Reviews for The Golden Age: Reclamation War
OrangeP47 chapter 11 . 7/8/2010
Before I begin the review proper, as I've been saying "It's good to see Frost again".

Now that that's out of the way, a few points to make. First, I like the part in Garden City. Seems alot more to my liking then I'd thought it would be. Modern buildings and all, not some tree hugging tent city. The mention of a comerical district though got me thinking about that discussion we had awhile back about the USN and capitalism, though I'm hesitant to start debating that right away again.

Moving on, was kind of surprised Meyrin was used for low level experementation, but then again, not really surprised. I swear I've heard that guard's name before, Reno 911 maybe? I have alot of other thoughts on the matter of our first look into FEAR's base, but nothing really outstanding. Maybe a jailbreak a some point would be nice, though.

As for the end, cliffhanger, *rages*. Though I wonder if Frost knows the kids aren't home, or maybe he's going to wait for the sleepover, tricking everyone into thinking Kita's gotten better. Old Frost wouldn't do that, not patient enough. But this Frost... yeah... I'm gonna put my money on that.

Oh, lastly, I noticed some people were discussing who might be Lilia's love interest. I'm going to say Frost. Why, because it would be so out of left field and hilarious at the same time. For a little clarification, Frost would be pretending to be Kita, of course, but still...
AtrumUnas chapter 11 . 7/8/2010
I was thinking "Wow, this is a pretty good chapter." Then "Oh fuck..." This is going to end in disaster.

Anywho, on to the other stuff. You have, once again, made me want to annihilate all humans on the face of the planet because, like before, I know that they are capable of many bad and worse things. Some people just deserve to die, after all. Sure, killing them ALL might be overboard, but I'm sure the planet won't notice a million of so evil people disappearing...

I want to see more of Violet Finch. And I want to see SOMETHING of Roy and Alice. You've made some very in depth and thorough character descriptions and I'm pretty sure we've only just barely scratched the surface. I want to see Mars too... and the Orb Nation Museum with its Gundam collection... And a duel between Eric and Frost... TRICK OR TREAT!

The Blizzard Alchemist chapter 11 . 7/8/2010
Out of curiosity, do the chemical signals of Yggdrasil fruit come with instructions or simple images. If it was just images or knowledge, I can see a lot of misinterpretation going on. The person who experiences the fruit would have their own background and plans to filter that information through. If that were the case, someone like Kunai would have no difficulty interpreting a warning and plea for help as a way to exploit someone's emotions for "the greater good"

And it seems that "The greater good" is going to be a theme here, especially for the Edenites. After all, they were created for Noah's "greater good" and to protect themselves from the USN they definitely are going to *need* to get their hands dirty.

I was thinking about the line "It would not be the first time things got lost in translation between tree and man after all." and I'm wondering if you meant a Biblical parallel. After all, eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge has worked out so well for those who live in Eden in the past.
Skyfall v2.0 chapter 11 . 7/8/2010
An intermediary chapter in terms of 'feel', despite we learned a number of new things ... you do know how to leave your audience wanting more, given we all know the powder keg is about to explode any moment now.

I must say that the Garden City is quite a lot bigger than i had expected. 3 million people ... that is more akin to a small country than a city, and being partially subterranean ...well, i am impressed. Interesting to note that Sai/Kunai is not part of the official government structure, i had certainly expected him to be at the top once again (though he may well be influence wise) ... guess he is going with another approach this time, "direct rule" having failed once. Plenty of hints in his speech as well that Lacus might have survived, though i don't really expect a confirmation on this matter up until the very end of the story ... time will tell.

On to Noah and Meryin ... well, the circumstances are pretty much as i imagined, i guess the place is meant to give off the vibe of a Nazi concentration camp with a purpose, just to make it double clear how low on the moral scale upper echelons of USN rank. As satisfying as it would be to get the truths of the place leaked to the public and see Gil & co flayed alive in terms of public support, i doubt there is much chance of that happening, not even remotely soon anyway. Though i do wonder what chances Meyrin and Noah have of escaping there ... without some sort of outside interference, it doesn't look like they are going anywhere, anytime soon.

