Reviews for The Golden Age: Reclamation War
Byron12 chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
Damn kira has finally lost it and he put up a good fight against the stormhounds frost is just a monster damn
Asmus chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
Thoughts about Lilia aside, I can't say I'm really satisfied with this chapter.

Oh, sure, the Athrun and Frost part was very good. And I guess this is the part where the crowd goes "Hat-trick!". I really do feel sorry for Frost's victims, they can't even fall unconscious to escape the horror.

The very last sentence really made me wince. My visits to the dentist will never be the same...

Besides, dental torture is seen as among the most painful and brutal methods of them all.

Furthermore, it looks like Athrun is in much bigger trouble than Cagalli or the kids were. If Frost doesn't call the police, it could take days, even weeks until someone finds Athrun. By then he'll probably be dead. Therefore, either someone, unexpectedly interrupts Frost and manages to call for help, or Frost will do it himself.

Now the part that made me frown. First of all, it was shocking to find out what kind of ghosts Alkire and Raine have in their pasts. Even without the death of their child, it was horrible, throwing in that last bit made me wonder how can they be truly sane after all that.

After that comment I really wished Raine had shot Kira. Alkire is right, there are lines you don't cross.

Lastly, the fight.

Sorry, but I don't buy it. While the hand to hand part was plausible, considering Kira's abilities, the amount of damage and effort it required to take him down was too much for me.

Taking rubber bullets, tasers, sedatives, those metal crosses, Alkire's foot without any real damage is not possible. Yes, he is an Edenite, but the scene made him look more like CC-era Frost.

By all means, his hands should have been useless after those metal crosses, not to mention that piston.

The taser, applied right to the neck, should have done the job.

As for the rubber bullets, they're usually strong enough to crack bones, despite being a non-lethal weapon. Furthermore, they actually do tend to pierce the skin, just not all the way through. They tend to remain half-burrowed or hanging from the skin (if the target has very little or no clothes covering the body).

I know you wanted to make the scene impressive, but I think you went a little overboard.
OrangeP47 chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
So much darkness this chapter. I love it! Though the conversation with Kira was also... uncomfortable, to say the least. I enjoyed the expanded background bits, even if it was about the darker sections of the characters' past. On the bright side, it was nice to see what his house was like. The fight was interesting. It was good, in a wierd sort of way, like a good-sad type thing. Can't really describe it, but yeah.

As for the second section, I think I figured out why I like Frost. It's how he's so casual about what he does, talking about all these horrible things as if he's ordering fast food. It makes his actions have a quality of normalness that makes them feel alright, yet when one takes a step back to look at them, are anything but right.
Knightmare Gundam of Ni chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
Hoooo boy...Well, to start off my review on the relatively lighter side, and thankfully, the first part, my thoughts on Kira's confrontation with Alkire and company are two-fold.

On the one hand, I'm rather disappointed that things as they were, broke down so quickly. I'd kinda thought things would be tense, but still work out with Kira indeed going with them...peacefully.

On the other, I found Kira's thought processes during his counter-attack after Raine opening fire rather glee-inducing, almost rapturous after so long of that rather unrealistic mindset of his...and considering all that he'd gone through recently, it is rather realistic for things to turn out this way. Although, even under the circumstances, I don't think Kira would have made that unborn baby faux pas, intentionally or not.

Skyfall v2.0 chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
If i were to sum up how i felt about the later part, a "Holy crap!" would be fairly accurate of a description i guess. You sure are making Frost push the envelope here, and doing a damned good job at it - just imagining being in Athrun's place is enough to give me the chills. As bad as Cagali had it, it looks like Athrun is in for much, MUCH worse ... there is a reason why torture developed various tools for the purpose ... and i don't even want to start imagining what hellish pain it would be to have your teeth drilled out. Ouch, plain and simple. I wonder how coherent Athrun is going to be when he is finally found .. he has an answer to the Kira riddle, but (once again) might be unable to convey it ...or given his state, might be even be ignored, given the apparent nonsense of the suggestion Frost might be alive.

At any rate, you have your work cut out for yourself if you plan on Frost still committing an atrocity or two that surpasses this one in brutality. Plain Ouch.

As for the Kira's part ... well, it sure turned out more violent than i had expected, though it ended more or less how i expected - with Kira ending up in custody. My impression is that both he and Alkire/Raine acted childishly to an extent, perhaps the later two more so than Kira. "When taken out of context she says" ... well, they should be smarter than taking comments out of context. I am not so sure i would believe their comments of not wanting to think Kira is guilty, as they did a very good job of blowing his comments out of proportion and escalating it to the stage of confrontation.

