Reviews for The Golden Age: Reclamation War
LightningEarl chapter 14 . 7/28/2010
Before I start my review, I want to clarify something... Are Edenites/Ultimate Coordinators immune to mental disorders? Because recently, my parents' friend, became mentally disturbed after losing his family similar to how Kira lost his(The only difference is that his family died not in a forest fire, but more like in a wildfire). Really tall grasses(We call it "talahib" here in the philippines) suddenly flared, burning his wife and kids to death. He survived albeit receiving third degree burns. We thought he was just grieving when he locked himself up in their house and that he didn't want to go to the funeral because it was too painful for him to bear but when it was time to bury his family, he still wouldn't go out so some of his friends forced their way in and they found out that the guy still believes that his family is still alive. Poor guy...

On to the Review...

Part 1: F*cked Up Confrontation

You know what stinks more than the crap I nearly stepped on this morning? Alkire/Raine's way of detaining Kira for further questioning. Archangel2385, I feel the same way as you do, comrade.(I hope you don't mind me calling you that... After all, we believe in the same thing) Someone better award Raine/Alkire for being such assholes during the confrontation. The gap between Kira and other Naturals is too big, too big for Naturals to understand how Kira feels right now. And seriously, living children whom you've interacted with for yearsDead ones.

The confrontation should have left me angry but alas, this will become a very good steppingstone for Dark Kira. I hope Alkire and Raine dies one of these days. I just don't appreciate them anymore like I did during the last two books. They seem so dull to me now, like, they're just there to fill up some space.

Part 2: Gory Goodness

I am utterly speechless. YES FROST! You are the MAN! Go mess up that pretty boy's face! And I love the nailgun part. Crucifying someone the modern way. Yum. Oh wait, will Athrun live? I hope he does, so he can remember the pain, the suffering and of course, the terror. I hope he survives by turning into an Edenite. That, my friend, will be satisfying. Turning into something he couldn't accept, his wife couldn't accept, his people couldn't accept will be the best punishment for him. What bliss it will bring! *evil laughs*

Oh, I could not not mention the gumline part. That was really painful... Believe me, been there done that. The dentist was burning some of my gums when the EFFING ANESTHESIA EFFING WORN OFF. It was a good thing I handle pain weirdly. My eyes went wide, my body went stiff and rigid but I didn't scream or threw a tantrum. Fortunately, there was an anesthetist nearby and injected the anesthesia real fast.

Rihaku chapter 14 . 7/27/2010
I don't own Gundam Seed.

~~Ohoho, it's a mystery! Who can figure it out?

The Seer's Parables, Part I

"And yet that is exactly what you have demanded of me, isn't it, Siegal?" Patrick Zala's voice was gravelly and his words slightly slurred. His body reeked of gin, and Siegal Clyne despaired of pulling his old friend back into the light of reason again. This last blow had come hard, too hard, and too fast. When he thought of Athrun...but no. Siegal shook his head. It wouldn't do to underestimate his friend, not when Siegal himself had recovered from the loss of Elaine. He refused to believe that his closest compatriot was any less of a man than he. If Siegal could drag himself out of the abyss, then Patrick could as well.

Hadn't they made a promise, all those years ago? Patrick had affixed him with those cold, powerful eyes and promised that he would never let Siegal surpass him, not as a leader, not as a man. The patriarch of the Clyne family let out a sigh. What was it about the deaths of wives that made him so nostalgic?

He cleared his throat and met Patrick's somewhat unsteady gaze. "All I've asked is that you refuse to give in to hatred and irrationality, Patrick. You know that anger causes more problems than it solves. You've seen it."

Patrick Zala uttered a bitter laugh and contemplated his drinking glass. "You want to know what I think of them? You want to know what I really think of them?"

"Naturals are the worst possible species of humankind with the potential to form a society. This isn't imbecilic prejudice or irrational condescension; it's fact. Anyone who has rigorously considered the implications of evolutionary theory will have come to the same conclusion. The moment - the instant! - a species becomes emotionally stable and intelligent enough to form a civilization, selection pressure will ensure it happens. That species will possess only the barest _minimum_ of discipline and intellect necessary to hack together a primitive gathering. The species does not even need to be mature to consistently form a society - it only needs to be lucky enough for one civilization to form. Once it has, the snowball principle of power takes care of the rest. Humans are MONKEYS with the barest slivers of reason necessary to develop the tools of social control - operant conditioning and tyranny. Noncivilized species cannot hope to compete against organized and extelligent ones. The resource-consuming and territory-claiming instincts of all large mammals allowed no measure of mercy. The Great Extinction caused by human civilization happened in a geological and evolutionary eyeblink."