I wonder what are the chances Kira (Or some Praetorian) comes to bust open the facility once open hostilities break out between USN and Eden ... given the accumulated horrors of that place, it should stand out like a beacon of nightmares on the mental plane, should Edenites get close enough to pick it up, which they would be far less than happy about i would assume.

Speaking of Noah, i guess he was pretty much spot-on with him being alive just so Gil has someone to gloat to, as it doesn't seem he is being forced to work on any scientific projects, and his value as an Edenite sample is non-existent in face of all the fresh samples. Something i am looking towards to coming to bite Gil in the end.

As for the last part ... dun dun duun, Frost is in the house (quite literary). I am suddenly having very bad thoughts on how this might potentially end for Athrun and Cagali ... though i am having my doubts whether you would seriously kill off either at this point, their position is certainly nothing favorable. The Stormhound won't be stopping Frost anytime soon, and neither will be Athrun (who is asleep anyway right now) ... depending on the mood Frost is in, this could end VERY badly ... though given his objective should still be the kids, chances are he is sensible enough to not cause an uproar before time. Either way, this should be exciting, very exciting ... (Though having Lexi being turned off seems like a rather convenient device to have Frost 'undetectable' by the security system for the moment, but ah well ... i wonder if this means that Kira could be capable of turning it "off" locally as well ... with Lexi being disabled at both locations, she wouldn't be able to serve as the foolproof alibi she could otherwise be ...hmmm)

Whatever happens next, it should be a start to something big, can't wait for it!
iixorijuos chapter 10 . 7/7/2010
I don't want to believe that Lacus and the kids are dead.

And how come there is no chimerae or the bird species.
Cyspark01 chapter 10 . 7/4/2010
Wow, Lacus, Akira, and Aoi are dead. I don't believe it.I understand that Lacus is dead, since theres proof with her burnt hand in Kira's arms. Also since Kira's a Latent he can feel the kids presence lightly bot as strong as Lacus but good enough.

1st question, these conditions feel very close to when Sai, Vanai, and the twins died when Frost in the Pulsar took out Denver?

Kira said he may have felt them die but I think when he gave himself that concussion it may have its effect and knocked out his Newtype senses. So until he woke up anything could have happened or the kids could ave been stolen away, like the twins, Matthias and Jessi. he could be jumping to conclusions since hes thinking with grief and revenge right now.

2nd question, how did the rumors of Kira getting dropped off by an unidentified Edinite shuttle reach the USN?

Right other than those involved in the rescue and working at the Mass Driver, who else knew about the shuttle. That leads me to believe there is at least 2 or more USN spies in Orb's ranks. Since I'm completely sure that the Royal Family and Cyrus Finch would keep that closed under wraps. But almost makes you wonder how else would Kira get back to Orb from Thailand seen he knows next to nothing about New Eden other than what Lacus told him. So the potential spies could be someone high in Orb's ranks.

Another thing what's stopping Orb from sending just a simple forensics team to investigate. I mean if the USN was to take the team there I'll bet they get there ahead of everybody and clean up the mess, meaning they have something to hide. Right here, "Of course everyone knew who Lacus Clyne was, either as a pop star, a political leader, a charity organizer or even, to some, a saint, but it wasn't until after she was gone that people truly realized how important she was to them, maybe not in a personal sense, but like a safety blanket or training wheels, a hidden sense of reassurance taken away. Lacus Clyne had, not through personal force of arms but through words, charisma and understanding, pulled the world and the human race back from the brink of genocidal mutual annihilation on multiple occasions, had forged two lasting peace treaties, and was widely considered the most influential woman of the Cosmic Era to date." Why was it that no one demanded that for all of her personal influence if not more than the entireity of Orb, that no one demanded a investigation for The Lacus Clyne. There should be no problems with organizing at all. But for some reason the USN won't let them, hmm...
Raganarok chapter 9 . 7/2/2010
A very, very good chapter always keeps me guesing, A question though, can Latents feel the psychic death echo, I read though it three times and there didn't seem to be any mention of it, I suppose the arm could be a clone, they have brotherhood technology afterall, and a ton of people at least as smart as Noah.