Kira was, as usual, putting a foot in his mouth, but, even if i don't like Kira much, i will have to say his anger and frustration are more understandable at the moment. Guess nothing left for him but to sit in the cell for now, until a few more "accidents" happen, more conclusive analysis on the anomalies in sperm arrive, and they are forced to conclude Kira is not guilty. Personally i slightly looking towards the moment where Kira gives them the middle finger if they try to offer an apology, renounces his citizenship of Orb and leaves for Garden City.

Can't wait to see what happens next; the water is already as thick as blood, and things are only winding up. This will be a fun ride indeed.
AtrumUnas chapter 14 . 7/26/2010
There's really nothing I can say.
LordRevanMandaloreofZutara chapter 13 . 7/25/2010
Reclamation War, Chapter 13 Review: Part 2

Part 5: Reaction to Other Reviewers

Out of all the reviews, Rihaku continues to be the most entertaining, and enlightening. Second Stage… Pre-Second Puberty, Post-Second Puberty, Second Stage, so these are the three stages of an Ultimate Coordinator (at least based on what Rihaku said). So what could the Second Stage entail? Latents can manipulate time, subconsciously, but in the Darkness series by Harry Turtledove, Kuusaman wizards manipulated time to form the Derlavaian version of the Atomic Bomb. Manipulating time could release a lot of energy… perhaps it is like an explosion, with Kira at the center and the psychic destruction spreading out from him. Oh who am I kidding? I have not the foggiest clue what Second Stage means or does. But I cannot wait to find out! If it is as bad as the picture Rihaku paints, then Orb will finally pay for their role in the defeat of Lord Noah and Lady Meyrin and all of the needless deaths of Human Edenites in that first year. Oh yess, the period of judgment will be complete then, and Orb can begin its work in the light of freedom, having paid the price for its crimes.

I also like the path that Rihaku lays out for Kira’s fall into Dark Kirahood. While few things would please me more then the Stormhounds kicking in Kira’s door and stomping his pathetic posterior into the ground, that is not very likely to happen. Especially since Alkire is doing this as calmly as he can. (Sighs) You can’t have everything. So the path Rihaku outlines seems the most logical way for that scenario to run down. Another way you can handle it is for Durandel to somehow become involved in the process. Then when Kira does his SS thing, Durandel’s agents can be caught in the cross fire, and Kira will have to flee Orb for his own protection, and that of his family and friends. Kunai can then offer Kira asylum in Garden City. Lilia can be the one to bring the offer to Kira which you can possibly begin a relationship between them (oh how awful Kira would feel if he is sleeping with another woman and Lacus comes back, so declious. The angst he would feel, the guilt, the shame! The crushing weight of negativity on his very spirit! That is assuming that Lacus is still alive, of course… Down with Kira!). Of course that is in the future. I can’t wait to see what Frost has in store for Athrun.

Oh, and Rihaku, we don’t want Mecha to have his phallus cut off so soon. We should argue for Mecha getting a very persistent, very painful std that makes his penis bleed every time he urinates. Then after an acceptable time has passed, say a few months, have someone (Stella maybe) take a QC dagger and hack his penis off, making him an eunuch. That would be what he deserves.
LordRevanMandaloreofZutara chapter 13 . 7/25/2010
Reclamation War, Chapter 13 Review: Part 1

Part 1: Stormhound names

Okay, that explains that nickname. But why does Kurtz have the nickname Conrad? Is it because he is German? Or has a German sounding name?

Part 2: The Cyborg who is a Phallus

So at last we get to see Lain and Stella. I enjoyed this part of the chapter, even though I really, really, really wanted to see what Frost was going to do to the rest of the CF. But I persevered and read through it all. Now onto the review.

This chapter made me sit up and agree a lot with two of the male characters, Lain and Dearka. In the first paragraph, I cannot help but nod my head at Lain’s statement about Mobile Suits and Gundams. So what if they are war machines? They are beautiful pieces of machinery, exquisite examples of that level of technology mankind can possibly reach in the future (I will be dead most likely, but hopefully my children’s children may see them deployed). They are shining examples of why it was best for the Europeans to come over to America and use the land to its fullest potential. I shudder to think of all the natural resources the Indians let go unused. On the other hand, I am glad that they did, and allowed the Europeans to come over and extend their legs fully after being cooped up in Europe for so long.