Patrick inhaled. "They are the basest form of life that could have achieved society. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they're beasts with delusions of consciousness. Their instincts and base desires control their conscious mind near-completely, especially in the long term. The few who rise up are almost inevitably dragged down into the muck of communal mediocrity. So poorly adapted to civilized life, so inherently xenophobic and weak, stupid without consciousness of their own stupidity, selfish and self-serving, incapable of fighting their own emotions, slaves to their genome in a way far more profound than we will ever be. Do they really interest you so much, Siegal? Are you really so devoted to the base lifeforms from which we were derived? They belong in the Stone Age - that's the environment they were evolved for. In these times? They belong in a zoo. "

Siegal was prepared for this, but nonetheless, the venom in Patrick's words hit him like a hammer-blow. The cold, proud, analytical hate that had consumed Patrick's soul was not unexpected, but though Siegal had long learned to control his emotions, he was not impervious to them. He felt a weakness in his chest, a hollowness near his heart. Had Patrick really fallen so far, so quickly? To see Naturals as little more than animals, to regard them as humans regarded monkeys and chimpanzees...but Patrick had to realize that Coordinators were really not all that different. Siegal understood instinctively that Patrick's hate was deployed not just against the Naturals, but against all humans, most heavily of all against himself.

"It doesn't matter how crude or cruel we are, Patrick. It doesn't matter that we're more often than not ruled by desires we never wanted. Those are all things we can't control. What will brooding on them accomplish? We can't control the circumstances of our birth. We can only-"

"Yes, yes, make the world better for those yet unborn. Rawls would be thrilled, Siegal. But these Natural dogs let their bestial hate and blind idiocy take MY Lenore! How would you feel, Siegal, if a rabid dog mauled Lacus? Would you hate it any less because it had no control over its actions?"

Siegal inhaled. "And what would hating it do, Patrick? What would killing it do? Would it reverse the harm done? Harm doesn't heal. You can't save someone from death by killing their murderer."

"You can kill the one who would have killed them first," Patrick sulked.

Siegal's face softened. "I think we trick ourselves into believing that. It is not an easy thing to kill a man, even an unresisting one. It is a far harder thing to predict the future. One mistake is all that's required, and everyone makes mistakes, Patrick. If we are to rise above our instincts, the instincts you think so base and so vile-"

"I know. I know, I know, I know." Patrick looked defeated, slumped against his chair. "We've tread this territory before. I won't mince words. You want to know why it's impossible for me to let go of my hatred for the Earth and its...people. Okay. I'll tell you why."

"I don't want to stop hating them! If I forgive them, what will Lenore's death mean? A pointless and tragic footnote in history? Meaningless! Spineless! WEAK! I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE LONG-TERM GOOD, SIEGAL! I DON'T CARE ABOUT RIGHT AND WRONG, FAIR AND UNFAIR, EQUAL AND UNEQUAL! War is hell. War is cruelty. Well, fine with me. I'll gladly accept hell if I can bring it to them. I don't CARE about myself! I. WANT. THEM. TO. SUFFER!" Patrick's fist was clenched; the glass had shattered. Clear, sharp shards had sunk into his tanned palm; rivulets of blood ran through his fingers. The sound of his breathing, labored and heavy, filled the room. His face, eyes wide and pupils shrunk to burning dots, mouth locked in a nightmare rictus of raw hate, was enough to send a chill through Siegal's breast.

Patrick chuckled and turned to Siegal, eyes refocusing. "And, Siegal? Every Coordinator in the PLANTs feels the same way right now. You, for all your iron self-control, feel the same way right now. You want it too. You want revenge, even though you know how pointless and hollow it will be. You took an oath when you became Supreme Chancellor. You swore to protect and to serve. And you'll do it. You'll do it gladly, knowing you could have avoided this and settled things with the Naturals, gotten concessions enough to prove we aren't weak. You're the best goddamn statesman in the earth sphere, and you'll still go to war, because in your heart, you know the truth: It is not my hate that will bring us to war, Siegal. It is your love. Your love for the people you rule...and for the people you used to rule." Patrick glanced, for the first time, at his last remaining picture of Lenore. The glass frame was cracked: a single crystalline imperfection slashed her smiling visage.

Siegal looked at his hands. "You know me too well, Patrick Zala."