Well at any rate excellent story can't wait to see how it goes.

Freedoms WingsX10A chapter 10 . 7/2/2010

Back story first. My girl friend and I, who have a great love of Gundam Seed cosplayed as Lacus and Kira. Since having those private emotions linked with Lacus as a character, just made the last two chapters a very powerful read. I had to actually calm myself down, least the tears that welled up in my eyes threatened to spill over. To make it worse, some ass was having a fire late at night, and I could smell the smoke drifting in my windows. NOT COOL.

I would like to see others reactions. Noah's, Shin's, Luna's and Merin's. Gilbert Durandel has gone to far. Kira is going to rip him to shreds. and I can't wait.
LordRevanMandaloreofZutara chapter 10 . 7/2/2010
I was just wasting time today when I realized that it was almost the Fourth. Then I thought of my own political leanings, and that led me to think of Churchill. The point is that I think you might be able to use some of his speeches in Reclamation War. The one below is the Finest Hour Speech. I am unsure of the level of your familiarity with it besides the famous last line which I am sure everyone has at least heard. So I put the original part, the one I found on Youtube, in first followed by what might appear in the story if you decide to take it. I was thinking that Kunai might give a speech similar to this, or use it and just add on more stuff, when war between the USN and the Edenites heats up. In the translation I took the liberty of inputting names where inappropriate ones are. Personally I love the speech and the man who gave it to him. I am currently looking for some Adolf Hitler speeches, which maybe you can use for Djibril when he is speaking to his hard core RI people, the guys who go down and build the death camps. I haven’t really found a speech that strikes me as epic, so I will keep looking. I just wanted to bring the Finest Hour speech to your attention. Also, happy Fourth of July! And God Bless America! I never get tired of saying that! (Smiles)

PS: Though if it were up to me I would trade a few of our more worthless presidents for Winston Churchill. Like James Buchanan. What a worthless man!

“What General Weygand called the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life, and the long continuity of our institutions and Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned upon us. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the Abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will stay say, this was their finest hour.”

“What {Strategos Minoris} {?} called the Battle of {Borealis, Arboreal Heights, Urbanis, Freeport, etc…} is over. I expect that the Battle of {Garden City} is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of {Eden} civilization. Upon it depends our own {Edenite} life, and the long continuity of our institutions and {culture/beliefs/legacy?}. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned upon us. {Durandel} knows that he will have to break us in this {city}or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all {of Eden} may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including {Orb}, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the Abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if {Garden City} and {Yggdrasil?}last for a thousand years, {beings} will stay say, this was their finest hour.

Sir Winston Churchill is one of the best speakers ever!
Byron12 chapter 10 . 7/2/2010
Poor kira but he's gotta move on from lacus's death and accept that she and the children are gone too bad for frost he can't get what he wants and needs to learn that life is not fair to everybody
Grand Zephyrus chapter 10 . 7/2/2010
Ya I'm thinking about jumping ship. Lacus is one of the characters you just do not kill. And I didn't think I could hate Durandul any more than I already did. He just really needs to die. Him and all his cronies. But I'll stick with it for a few more chapters because there are quite a few ways Lacus could come back.
Asmus chapter 10 . 7/2/2010
So this is what you have planned.

With Lacus and the kids "dead" (yeah, fine enjoy that victory) and Yzak and Katie out of town, you have gotten rid of people who would easily ruin Frost's plans. He might be able to fool a non-psychic, but once someone "scans" his mind, everything falls apart. Now we're going to enjoy a rather unpleasant Halloween.

Even though I and Lord Revan have different views on who we like or not, we have one thing in common. There are times when we seem to think alike. With that Lacus's arm testing part, I was able to come up with two explanations.

Either Sai, just like Lord Revan said, used Green Eden to tweak the DNA to fool the doctors. It still raises a question about the ring. I don't think Sai knew about the ring so this might be a big hole in this theory.