And now we see the Panzerdragoons at last, if only in the hanger. I am also glad that Lain recognizes the usefulness of the Panzerwulf. I remember, back in the chapter where you introduced Haman (thank you for not killing him off!), where some people were disdainful of the Panzerwulf. I am glad to see that those naysayers were but in their place by the magnificent performance of the Panzerwulf against the Brotherhood. I look forward to seeing the combat strength of the Panzerdragoon, which has a much better name then the Panzerwulf. Dragons are so much cooler, though Twilight made me realize that werewolves can be good too. Well techninly enly inely they are shapeshifters and not true werewolves… moving on.

As for the Vindicator, I would hope the USN would improve upon their mainline mobile suit after SEVEN YEARS! I still don’t like it. Maybe it is the fact that it the mobile suite of the Solar Knights, but the Vindicator has a bad odor.

One thing I am a bit disappointed in is the fact that Lain offered no real opinion on the Edenites, or Meyrin. Perhaps in the case for the latter that is understandable. Lain is in exile, and Meyrin is still connected (even in a twisted, freaky sort of way) to one of the most powerful personages in the USN. So I guess it would make sense that Lain does not say anything about Meyrin.

However, I would have thought that Lain would give more feelings on the Edenites. Sure, he is real close to the Extended, the natural (not really but no other word fits as well as “natural”) enemy of the Edenites, but then Lain knows that the whole leadership of the USN stinks from the lowest flunky right on up to the Solar President himself. I know that you wanted to use most of Lain’s thoughts to show just how much of a degenerate slut Mech is, but I would think that Lain should at least air his own thoughts and feelings on the Edenites. On the other hand, Eric is Lord of the Wendigos. So maybe you are simply waiting for that particular moment when Eric meets up with Lain again. The remark about the eight hundred pound gorilla is pretty obvious foreshadowing of what will take place. So time will tell.

On to Mechael Smith. He is one horny slut. I mean, I saw these snails that were less horny then he is (back when there was a lot of them out in the docks, I saw threesomes a lot, and about 4 foursomes between the snails when they were mating). I guess I should say that he is not horny really, it seems to me that he is only a mildly more polite version of Cray. I don’t think he would rape a girl, but then there wouldn’t be much to stop him. Again, time will tell. What is certain is that right now, I want that slut to get a very powerful, very painful, sexually transmitted disease. As a proponent of monogamous relationships, he really sets my teeth to the grinding stage with his attitudes and his advances. So if you would be so kind, near the end, if his phallus would fall off and can never be grown back, I think that would be a very fitting punishment. Or if he got an Edenite version of the Clap where it felt like a Gundam was trying to come out his penis every time he urinated, oh that would be so excellent. I mean, if the woman says stop, THEN STOP! Stella may not be my all time favorite character, but I like her a whole lot more then I like Lacus, Murrue, Cagalli, Talia, Flay, Vanni, and any others I cannot recall at this moment. Stella does not deserve to be harassed by Mech. Hopefully the Retributors will make Mech pay heavily for his arrogance, and his promiscuous ways.

Part 3: Suffer not the Little Children

I still find it amusing to see how many people are commenting on how weird a relationship between Akira and Violet would be. (Here’s hoping Akira is still alive and can one day have a relationship with Violet, just to tick his daddy off)

But onto the serious part of this section. It pleases me to see that Dearka is taking pains to not walk the road he tred in ED. He is right. As a father and a husband, he has a duty to his family, a duty that alcohol could possibly distract him from. Better to abstain from it entirely. For that Dearka, you have my undying respect and admiration. As for the Lexi car system, I still don’t like it. Yes, it helps with the idiots who drink and drive, but to give a government that much power… It is truly the stuff nightmares are made of.

I also agree wholeheartedly with Dearka on public spot light. I would never want to be famous for anything. The press and paparazzi would then come after me. It is better to remain anonymous and live quiet, peaceful lives. If the paparazzi ever did come after me though, I would familiarize them with the business end of my grandfather’s shotgun. Parasites…

Then we come to the call. I was surprised that Conrad made it. I would have thought that Cyprus would do it, but maybe he is too busy with the investigation? The one thing I do want to say is that Conrad was wrong bad mouthing God like that. God had absolutely nothing to do with this tragedy. The events of this Halloween are the results of Naturals’ fear, anger, hatred, and evil hearts (and one Coordinator who wanted to kill all other Coordinators). Why should God be blamed for the weed Humanity introduced into its own garden and then shouts abuses at the Most High when that weed poisons one of its leaders? Take some personal responsibility and quite blaming God for all the problems that mankind’s stupidity creates. Talk about ungrateful wretches.