"No," Patrick shook his head and stared at his drinking glass, mouth a grim line. "The only person I know is myself."
kiman1917 chapter 14 . 7/27/2010
The thing that I am most surprise at is that Raine didn't check to see if Kira had any bullet wounds on him. Even if Kira did have have a multi-personality malfunction (like the Stormhounds think) Kira would still have bullet wounds on him. They should have checked to see what the heck Kira was doing. They should now see if Kira is capable (physically not mentally... Frosts body is augmented by nanobots and quantium crystal sooo im pretty sure Kira won't be able to do that) of doing all the things that we've seen Frost do so far. Such as walk off high velocity rounds and make sure that Kira isn't around when Frost makes his next move. In fact, im sure that this is going to be Frost's undoing. Once Frost makes a move against Dearka, Yzak, Katie and Mariallia then the Stormhounds can agree that Kira had no part in these crimes as he obviously can't be in two places at the same time. Also, if Athrun survies his ordeal then he will be able to spill the beans on Frost and get Kira off the hook.

Im actually surprised that Athrun has managed to figure out that Frost is in Kira's body. Then again, everything about Frost doesn't match up with Kira's personality. Even the children could figure that out.
Archangel2385 chapter 14 . 7/27/2010
Trainwreck does not even BEGIN to describe how disastrous the Kira/Stormhound conversation turned not. Not by any fault of your own, but rather, more so based on how the Stormhounds handled everything. Yeah, more like train PILE-UP . . .

I’ve read the chapter at least 5x now & I think I’ve pinpointed where everything went to crap . . . Alkire/Raine’s diction. Had they just said, you need to come with us because you sister has been hurt, Kira’s mood would have been more reasonable than combative, instead, they approached him as a GUILTY criminal, despite not a CHAPTER ago believing him innocent! WTH? How in God’s name did they EXPECT him to act? Even humoring the ludicrous theory that he now has a split personality, why-oh-why would they essentially PROVOKE his wrath with such accusations, which is what they were. Despite all their “we don’t want to believe,” the fact is that both Alkire & Raine DID believe he was guilty, which is doubly surprising in Alkire’s case seeing as how HE was the first to set up and say the whole thing could have been faked? Un-freakin-believable. Like Kira, I almost have to laugh at it, despite not a dang thing being funny.

Then things go from bad-to-worse when Kira unintentionally belittles Alkire & Raine’s loss and here, I think both parties are equally wrong. On the one hand, NO ONE should be belittle another’s loss, but as Kira said, IT’S NOT THE SAME. Losing an unborn baby in no way, shape, or form equals having NEWTYPE CHILDREN with the deepest emotional bond IMAGINABLE and losing them. Sorry, but Alkire, Raine, who don’t know about that kind of loss. NO ONE does, or COULD possibly understand, save maybe Yzak/Katie.

And you know what the most pitiful part is, NO ONE has really supported him in his grieving. By this, I mean that dang near everyone else that has been dealing with something really traumatic and/or emotionally draining had SOME kind of release, or more to the point, found a more productive outlet for their energy . . . for Cagalli, it was her participation in the Lunar battle against the Judgment (despite the fact that her loss would have screwed up Orb just as much any independence bill failing) . . . for Dearka, it was the war of ED that largely distracted him from brooding too much about his sterility . . . for Raine, it was her time spent with her grandchildren that helped her comes to gripes . . . everyone else was supported in their decision to make more productive use of their time, which helped them bypass the grieving phase . . .

NO ONE has supported Kira. They all moan & complain about Kira shutting them out, well NEWSFLASH, all he wants to do is investigate the death of his family, AS ORB SHOULD HAVE STARTED DOING THE MOMENT THEY LEARNED OF THE TRAGEDY, and he’s been denied that by his friends & family. Instead, he’s essentially been made to either sit at home or try to “talk it over” with people whom literally CAN’T understand where he’s coming from; yes, those are mighty fine choices for helping Kira move on. I guarantee if everyone had merely supported Kira in his search for his family’s killers that they’d see more of the old Kira, but NOOO, that’s apparently beyond the abilities of Orb. Is it any wonder Kira’s hella pissed at everyone?

(Takes a deep breath) Sorry for the rant, but this is a rather emotionally charged issue, and I frankly wish his friends & family would stop acting like they know where he’s coming from. All Kira asks his help to find the killers or for his friends/family to MOVE THEM HELL OUTTA THE WAY . . .

Anyway, the part about Raine no longer being able to get pregnant sure was kinda weird, if only because I wouldn’t think her ability to produce eggs would have been impacted. More to the point, given how advanced cloning is, is it really so far beyond Orb’s ability to use the genetic material from Alkire & Raine to MAKE a child? Saying cloning is illegal sure as hell is not a good reason, seeing as how making GUNDAMS is also isn’t legal, so what’s the problem?