The other possibility is that he really chopped the arm off. That way he wouldn't have to mess with the DNA. Furthermore, with Edenite cloning technology it would be very simple to "repair" Lacus's arm.

You know, here in Latvia we have a saying "Cita acī skabargu redz, pats savā baļķi neredz". A rough translation would be something like this "One can see a splinter in the other's eye, but cannot see a log in his own." I guess it applies to Kira's current situation. When others have problems and experience the "mental downtime" he tries to help them and if they refuse his help, then they're suddenly unreasonable and don't know what they want.

However, when our dear Kira is in trouble, he treats others like crap and says that they're idiots and don't know what they're talking about. It is as if his problems are the most important and most serious ... jerkass. About time he noticed what kind of a hypocrite he is. Either help others and accept help from others, or do nothing at all ... pick one.

Then again, he is an Edenite and he should be sheltered and protected from the hard an nasty world. His conversations with Cyprus and Cagalli really made me laugh. The guy watched, or felt, his wife and kids "burn to death" and he expects others to think he is still able to make rational or objective decisions? Yeah, sure.

As of getting rid of me, good luck. Great people have tried ... all have failed. No one gets rid of me. I get rid of them.
LordRevanMandaloreofZutara chapter 10 . 7/2/2010
Part 2

Then Frost learns that Pink is “dead”. That was amusing. So now Frost will come and deal with the children on Halloween. Shivers. That day has always been evil, no matter if it is in fiction or in real life. Bunch of brats walking around, threatening people for pieces of candy… makes me glad I got away from that horrid tradition.

Now with the review done, I have some more observations. I was wondering if there would ever come a time when Frost and Kira need to team up. If there is then it would be amusing to see them resonate with each other. Creepy, but amusing.

Second observation. I don’t think you will do the Frost o Scream right away. You have eleven days, so I think the next person we will see will be Durandel and Noah. I can just imagine it now. Durandel will come into Noah’s cell and inform him about Lacus’ death. Then Durandel will explain about the White EDEN and how he will use Lacus’ death to fuel public opinion against the Edenites. Noah can be all horrified on the inside, but outwardly he will laugh in Durandel’s face, reminding him of how much trouble UCs can give mere Earthlings.

Third Observation: Leviathan’s foster father may be the Consul of Foreign Affairs! Nothing concrete here, just another candidate since he would be the one most likely to go out and visit her.

That is it for right now. Oh, and I did listen to the song. You are right, the words do describe the feelings of Kira right now. Well until next time.
LordRevanMandaloreofZutara chapter 10 . 7/2/2010
Part 1

… … … …

As I stand here, overlooking what you have written, I cannot help but imagine a lush, beautiful forest with all sorts of reptiles and acceptable mammals scurrying around. Yet, I cannot hear any of them. I can only hear the wind, the silence.

Your silence on the issue of whether or not Lacus survived is deafening. I know that I am not the only one who has raised that question. It is now, more then ever, that I find myself convinced that Lacus has survived. It is not something glaring, or something big. It is just a series of tiny things, easily explained away by something else, yet they all add up. The Forest Prince’s presence in the region where Lacus “died” (or if I am mistaken there, then he is in the same chapter as when she “dies” which is still very curious), the Prince’s ability to read DNA, the ability of anyone with Green EDEN to change the DNA structure of a living organism, Noah’s comment about his ability to regenerate his and Meyrin’s reproductive organs (it’s the cloning tech, not him in any sense), the strength Lacus can bring to Kira, the Salvation and the Lucifer (why would Kira need two Gundams? The only logical conclusion at this point is that he will join one side, then return to another), the Deathstalker Venom which you said was for criminals but could just as easily be used to silence someone, rooms paneled with Blankwood to hide the echoes of an Edenite’s mind, the sheer stupidity of throwing away the oldest Neo-Human so recklessly, and then there is the very curious way in which the link was broken. All of these little things, each in and of themselves not that significant. Yet a mighty river does not spontaneously generate itself out of nothing (It has been my experience that nothing of worth does). Instead, many smaller sources of water come together to form it, and to power it.