And I have to critize Conrad’s order. WHY WOULD YOU STAY STILL WHEN IT IS CLEAR THAT A MONSTER IS LOSE? The first rule of any monster story is that you never split up. The second rule is that unless the monsters hunt by sound or motion, you don’t stand still. You keep moving, you keep running. Why wait for the Stormhounds to come to you when you can go to them and meet them in less then half the time it would take them to travel all the way to you? That was just stupid, in my opinion.

Then Frost arrives. I am glad that all Frost did to Mir was simply knock her out. Very humane of him, I think. This chapter I was not as enthusiastically supportive of the beatdown Frost gave to the senior members of the CF as I was last chapter. One reason is that I still like Dearka and Mir, though I wish they were more Edenite friendly then they are. Another reason is that these people have not committed as many crimes as to deserve a serious bout of pain from Frost. Yes, Dearka and Mir did fire the Spear that crippled Noah and doomed any chance of the Edenites developing peacefully. So they do deserve punishment, but not in same amounts that Kira, Lacus, Athrun, and Cagalli do.

I am glad, however, that you had Frost dislocate Murrue’s shoulder. My feelings on her and Mu are not clear at this point, but they are not among my favorites. Plus I feel that Murrue getting her arm dislocated is fitting punishment for all those times she looked down on the Stormhounds and Tempest before that. (nods head) Yes, at the moment I feel that this is enough for her. As for Mu, well that is just the price you pay for marrying certain people. Nothing against him, but yeah, his being with Murrue has its price.

Though I have to agree with Asmus, this section did not have any grand plan feel to it. It felt more like simple payback. Which is fine. Simple payback is good, especially against the CF. Though I am certain Athrun’s torture will have a more philosophical angle to it.

Part 4: Hospital

And we have Jiro… … … Really did not want to read that first part.

Moving on. It seems that the Stormhounds are stumped. Who could have the mad skills to break into the Peaceful House, yet go all maniacal and do the things that were done to Cagalli? Why does it have to be an either or? Why can’t the perp be a professional, maniacal monster? Are the two sides so incompatible that they can’t exist in the single person? Obviously the Stormhounds can be forgiven about their lack of knowledge, since there is no way they could know that Frost is back. Still, it will be quite the scene when Frost reveals himself to them.

I agree with Skyfall, how the Stormhounds play the upcoming chapter will have a profound effect on Kira and how soon he joined Kunai.
AtrumUnas chapter 13 . 7/25/2010

That's just about all I can say. I'm seriously feeling a little sick to my stomach, man. You said that Reclamation War was going to be fucked up, but these last few chapters have really made that statement hit home. It's like the story's being written by a completely different person; I might even think so if I couldn't see the subconscious signs left behind by a writer on all of his works. Even so, it takes skill to change a style so suddenly, or a psychopathic madman with brilliance in the way of mobile suit technology who had this all planned out from the beginning, which is also entirely possible.

I've never been queasy at the sight of blood, but you're making me queasy from descriptions of blood. That's scary. Are you messed up in the head too? The descriptions of the last 2 chapters weren't painstakingly planned out and deliberate. You wrote those comparatively quickly and you already had a very firm sense of what had happened and how to explain it. Are you going to appear in my bedroom at night to rip me limb from limb?

Anywho, onto other important matters. If the Newtype Gene isn't passed down from generation to generation, is the Fertile Seed? Strikes me that everyone in a generation would have that considering their parentage and the Seed Factor is more common than Newtypes anyway.

Back to the other thing. Just about everyone's been fucked up now. The only one left is Kira, but he's just as fucked up based on how he's going to take the other events. What's next? Is this arc Frostbite? There's only so much more that Frost can do in Orb short of massacring Morganville and that would just end up blowing his cover. It's vain to try and predict the actions of psychopathic murderer bent on global reforging so I won't even try. I'll just wait and see and see if I don't throw up in the meantime. Thus is a very real possibility.

Asmus chapter 13 . 7/25/2010
I guess this is the part where it pays of to be small and insignificant. You'll merely have the crap beat out of you instead of receiving something very special from Frost.