As for the actual fight itself, YIKES, that was some brutal combat; I can only imagine how bad it’d have been if it was (physically) 100% healthy Kira instead of zombie Kira. I’d say the Stormhounds got off lucky, though I’m worried about Alkire’s shot to the gonads, seeing as how that was A LOT of voltage there. Whatever the case may be, sending the Majors (or Colonels rather) was a HUGE mistake, they handled the entire situation wrong, and Kira is most assuredly not blameless either, but this entire situation could have been avoided if they:

a)supported Kira’s search more

b)not made it appear as if Kira was already guilty (a total 180 in Alkire’s case from just a CHAPTER ago)

I do wonder if Alkire/Raine can ever forgive Kira; a part of them has to recognize this isn’t the FIRST time Kira’s said something REALLY stupid at the worst time possible (Sai’s wedding), so I wonder if they will eventually forgive for his incident or burn the bridge that was their friendship behind them . . . PLEASE keep these chapters coming, as the CF is fracturing and the fallout will set the tone for the rest of RW . . .
Archangel2385 chapter 13 . 7/27/2010
This is the chapter I was waiting for, and boy, it did not disappoint . . .

The beginning with Lain & Stella, as well as ridiculously unlikable Mechael was really nice. I was very happy to learn that Lain has more or less been accepted (even by Auel) into Extended society, and it was very ironic learning how Extended society parallels Edenite society in some ways, namely that everyone is close in some way, shape, or form and that while outsiders can be somewhat accepted, as Sting noted way back in ED, they are never truly integrated into Extended society. Still a very pleasing development.

As for Mechael, REALLY don’t like the guy, but I have a feeling he was intended that way. I really, REALLY wish he’d run into Frost sooner. Actually, I wish way more characters, such as the Extendeds, and particularly Stella, would. Not because I necessarily wish them hard (save for Mechael, that is), but because they are all seemingly lacking in that most basic emotion of FEAR. Up to this point, they haven’t had all that much to be scared of, supremely confident in their own abilities & skills, and any meeting with THIS Frost is sure to become a major wake-up call. Basically, I just want to see some people humble, see some people TERRIFIED OUT OF THEIR FREAKIN’ MINDS. After all, that is the level of respect Frost should be given.

Speaking of Frost, all I can do now is breathe a sigh of relief, as I was SURE he’d get ALL the kids really early on in the story. The preceding Cagalli chapter illustrated in gruesome detail that the gloves are OFF, and ANYTHING GOES, so I was fully prepared to accept Frost abducting all the kids now & then “re-making” them in his own image. Naturally, I was elated to see that didn’t happen . . . yet, so I can keep my (perhaps foolish) hope alive that he never will get to them . . . yeah, that does sound like a pretty foolish sentiment, but one can dream.

Oh yeah and the bit about Frost stealing people’s memories was BRILLIANT. He’d already shown us he could do that back when he was awakened, but for some reason I forgot about it and was wonder how the hell he could pull this off when it’s plain as day to EVERYONE that knows Kira that he’s NOT Kira. I think Mwu will be the key, especially if Katie/Yzak return some time soon (just where the hell are they anyway, we’ve seen Ashino, Tamara, Lain, Stella, but no YZAK OR KATIE, blasphemous, lol) and Mwu fills them in on what he saw/experienced. Of course, this revelation appears like it will come entirely too late to prevent Kira’s exodus, but what can you do?

Glad to see Cyprus though outright REFUSING to buy Kira did it. I mean really now, are we to believe that rather than snap shortly after Lacus’ funeral that Kira would just wait till NOW to pull this? Heck, why didn’t his slap on Cagalli escalate to this immediately IF he’d lost his mind? No, I’m glad the Stormhounds are kinda suspicious that something is seriously wrong with this scenario. I just really hope Alkire has the tact to bring Kira in quietly. Doubtful, but again, one can hope . . .

Next chapter promises to be interesting, can’t wait.
Archangel2385 chapter 12 . 7/27/2010
There is only one word that can describe the devastation wrought . . . (Mortal Combat voice) BRUTALITY.

Lexi really is something else. I always find her “fleshie” interactions to be highly amusing, and even with Frost, it is no exception, though I am a bit stumped as to how you can make a machine feel REAL fear. Granted, Charon DID seem slightly disturbed by Frost’s intentions for the CF children, so there is at least some precedent, but REAL emotion, much less fear . . . will be interesting to see if he pulls it off.

When it comes to the chapter itself, I think the number one problem I have with it is realism. Not realism in terms of what Frost did to Cagalli, in fact, that was everything I expected and more . . . and more . . . AND MORE. I felt ironically like Athrun, trapped in a horrible dream that just . . . wouldn’t . . . END. Every time I THOUGHT he was finally finished and would leave Cagalli alone, he just kept taking it to her. Given all the close calls the CF had against Frost in CC, perhaps it’s merely karma that their luck would run out, but DANG, that was just . . . BRUTAL. And then to end it with rape . . . I mean . . . I’m just . . . at a loss for words, apparently.