Of course I still could be deluding myself, except that someone familiar has said some very interesting things… (Off topic a bit, but a flying, or a levitating Leviathan, sounds totally cool. I imagine though that she would be very vulnerable in that state) Now why would our dear Kira have any mental scarring? Wouldn’t that mean that someone, probably someone powerful, used his Newtype powers to influence our beloved (how I wretch when I write that word in connection to him) Kira? Thank you Rihaku. You have been very thought provoking.

But enough of this speculation. Time will tell whether the Harpy lives or not. In the mean time, let us explore what you have written. For the Author’s Note, don’t worry about me jumping ship. A little think like Lacus getting killed (or not) is nothing to scare me away. I realize now that the story has not yet reached perfection. Durandel and Natalia still live, and I very much want one of them meet and make acquaintances with a pack of Cold Hunters, hopefully that Cold Hunter Chimera in Brazil… Ahh, what a mental image that makes. (Smiles!)

Now the first part was a bit disappointing. I was looking forward to seeing some interaction between Hieronymo and Kira, but Kira just had to be a donkey with the traits of a clam, and not say anything! Useless! Useless! USLESS! Fortunately for him he redeems himself later on, but that is for later on. Surface to say that I am impressed by Hieronymo. Oh he has his problems, like fawning over Lacus, but it has been a long while since humans have been perfect, so it is okay. Once he puts some distance between himself and Lacus, I am sure that he will gain a much better disposition, much like an alcoholic that gives up that accursed substance Alcohol for a few years. I am also intrigued by the shuttle. Normally I don’t like bio-tech, but I don’t think this strictly qualifies at such. If I can get past the wood (all I need do is say it will soon be soaked with the wicked blood of the USN), then I like the shuttle. I checked the Mobile Suits and Ships page, but I could not find it under the Edenite section. Hopefully you will come up with the specs soon.

The next part had a few interesting moments in it. One being that if Akira was still alive that he and Violet might have been a couple. The image of Kira and Cy being in-laws is still funny. And who knows, it might come true. Dead is such a relative term. But it is obvious that Kira is reaching his breaking point in regards to Orb. The rage is building, and it will be a might house thanks in part to the firm foundations of separation and misunderstanding that is lurking at the bottom of Kira’s relationship with every one of the CF, expect Katie and Yzak. In fact we got a good taste of what hopefully is to come, but more on that later. The last thing I will say on this part is that my feelings on Kira might be changing. The passion and ferocity he placed in his declaration of revenge was truly heart warming, and at last the death of “Peace Kira” is at hand.

On the subject of Dark Kira, I feel that that term is misused. To me, Dark Kira is a term best used for Kira’s that share a similarity to Frost, though not with the same genocidal qualities to their mind. A perfect example of Dark Kira (the best I have ever found) is in a fic called Humanity’s Judgment. Maybe you have read it, maybe you haven’t. I have it in my Favorites, but I don’t think the author fully finished it. Still it has like 80 chapters. In that story, Kira was corrupted by a third Clone of Al la frag my ass (the last name fits when talking about Mu’s father), and he became a man that killed billions, even most of his former crew and helped set up the PLANTs as the sole power in the world while giving rise to the UCs by means of the birth machines.

The Kira you seem to be molding is not Dark, not in the way Dark is used as a synonym of Evil. I think it would be more appropriate to call the Kira of CC and somewhat ED as “Pacifist Kira” or “Advocate Kira”, or simply “Nice Kira”. The Kira I see forming still has the basic framework. He isn’t abandoning the morals he has built his life on, nor does he seem to be adopting the “ends justify the means” mindset. Yet he is hardening. His actions toward Cagalli prove that the Pacifist, or the Niceness of his, is being consumed by the fires that “took” Lacus and the kids. This new Kira is not Dark, but is more of a Soldier, a Prosecutor, or Steel Kira. To put it in a another way, the Kira of CC and ED was a man of grace and mercy to his enemies, expect the most evil of them. This new Kira seems to be a man of Justice. If evil has been committed, then it will be up to the master of the Inferno, Lucifer, to drag them down to hell and punish them. That seems to me what Kira will become. A punisher, a man of ruthless Justice who seeks vengeance for his wife and children.