Sure, he was short on time, but the whole scene looked more like a simple payback than a seriously planned vengeance. And even though the damage is terrible, it's not nearly on the same level as what happened to Cagalli.

It was nice to see the kids standing up against Frost. I have to say Violet is going to be one frightening girl when she grows up. Even though she is a kid, Violet is kinda scary. The Cyprus sort of scary.

On the subject of Cyprus, I get the impression that he is the only person Frost actually respects, if not even fears a little. It is the thing you can't see that scares you the most. I will even go so far as to say that, in my opinion, Cyprus might be among those sort of people who don't have to be sharpened by Frost.

Just for the record, no, I don't consider Kira to be one of those people as well. He is too soft to be one of them. Even when he becomes the Executor (by the way I am merely speculating) he'll most likely be a sort of avenger than an actual soldier like Cyprus.

Even though the kids were barely scratched I consider them to be among the most injured. Seeing your parents, the foundation of safety and your world, fall in front of your eyes can leave one hell of a trauma. Throughout my childhood I always believed that my parents could protect me from anything. Standing behind them was similar to standing behind a wall. Nothing at all could hurt me.

However, for the CF kids this feeling of security is gone. And even though they know that it was not Kira who attacked them, they have been shown that there are things not even their parents can protect them from.

As Skyfall already mentioned this is the part where the Stormhounds treatment of Kira will influence how quickly Kira will change sides. He's already pissed at Orb for not doing anything. Having a group of soldiers beat him down and then accusing him of doing all these things, might do wonders for influencing his decision.

As for Frost, I guess his rampage is almost over. Yzak and Katie are out of his reach, for now, and there is no one else left. Though the question is what he will do with Athrun? I don't think he kidnapped him just for kicks, he certainly has something else planned for him.

Yay! I finally get to see Alkire and Raine! I missed them so much and I hope the "Kira hunt" part will be showed mostly from their point of view.

One question about Melissa. If she's married to Thomas, wouldn't her name be Melissa Glory, not Melissa Raven?

By the way, loved the Stella and Lain part. They do look so lovely together. And Mechael is doing such a wonderful job of being a jackass it's almost adorable. Can't wait to see the Retributors take him down a peg or two.

Even though Mechael is a cyborg, Ashino is from the old breed of super soldiers. Unlike Mechael, Ashino has fought through the most intense battles and has gone up against the top pilots of CE. Experience like that is not something you can compensate for with cybernetics. Furhtermore, what use Mechael's concealed weapons and strength are in a Mobile Suit combat?All that matters are your reflexes and the abilities of your Mobile Suit. Can't wait to see the fight between them.
MaloKen 17 chapter 13 . 7/25/2010
Holy shit!

Mechael can pwn an extended with only two punches.

And Frost is as nuts as ever. I'm really glad he didn't hurt the kids "too much"

Soooooooo want to see the the two of them fight each other!

Another Excellent Chapter.
Skyfall v2.0 chapter 13 . 7/25/2010
And thus, Frost continues of doing a good job at wrecking havoc and confusion among the Clyne Faction (or former, anyway) members. He isn't done yet, and things are falling in to place for him to have relatively free reign for now, as all the potential evidence about the assailant being 'not' Kira will take a few days to place - the adults that fought him will have trouble accessing all the finer details of their memories of the fight for a while, so chances are they will recall the "bigger" picture of it looking like Kira before recalling the more minor details that made them doubt the validity of it.

Mu is trapped within his own nightmares and probably won't be coherent for a few days (and among the adults, he is the most likely to confirm it not being Kira, as i don't think the rest took notice of the eyes); same for the kids; the anomalies in the sperm will take a couple of days to analyze, Cagali is too busy being unconscious to do any productive reflection on the situation, provided she is in the mental state to do so immediately - all in all, for the immediate timeframe, things are very much in Frost's favor, and in turn - down in the dumps for Kira. It will be 'very' interesting to see how Kira is going to take the news of being accused of those atrocities - i guess it largely depends on how they will approach him as well.

He 'might' be willing to take it reasonably calmly (as calm as he can be upon finding out that Athrun is missing, Cagali on verge of death, his friends injured, the kidds attacked, and he is being blamed) if they will take the time this is the procedure they must follow in light of the immediate evidence they have, even if they themselves doubt it and until said evidence can be verified and hopefully disputed, in order to avoid bureaucratic fallout. (Which will likely further Kira's disdain of politics, for once again he will be forced to sit on his behind while Something Bad is out there and apparently after the rest of them).