But returning to the issue I alluded to earlier, all that Frost did has severely jeopardized Cagalli’s realistic future development as a character. Simply put, THIS should be her breaking point. I’ve already voiced my concern to you about how close you’ve been treading to making Cagalli unbelievable as a human being due to her resilience to mental trauma. Here, I am not voicing concern, here, I am telling you that if she does recover in any measurable way from this incident, I don’t know if I’ll ever accept it. Physical trauma, as long as one is alive, can be dealt with, particularly in a fictional world as advanced as RW, where minds can be stored on disc & dinosaurs can be resurrected from extinction. Mental trauma on the other hand, has a very real limit, and I think in this chapter, you’ve stepped over Cagalli’s line. Prior to this, she already had to deal with the death of BOTH her fathers, an unending Spiffy problem, AND the Noah/Meyrin psychic storm, and despite all of this, she managed a full recovery (in terms of resuming life as a functional human being) . . . if she manages even a HALF recovery from torture of this magnitude, she will no longer be remotely relatable as a human being, but rather seen for the fictional character she is, because any recovery just doesn’t seem realistic in the slightest. I have faith in your writing, and you haven’t stirred wrong yet, but you appear to be barreling toward a cliff and I really want to stop you before you go over the edge here . . .

On a much lighter note (thank GOD you ended the chapter in a more positive fashion), I was elated to see the progress Tamara has made with Ashino. Truth be told, I think I’m now fully behind the Ash/Tam pairing instead of the Ash/Jean pairing, if for no other reason than Tamara just is a much more interesting character than Jean. Perhaps I’ll have to read CC & ED to get a more proper appreciation, but Tamara is just . . . cooler. And I fully believe that if she had met Ashino first, she would have been everything (and more) to him than Jean was. So yeah, here’s hoping this pairing makes it through. Kinda doubtful, seeing as how I could easily see you having Tamara sacrifice herself for either Ashino OR Jean (don’t ask me how, but I have that feeling), but I really hope not. Hell, I REALLY hope Ashino sacrifices himself for or just SHOWS Tamara in some significant way that he really does LOVE (not like) her.

But enough of the dreaming shipper, I liked this chapter, despite what the dire straits it’s left Cagalli’s character in, it was a helluva a solid chapter overall . . .
Archangel2385 chapter 11 . 7/27/2010
I swear, NO ONE seems to know who they are messing with these days? (shakes head)

As predicted & alluded to, Yggdrasil (along with the Forest Prince & Sai) was behind the Clynatos’ abduction . . . and I really don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, there’s what I “should” feel, and then what I currently feel. On the one hand, what they are doing is one of THE cruelest things you can do, particularly to a fellow Newtype, and Sai, more than anyone else, should understand this, which suggests I should be appalled. But on the other hand, Sai is & has always been, if nothing else, a pragmatist, which normally would upset me, but I can’t be because the BOTTOM LINE is THEY ARE STILL ALIVE, which automatically waters my seed of hope that the Clynatos will be happily united . . . some day. With Kira (and the rest of Clynatos for that matter) be ultra-pissed at Yggdrasil & the Praetorians, sure; Kira might even happily expose Yggdrasil itself to White EDEN if he ever found out, but that’s many chapters away, though his reaction to this news sure will be volcanic to say the least.

Something I’ve been wondering more & more about Sai’s (and Leviathan’s, for that matter) telekinetic powers is, can it be blocked in any way? It would appear on, as I’ve never heard of anyone being able to really shield mental energy that’s become physical. Granted, we haven’t had any real encounters by 2 powerful telekinetics, but I do wonder if it’s possible, because if not, they are easily THE most broken individuals in all of RW, though interestingly enough, so is arguably WEAKER in an MS than outside, because you’d think it’d be harder to directly target another human body telekinetically in the midst of MS combat. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

I also wonder how the Clynatos are being held. For some reason, I’m picturing them being all strapped down, with a drip set up that feeds that a constant stream of Death Stalker venom 24/7 while the Forest Prince sits closely by, resonating with one or more Latent does to ensure the family link is not re-established . . .

As for Durandel, well his outstanding arrogance is principally why I started the review with that statement. I mean really Gil, HAVE YOU NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION? It’s VERY easy for “one man” to change freakin’ HISTORY. We’ve seen it happen MULTIPLE times in CC and ED; hell, Gil ASPIRES to be the “one man” to change the course of humanity for generations to come, and he doesn’t have the record Kira does for saving/changing the world. Truly, his arrogance is most satirical, as it truly would be funny, if it just weren’t so . . . STUPID. And I can understand Noah warning Gil, because even if I hate Gil, I’d warn him to. There are simply some things that you shouldn’t even DREAM of doing, and this is most assuredly one of them. Oh well, let Gil learn the hard way, I just hope the hard way isn’t Kira killing Rey or Talia somehow . . . okay, Rey I wouldn’t mind, but Talia, I would be somewhat sad.