That brings me to another point. If Kira is to descend to Prosecutor Kira, then it seems at some point he will come back to his previous settings of Pacifist, Advocate, and Nice. The reason is that you have kept the name of Salvation for Kira’s Orb Gundam. Salvation is closer to grace and mercy then to justice, and so it seems to me that Kira will discover something, or someone, midway through the story and will forsake Lucifer, to come back to Orb and bring Salvation to Earth Space.

It is too early to tell though. But I think what I have just said is not too far off the mark. But back onto the review of chapter 10.

Now this is just my personal opinion, but I think the funeral scene was an absolute waste of time. Part of it stems from my own personal opinions on Funerals. Why in the name of the Word would you give thousands of dollars to some man just to put someone in a box and bury them? It is stupid! When I die I will make it my post mortem mission to cheat the undertakers out of as much money as I can. The second reason is, well you should know what the second reason is.

I was much more interested in Kira’s part of it. It is very telling when Kira asks for Stormhounds to go with him covertly on anything. Then came the part where Kira actually hit Cagalli. I have so sympathy for Cagalli. Kira told her not to touch him, and she went in did it. Now there are times when you need to push ahead, but you should always bear the consequence if you are hurt in doing so. What impresses more is the fact that Kira was able to not apologize, which he shouldn’t have to. He is sticking to his guns, and is not backing down. Of course this provides so excellent material for Frost to Work with on that evil night (October 31st). Athrun will know something happened, and will probably get Lexi to tell him.

On the subject of Lexi, just how is Frost going to do the things he plans on doing with her watching? I mean, isn’t Lexi everywhere? And if she is, she would know where Kira is and where Frost is. Wouldn’t that negate Frost’s attempts to make the others think badly of Kira since she is the perfect alibi?

Now onto the Frost part. It is nice to see that Frost has finally made it to Orb. I still have one question though. How in the world did Frost make it across the Pacific Ocean? I mean, what was the Leviathan doing during that time? Or Gorefin? Did Frost scare them off or did Yggdrasil send a messenger to them asking them to let him through? Hopefully Frost will let us know later on.

Well Frost got his first kill in Orb and then took the car. One thing I do agree with Frost on is the automated driving. I mean, okay. I can see its usefulness on Space Colonies (actually I agree with Akire here. They are Coordinators! How can they get into traffic accidents when they have such superior skills?), but here? To me Frost’s mission should be to get humanity to learn how to drive on its own again. The humans you have are so lazy! It is pathetic! Where is the spirit that conquered an entire planet! Please oh please let Frost come soon so that the citizens of Orb can learn, once more to drive without Lexi!
The Blizzard Alchemist chapter 10 . 7/2/2010
You know, the more I read this chapter and last chapter the more open I am to the idea to Lacus being alive. But what seems truly important is that *Kira* now truly believes with all his heart that they are dead. I'm enjoying Kira's time painting it black (yes, an awesome song) to care either way at this point.

I'm actually feeling more sympathetic for Cagalli at the moment. I'm sure that Lacus being gone would be devastating, and sending the entire Orb military is probably something that she would have done when she was younger. But now, she is balancing the welfare of her country against the need to satisfy herself and her brother.

The duality of Frost and Kira also fully struck me this chapter, reminding me of what Frost said in the Omake. Each has always sharpened the other. Frost fights against Kira and his injuries make his regenerative processes stronger. Frost then uses his body's chemicals to make Kira go through his second adolescence. Kira, in part due to the transformation, is able to kill Frost. Then, because Frost is a memory imprint Noah is able to give him an even more powerful body with Kira's face. Now, Frost is poised to damage all of Kira's emotion ties, pushing him to be stronger on his own. With all respect for Chris Nolan, I think they're destined to do this forever.
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