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Talonis Wolf chapter 80 . 12/20/2014
You know, the name ''Frost'' does him Justice- it implies a slow, cold, calculating,unstoppable force which will eventually chill you to the bone, regardless of your attempts otherwise.

At first glance, Frost looks like a fury of action, instinctual. But every move is calculated to cause the fall of his enemies in the end, to make them a non-threat to his objective. Nowheres do you see this better then this chapter, where Frost is fighting for a goal unrelated to himself...
Asmus chapter 80 . 12/20/2014
Okay, here we go. Haven't done this in a long while, so I might be a bit rusty.

You know, this is probably the first time I didn't grit my teeth in frustration when I saw Kira. Though it's still debatable whether that's because I haven't read your story for so long. Anyway, I finally saw him struggle, unable to insta-win the battle, and basically doing his best to just do something productive. It is a pleasant change from the tiresome god mode we've seen in the previous chapters. Therefore kudos on that part.

The rest of the battle was as usual, high quality action from multiple viewpoints. We were treated to the thoughts and emotions of combatants from both sides. My favorite part was probably the one with Spyro. Didn't expect him to get a scene of his own. Not to mention that, but they actually didn't fare that bad against Frost. Granted, they still lost, more or less, but it felt like Frost had to work for the win. However, I am more interested to see how the Stormhounds will handle Frost. Sure, he can shrug off projectile wounds, but beam blasts are supposed to be an entirely different story.

The best scene overall was the part with Lexi. I like the AI and it's always nice to see her getting more development. A little more and people will start to argue whether or not she is a person like everyone else. Though an AI with emotions is a mixed bag, since we all know how powerful some emotions can be. I am also starting to wonder whether Frost's little project of teaching Lexi about emotions won't backfire at him, when Lexi starts using her processing power to think not only with pure logic, but also learns how to take emotion based decisions in consideration.

I do however, have to point out one flaw in the chapter and that's about Alicia "Trueblade" and Aedan. Again you introduced them in the story like old characters. And while they are certainly known characters for those who play the RP, some readers might get confused. Not all readers play the game, so the sudden introduction of characters the reader is supposed to know can be rather confusing.

Look back at how you introduced Lazlo, the unfortunate Direcat rider. Or Adolf, that arrogant entrepreneur from the very start of the story. Or, check your previous stories when you introduced new characters. Those are good examples on how to do that. Why not use a system that works?
Amion chapter 80 . 12/20/2014
Nice to have you back, Maderfole, and in top form. An excellent chapter with beautiful prose. I should say I can wait for next chapter, because I guess I have no alternative:C

Great battle choreography, even for you and your usual high standards. This piece was the best I've read in a long while. It got a bit slow only in one or two spaces, and most of the time that was focusing on very interesting stuff, like the Kindred biology and Espadon's internal thoughts. Love those.

The best parts of this chapter were the first scenes with Frost's monologue (Because it was almost pure poetic epicness) and the hanger battle.

Also, on a personally satisfying note, you named this chapter Waltz of the Wrathful. Did you mention that before? I always thought that was the intended name for some reason, so I may have heard it on the forum. *Shrugs*

Now, we all sit back and await with baited breath to see if the next update is soon.
Why Hello There chapter 79 . 12/19/2014
2 Years. I've checked every single day for two years and finally, here we have an update. It's almost religious-esque. And also ensures I'll be following this for as damn long as it takes to finish. However many more years that is.
Quiet0ne chapter 80 . 12/18/2014

The Authorlord is risen.

I will provide a more sensible review later, at the moment I'm to hyped up to even begin to.

Alicia and Aedan are finally here! And lots of fun psychic stuff and more kindred anatomy, and and and...

I may have a wee case of Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny right now. Hmm.

In any case awesome chapter. Though now that you've proven you can still write good luck taking another hiatus without someone kicking your door down. : P
Maffu313 chapter 80 . 12/18/2014
Holy crap, an update! YAYYYYYYY!
Sad Face chapter 1 . 12/1/2014
yeah...i refuse to accept the fact that you simply aren't around anymore. The fact of the matter is your seem to care more about the World of Gundam Battle then this story...which simply pisses me off to no end.