It was really nice to see Meyrin again, and especially to know that she’s still going somewhat strong. I was also pleasantly surprised to see her maintaining an above-average level of fitness . . . good . . . that will make the eventual jailbreak all the more exciting. Man-oh-man, when everyone at that F.E.A.R. facility does break out, there will be hell to pay, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the BCPUs took over during the fall of JIHAD. (shivers) Dang, I can’t wait . . .

As for the end, I hope Cagalli & Athrun enjoyed their last little romp in the sheets, because I can’t see them having another happy moment for much of RW.

Also, that whole “space-monster” remark by Allister REALLY irks me. As Black man, I am not, nor can I ever visualize myself being, okay with ANYONE using the N-word, and the same applies with space monster. It is a derogatory & inflammatory term and in my eyes, WILL ALWAYS BE a slur, so I felt some kinda way about its casual use by Allister, and then CAGALLI. And what’s more, the Coordinators present weren’t bothered in the slightest. Yeah, was NOT feeling that scene in the least . . .

Anyway, let the Nightmare on Orb Streets commence . . .
Archangel2385 chapter 10 . 7/27/2010
You gotta be freakin’ KIDDING? Yes, that is my initial & still most prominent reaction to this chapter . . .

First off, you did a great job capturing the emotion of practically everyone involved, even Hiero, who didn’t even KNOW Lacus like that. That said, it felt like the funeral was kinda lacking, at least the private ceremony. I guess I expected to hear someone make a speech or something, similar to what we got when Vlad & James died. I mean, this is LACUS’S funeral after all. Didn’t really necessarily detract from the chapter, but it did feel kinda odd all the same.

That said, what has got me so ticked off is Cagalli & Orb’s reaction regarding the incident, which is utterly incredulous. Do they HONESTLY expect us to believe that they can build 10 meter Gundams in secret, but can’t sneak ONE squad of Stormhounds out to New EDEN to investigate Rex Lodge? I call utter BULL CRAP. HELLO, New EDEN is not monitored anywhere NEAR well enough for Durandel to notice Kira and even 20 Stormhounds leaving Orb (by underwater, if they are oh-so concerned about stealth), so don’t give me this BS excuse about it can’t be done, because it can.

Furthermore, a WMD was just unleashed on Earth that seemingly targets Edenites and yet they are MORE worried about the passage of a BILL to secure independence. Are they SERIOUS? Again, IF they really believe it wasn’t a natural forest fire, I’d THINK it’d be their responsibility as fellow HUMAN BEINGS to Edenites to also participate or assist in the investigation, however secretly they need to, which again, I KNOW they can do secretly. But instead, they are worried about their independence from Durandel, and while the rest of the world can just BURN. Am I exaggerating slightly, oh yes, even I, as hyped up as I am, can admit that, but it’s the freakin’ PRINCIPAL. Hell, FORGET the freakin’ world, they’d at least owe it to Lacus, Akira, and Aoi to bring their gosh-danged killers to justice, but they refuse to in favor of further a political agenda. Unbelievable, I’ve stuck with Orb through 2 canonical TV series, and over a million words of brilliant fanfiction, but I’m sorry, with this chapter, I’m officially no longer pro-Orb, this is inexcusable, and frankly, as wrong as Kira was, Cagalli is lucky to have gotten off with only a slap, because I really don’t know what I’d do if I were in Kira’s shoes.

On a lighter side, Frost’s reaction to the news was pretty dang hilarious, especially where he’s like, “You couldn’t keep her alive for a few more WEEKS?” I can perfectly picture his outrage, his voice is so clear; it’s almost as comical as when he realizes he’s been resurrected in Kira’s body and he’s talking to (a non-present) Noah going, “What’s WRONG with you?” LOL, sorry, I’m amused by some of the strangest things so time.

What was not so amusing though is what comes next, and I have chills just thinking about it . . . all-in-all, good chapter, wished there was more to the funeral scene and Orb is pissing me off something fierce, but still a good chapter.
LordRevanMandaloreofZutara chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
Upon further reflection, I feel that the Stormhounds should be slapped upside the head. They allowed emotion to cloud their judgment and have irrevocably damaged their working relationship with Kira. Here is what we know.

