotten lost. You cannot see where this story ends and where you begin. You feel like you can add these characters because, why not? Everything else seems to be going well, so why not keep going?

The characters that we love and you doing new and interesting things with the canon characters is why we read this story! I am not going to pretend this is the original cast's tale anymore, but this is certainly not the time to be adding characters like these. Especially when they could have been easily replaced by references to Stargazer characters, or a few others who have disappeared over the course of this trilogy (Amy? Anyone? Anyone remember her?).

Now, I do appreciate the updates and you are still using the Gundam Seed characters in cool ways when they are actually PRESENT, but I think adding these new characters is a mistake. The worst part is, no one is going to tell you it is...since those reviewing you and patting you on the back ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO GAVE YOU THE CHARACTERS TO START WITH!

When I said you have gotten lost in the Golden Age, I also meant that you have gotten lost in the fanbase. An author needs to distance him/herself from the fans, it allows you to write what you want and not what they want. Are you that far gone? I don't think so, especially since I have a habit of speaking in hyperbole... but something seems different now in your writing...and it is concerning...

I don't want this story to turn into you Maderfole. I don't want you reclaiming what was lost... and that is your ability to tell a focused story.
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