The results could be more explosive if the Stormhounds kick down his door, pin him to the ground and accuse him of raping and maiming Cagali, along with the other assaults that night. An arguably unprofessional approach given the nuances of the situation, but emotions are running high now, so a lot of things can be said and done in snappy haste and pent up anger that wouldn't otherwise happen. Interesting indeed.

On another note, i am slightly confused with Frost - wasn't his goal to steal the children, rather than instill fear and hatred in their hearts ? If so, why would he turn tail and run, when they were well within his grasp ? While taking out a Stormhound and a couple of police officers would have taken a few moments, he still should be able to manage it within exceptionally short time limit as he wouldn't need to restrain himself from being lethal, and the kids are the least defended as they are ever going to be. Or he just might want to let the fear and anxiety sink in before coming back, who knows with Frost.

All in all, interesting things are about to happen - it will take a little time to add up the evidence in a way it points at the culprit being not Kira, and this time of mistrust and potential shunning might well be the final push for Kira losing the will to have anything to do with his old friends, and ultimately responsible for him make take an exit from Orb in favor to Edenites. Double so if he begins to suspect USN behind this, linking this to MAIDEN forest fire and coming up with a conclusion Gil might be trying to cripple the old CF in a bid for gaining complete control over Orb. Lets be honest here - he knows USN capable of behind-the-scenes atrocities (case in point - Eden) and has no reason, whatsoever, to even begin suspecting Frost, and as far as conspiracy theories go, USN/Gil could be a potentially viable one, as the level of security breach and apparent targets don't suggest a random maniac.

Interesting times ahead indeed, can't wait to see the future developments.

As for the Lain/Stella part - i must admit to being mostly impatient to getting the part over with, so i could have a dig at the juicy Frost parts and doom in Orb i knew just had to follow :) (Though i partially attribute this to a lot of things you summed up about Stella seeming like a rehash from a previous chapter of ED, where you already did a nearly identical summary of her character). An interesting thing to note though is that Stella is once again back in a giant transformable MS ... i wonder if the alternate history is ultimately going to repeat itself. I hope not - Stella has always been one of my favorite Destiny characters, so certain events left a fairly bitter taste in my mouth. Never the less, we shall see - either way should be epic, as Panzerdragoons sound like walking fire support platforms, as much as they sound like being a MS.

I wonder how Mechael would fare against Frost in combat ...

Back to my corner, the wait for the next chapter is going to be positively painful!
Rihaku chapter 13 . 7/25/2010
Ooh, it's a dangerous game you're playing, Frost. A whetstone may make normal knives sharper, but throw that same stone against a QC edge and it'll end up just cut in half. I do hope this doesn't end up in something disastrous like Kira thinking Frost was somehow responsible for Lacus' death and going Second Stage in the middle of Nara-Attha city. How's that for a conflagration? Well, unless it was a very minor Second Stage it'd probably screw Orb over too much for them to participate in anything.

Given the circumstances and Kira's fun confirmation bias, though, it seems like we're heading towards a spot where Kira will mistakenly associate this latest attack on the Clyne Faction remnants with a prior attack on the head of the Clyne Faction, which would lead very elegantly to a culmination of Frost's plan of 'punishing' Kira. It certainly doesn't seem like a coincidence that several members of the Clyne Faction would undergo such unfortunate accidents within the span of a month, and any attacker who saw their first strike go off with impunity would be emboldened for the second encounter, thus furthering Kira's rage over not having investigated the MAIDEN employment and causing him to say something stupid like 'If you had just listened to me and sent an investigation, maybe you wouldn't have gotten the crap beaten out of you!' While one could argue that the methodology of the attacks was completely different, a sneaky and malicious opponent like Durandal would prefer to alter their means of attack so as to throw confusion on their enemies.

On second thought, that statement's not completely wrong, even if it's right for the wrong reasons; there is the idea that if Lacus were suspected to have been murdered instead of dying in a forest fire there's no question Frost would have made a beeline for the suspects. I do rather want to see someone give Frost a run for his money for variety, whether that's a stormhound pack in PUMAs, a Second Stage'd Kira Yamato, or, hell, a Second Stage'd Kira Yamato in a PUMA. I suppose Frost will get a rude awakening soon enough even if he gets away scott-free from his misadventures tonight, though, so whatever.