The year is 85 CE, and the level of sophistication in technology is high. It is not impossible to fake finger prints. Also, there is a substance that can change DNA on a fundamental level, Green EDEN. This makes all DNA evidence found suspect now since one cannot be sure if it has been changed by Green EDEN (there may be ways, I don’t know, still it should make the Stormhounds stop and think really hard), then we have Kira hitting Cagalli. Yes, he hit her, so what? If women want equality then give them equality. But that also means that social rules that grant them special courtesies (not being hit, pulling the doors open for them, etc) should be thrown out too. Cagalli ticked Kira off severely. It is understandable why she did it, but just because one can understand why she did it does not mean one has to agree with her. And Cagalli was actually the one at fault. Kira told her to leave him alone, to respect his personal space. She ignored him. In the process she was backhanded, hardly a malious action considering what Kira’s punches can do. It was an accident, one that Cagalli was at fault for causing. Hitting her does not mean that Kira is going crazy. In fact I think that is one of the sanest things he has ever done. (Go Kira, go Kira, go Kira! Take her down, strip her of her power! Throw her in the dungeon!)

Also, I feel that Alkire and Raine should have given Kira the benefit of the doubt, if they were trying to solve this peacefully. As much as I despise him, Kira has saved Orb’s bacon more times then I can count. I think that counts for something in times like these. You know the whole, don’t bite the hand that feeds you thing. I mean just how ungrateful can these people be? They are his friends and yet they are turning on him like Benedict Arnold turned on us Americans. Where is the loyalty? Where is the family/friendly love? I can only shake my head and the shallowness of their devotion to each other.

And Raine really ticks me off here. Anything taken out of context can be condemning. If I was quoting that Roman emperor who wished all humanity had one neck, but someone else said to another person that I said “I wish humanity had but one neck so I could kill them all with one strike (or however it goes)” then they would make out like I was a wannabe killer, and they would be dead wrong. The fact that she and Alkire reacted so badly to Kira’s words shows how unprofessional they are being right now. Cy should have handled First Contact, not these two bozos. He would have had the decency to hear Kira out and not blame him senselessly for these acts.

I just had a thought. Is Raine being an aggressive feminist here? Because Kira did not punch Cagalli in the jaw, he backhanded her, after he told her not to touch him and to get away from him. Yes, I think that is the problem. Raine is being a feminist and is blaming Kira for what happened without truly thinking. Raine, KIRA DID NOT PUNCH CAGALLI IN THE MOUTH! HE BACKHANDED HER! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! You look like an idiot right now, for not knowing the truth.

And about Alkire losing patience with Kira (about the time he starts calling him Mr. Yamato), well how well would you take it Alkire? How well would you take being told that you are the prime suspect in your sister’s rape and the assault of your best and oldest friends? Somehow I don’t think you will take it well. Stupid Natural…

(What the heck is wrong with me? Why am I defending Kira Yamato? Am I sick or something?)
muciope chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
Ouch. Gumline. More~

So lovely,

Grand Zephyrus chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
Ok lets see...Durandal and his entire little group needs to die...Frost REALLY needs to die and STAY dead this time...Noah needs to break out somehow and fix all the things hes screwed up. Man its just getting really hard to read this story. I've never seen characters get as messed up as they have in this.
LordRevanMandaloreofZutara chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
(Sighs) Never mind. gatorfan got that honor... (sighs)
LordRevanMandaloreofZutara chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
At last, Kira has been arrested, even if it is not for the true crimes he has committed. Ahhh, I cannot wait to see how this pans out.

Part 1: Calm Before the Storm

So we open this chapter to find Kira acting predictably, he is alone in his house, which is growing nastier by the day, doing nothing but drinking beer, acting all agnsty, and conducting a guerrilla war with a USN AI while trying to find the dirt he needs on Durandel to avenge Lacus and the kids’ “death”. How dull. Kira, it has been a month, cry me a river, build a bridge, get over it, and steal a boat already and go over to the Edenites to find out what they discovered at Rex Lodge. My, that man is an idiot. Why wait for Cagalli’s permission to go when your wife and children were burned to death? Show some initiative! Don’t be like the Russians, not stepping an inch outside of their orders! You are an Ultimate Coordinator! USE THE SKILLS YOUR FATHER GAVE YOU!