If you don't care about your fans that much, that's fine. But it annoys me to see so many people begging for some kind of update...and you simply cannot be bothered. Go fuck yourself Maderfole.
Solphage chapter 79 . 10/7/2014
please continue the story
Korskarn chapter 79 . 9/22/2014
Last update april 2013... Please, Maderfole, don't give up and post a new chapter !
Callum Agnew chapter 79 . 9/4/2014
Hey, been so long since we've heard anything, if you aren't going to finish, how about just a summary with the plot points? Invested so much time and have enjoyed these stories far more than anything else over the years, would be amazing just to have some closure. Hope you are still around man.
Liveiindiez chapter 1 . 7/27/2014
So this story is dead? Damn...that was a lot of time spent reading this only to never get an ending...
jwillie206 chapter 79 . 5/10/2014
Archangel chapter 79 . 4/29/2014
Nope. Not Archangel. Just hoping that by simply putting that name down you will actually read this and hear me out.

I have taken upon myself to say this: but (as I am sure you know) it has been over a year since your last update. I don't know if your heart problems have gotten worse/better, but is your personal life so it is up to you what to share with us.

I just wanted to talk to you man to man, Maderfole.

This is one of those stories I keep coming back to BECAUSE I have been with it for so long. It was an inspiration for me to write my own story and to keep reading fanfics in general. Maderfole you have given me hours upon hours of entertainment and despite how this story seemed to be coming together for one killer climax, I realize that it probably isn't one of your priorities. But the lack of an ending doesn't take away from this story. I will still always love it.

But I have given up hope for an update.

That might sound like I am mad or disappointed (well maybe the latter, simply because of how much I love this story), but that isn't completely true. I just have to close the book on this story and move on. Your writing comes from the Golden Age (see what I did there?) of Gundam Seed fanfiction. There was so much good, bad, and just plain weird stuff coming out during 2011-2012 that THIS was the place to be! Remember all those people asking you to Beta read their stuff? A certain girl named Eclipse? That guy who challenged you thinking he could write a better story? Gundam Seed Dauntless? So much creativity! You made the forum what it was! It was a great time to be a Gundam Seed fan!

Hell I STILL push your story on others, because I think what you wrote should be shared with every Gundam fanatic.

That being said, I am not going to keep holding out for a new chapter or even an update. The average reader probably isn't following your story anymore, your forum is on its last legs, and most of the new reviews are the few people catching up (I wonder how long they will stick around?).

In fact, I don't even know if you read these reviews anymore (hence the lie at the beginning)...but I hope you are.

Stephen King once wrote that every writer should tell their story for themselves and I hope you have made your peace with yours...especially if you are done writing it.

I will say this though (and I am going to be completely selfish here) but if you are done, if you are finished. If you don't think you have the time or energy to keep writing this epic...I, and I know others, would love a final summary of the plot-points and what was going to happen (you said you had an ending and several parts planned out).

For the few who have stuck around for all these years, who have written reviews under various personas and gotten into creative arguments, I am going to be a dick and say you owe those reviewers that (I am not including myself, I don't deserve to be included in that list). But idk how they feel...

I WILL speak for the average reader and say it would be wonderful to have some closure. Just something to think about.

You seem to be a fan of a Song of Ice and Fire, so I will end with this:

"Now my watch has ended."

I will let other readers keep pestering you for an update.

Best of luck,

Connor Parafist
Talonis Wolf chapter 79 . 4/19/2014
Wow. I finally caught up!

The capture and interrogation of Lilia was excellent way of showing just how much Frost had really changed her- well played, well played.

And going further back, I wonder if it's a coincidence that both Gorefin and 'The Desert Tiger' were at the same beach... it wouldn't surprise me to see those two understand each other well enough to get along. They both have that predatory instinct, that cold logic , while still being loyal to those they serve for, and the ideals those they serve represent.

And the confrontation with Sai and Kira was well written! It also served to remind the reader how they both changed since the Isolation War.

I look forward to reading more of your excellent work!

Talonis Wolf, Out.
Talonis Wolf chapter 37 . 4/8/2014
...Kira is friends with a Sea Monster.

*evil grin*

Only he could get a uber-powerful, sentient, and somewhat arrogant sea monster to be good friends! It's so Kira, even despite his personality changes.

It also gives the Chimera more 'humanity' on top of that scene with the Three Current Chimera meeting. Something that they desperately needed up to this point in the story.
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