Having the first instance of SS activation be in a major population center with people unable to shield themselves would probably be a very good way to underscore just how horrific SS is and why it should never be used except in the most pressing of circumstances. Since half the city (or more) will be asleep, they might escape with only horrific nightmares of unending incineration, but all the poor kids trick-or-treating will probably have seizures and start bleeding from the nose/ears, and those close to the epicenter will probably be unrecoverable. It'd be a rather appropriate moment for the Fall, as uncontrollable anger leading to epic and terrible consequences is a recurring theme in one of the major cinematic inspirations of this series. Since Orb has trade relations with the Edenites, it's not impossible that Kira would have gotten Deathstalker venom to help him sleep, and has probably been abusing it since for the first time in fifteen years he doesn't have Lacus around to stop his nightmares. I imagine the chain of events would go something like this:

1. Kira assumes cyprus & friends are there to head up a search expedition, since he told them not to bother him otherwise.

2. With the concept of the MAIDEN deployment already fixed in his mind, it's easy to make the false connection between that attack and this one. Kira naturally blames himself and his own lack of social ability when dealing with non-Ultimate-Coordinators. If he'd just been able to persuade Cagalli that the accident wasn't an accident, they might have seen this coming.

3. The possibility of the assailant being connected to Lacus' murderer will get him rather incensed.

4. When he encounters Frost and touches him he'll get enough memories to know that it's Frost but won't be able to handle enough to know that Frost didn't have anything to do with MAIDEN. He might get the tidbit that Frost woke up early enough to have been responsible and also has possession of a gundam with the armaments to set yggdrasilwood on fire. Naturally the case will collapse upon closer scrutiny, but no one has time for that right now.

5. Circumstantial evidence confirmation bias will equal damning certainty, which causes him to flip out and enter Second Stage (prior to this he was getting the crap beaten out of him by frost, though able to hold his own in the speed department).

6. The Fall. Second Stage activation forces all other sentients to stagger off with their eyes bleeding and causing the accidental death or injury of many younglings via traffic accident, suicide (clawing out own eyes/biting tongue), and grand mal seizure. The luckiest and the sleeping escape with nightmares of a great conflagration eclipsing their entire world.

7. Frost, after getting the crap beaten out of him in personal combat for the first time since he became a six, decides discretion is the better part of valor and gets the hell out of dodge. The fact that his mind feels like it's being burned away layer by layer probably contributes to this, though he may welcome the destruction of past memories. Afterwords he rationalizes this as a success: his goal was to make Kira stronger, and Kira sure seems a hell of a lot stronger.

8. Kira blames himself for losing control and cannot countenance what he did. Nara-Attha city is the psychic equivalent of a radioactive waste. He's sickened when a few stormhounds offer hesitant congratulations. Everyone else is confused 'cause he won against the enemy rather handidly; they don't really understand second stage or the consequences. More discussion of the difference between newtypes and non-newtypes. The conversation turns to the matter of the lack of investigative teams; both sides make previously mentioned faux paus. The second MAIDEN deployment had been happening at about the same time and Kunai makes his offer alongside evidence of Lacus' death being murder. Kira turns; imperial march plays. Begun, the Reclamation War has.

On a tangential note, it would not surprise me if UCs in general, having very good (perhaps close to photographic) memory, would, if they underwent very unpleasant situations during the day, have very vivid nightmares as the memory-processing aspect of dreaming finishes up. Since we've already explained Kira's luck in the series as his ability to bend reality subconsciously to his will, this would explain the unrelenting nightmares he has in the series as well.

If Stella can ram her combat knife through armor plate, she can cut off that guy's dick.
gatorfan chapter 13 . 7/24/2010
It was nice to see Lain and Stella again. I had wondered what they had been up to. The Panzerdragoons sound pretty cool too. It'll be fun to see them in action. I really don't like that Mechael guy already. He seems like a jerk.

I knew Frost wasn't finished with his night of horror. He really did a number on everyone. I hope they'll be ok, and that Mu will be able to wake up. Maybe he'll be able to remember that it wasn't really Kira. The kids are quite perceptive to recognize it wasn't really Kira.

At least some of the Stormhounds understand it might all be faked, though I'm sure the confrontation won't go too well. I suppose that will lead to Kira going to fight for the Edenites.

Keep up the great work and I'll be looking forward to the next installment.
Byron12 chapter 13 . 7/24/2010
So how could frost have some of kira's features and he just has no care for anyone in the world man i hope kira can get out of this mess.
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