Part 2: Confrontation

So after the boring first part, we get to the good stuff. Now recently I was watching the Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest Criminals (something, I forgot the number). In one of the clips the police had to cut the criminal’s pants off because he was stuck in a pizzeria’s air shaft. One of the commentators said, “Really, you HAD to cut his pants off?” That is what I feel about Raine and Alkire coming to ask for Kira’s surrender. Really, did they have to be all nice about this? I agree with Skyfall. Raine and Alkire did not do a good job of acting civil toward Kira. I mean, for all his talk of having an “understanding” with Kira, Alkire did a pretty good job of moving things to the “beat the UC down into the ground and kick him mercilessly while he is down so we poor naturals can have a chance of bringing the Übermensch in for questioning/torture”. Which is fine. I always welcome a chance for Kira to get his face shoved into the dirt and a boot pressed on his neck to push him further down into the muck. The problem I have with Alkire is that he is misrepresenting himself. Alkire lied. He should have just said to Cy, “Grey, we are going to go to Serenity Island, lull Kira into a false sense of security, tick him off with our accusations and proof, maybe make him say a few things about our aborted child so we can be legitimately angry at him, then proceed to stomp his whinny, angst self into the mud and delight Asmus in showing how many Untermenschen it takes to pound a Übermensch into the dirt.” If he had simply done that then I would find no fault with him. Since he tried to work things out “peacefully” when he really just wanted to stomp Kira, I will call him on that. Alkire/Raine, YOU TWO ARE LIARS! SHAME ON YOU!

And about the baby, I really don’t see what the problem is. I mean, yes, losing a child is bad, but why does that have to stop Raine and Alkire from having children? They could build one of those Artificial Wombs that Kira was created in (they should have the specs for it, or Orb should be able to create one relatively easily.), they could clone her a new reproductive system, or they could use a surrogate mother with Raine’s egg and Alkire’s sperm. So they really only have themselves to blame for not having any biological children. And while I will admit that Kira’s comment was crossing the line, it is not like he hasn’t experienced a large personal tragedy. He has common ground with them and it shouldn’t be as bad when he messed up. Wow, I can’t believe I actually defended Kira… Amazing.

Part 3: The Fight

This part was incredibly enjoyable. Not only did Kira lose, he also caused a great deal of pain to the Stormhounds while he was at it. And unlike Asmus, I do not think you went overboard here. Kira is a UC, a powerful one at that. He has had over a decade to grow in his Ascended State, and his is a trained Gundam Fighter with decent skills in Hand to Hand combat. He is also empowered with his Seed. So I found the fight both realistic and enjoyable.

One of the best parts was when Kira took the Zapper and electrocuted Alkire through the balls. Ahh, that was a good scene. Alkire is not without crimes, and he too deserves punishment for his role in the Ascendancy of the USN. And for acting mean to Noah when they captured him. I still remember that Alkire. You will pay, oh you will pay for that…

Part 4: Frost

And here at last we have Frost working over Athrun. It was… unsatisfying. Yes, Frost caused Athrun a lot of pain, but all he really did was smack Athrun around a few times and nail him to the wall. Not as bad as it was with Cagalli. Now if you had continued with the drill, that had some potential. That would have really put a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, since I am going to the dentist tomorrow. But you did not. Hopefully next time. Athrun’s crimes are almost as high as that of Kira, Lacus, and Durandel’s. His efforts to stop the AMP cannon shot have killed untold numbers of Edenites while allowing Durandel greater number of troops to command. Aside from the three mentioned above, Athrun has done more to ensure the usherance of a new Dark Age, which is more sinister by the lights of perverted science. His crimes are great, and so should too be his punishment. I look forward to your next chapter. I hope you will show us more of what Frost is doing to Athrun.

And YAY! I am the 200th Reviewer for RW! I am also not leaving a signed review just in case I think of something else.
gatorfan chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
I knew that meeting wouldn't go well, though I didn't expect it to go that badly. It was sad to hear about Raine and Alkire's tragedy. I'm sure Kira didn't mean to say that, but it opened up a huge can of worms that couldn't be closed.

Poor Athrun. I have no idea how he'll survive the night Frost has planned for him. I'm still stumped as to how Frost will be defeated.

Keep the updates coming.
Caleb Dykes chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
Kira can make it up to Raine later in the story by oh I don't know asking Cyprus for some of Raines blood as he leaves for Garden City so he can have a womb cloned for her and then sent to her as an I'm sorry. I mean underneath it all it's still Kira just with less leanient morals on the battle field. And we all know that he heard her say how dissapioned Lacus would be with him and if nothing else that would force him to act. Plus I fell really bad for Raine and this is just a good excuease to help her. Though I faintly remember Noah saying he could clone Mayren a new woumb if he had to so it should be easy for the Edenites.

P.S. Since u have to be about 30 for the second peburty to happen on it's own is every UC considered 7 or so from a certine standpoint. Because they were reborn 7 years ago it would explain why their aren't any others yet. They still have to grow up and any one who survived the transformation would have at least 30 years left and then some if UCs can live to be 300.
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